Cherry Trade System Review

Cherry Trade is one of the leading Binary options brokers in today’s market which was launched in 2014. The main emphasis of this broker is on trader and trading experience. What makes cherry trade unique is its core team which comprises of experts and executives from banking industry, forex experts, and skilled people from risk management and international law and legislation. This team uses its vast experience and understanding of the market to improve trading experience and also to establish a strong knowledge base.


Cherry trade is built on the award winning binary options software platform called “spot option” which is the leading developer of binary options trading platform today. Thus is one of the very few binary options brokers that operate on fully licensed and legitimate technology. It is very easy to navigate through the online system and to place bids. It is possible to do all operation within a few clicks of the mouse and the trading charts are quite easy to understand and are very user friendly. provides a range of assets that a trader can choose from, such as currency pairs like USD/ZAR, USD/TRY, and USD/SGD etc. indices like MSM 30, MICEX 10, and KUWAIT GENERAL INDEX etc. stocks like Tata Motors, SBEBank, Rolls Royce, Reuters etc. and also commodities. Cherry trade offers a wide range of customer service such as through a contact form, via live chat on the site and also through telephone service to their 24/7 customer care service. The customer care service personnel not only provides you technical assistance but also help you in providing details about markets, financial news etc.


* Lower Minimum Trading amount of $ 5 on 60 Seconds Options


* Upto 100% Bonus available on trading


* Upto 81% Returns on investments


* Upto 5 distinct risk-free trading account types with minimum bonus amount of 25% and maximum of 100%

Company background

Company Headquarters: Green leaf limited, mason complex suites, the valley, Anguilla

Founded in: July 18, 2009

Languages: Presently English.

Brokers working hours: 5 days a week, Mon-Fri


Spot Option 

User Reviews

by: Alistair

Does it requires any credit card to join this broker? I am interested in joining this broker. Please let me know.


Excellent results after trying it out. However, it's better to go for smaller investments at first.

by: Marlon

Can I open n account from Costa Rica?

by: Martha

Just started and looks fantastic. I hardly have to do anything. It does everything automatically, ending up procuring large profits for me.

by: JillGTYH

A reliable trading platform. I had doubts about its reliability unless I started trading with Cherry Trade. 100% Recommended!

by: Campbell

Simply great! Outstanding. I have nothing more to say. I am stunned with this broker. You can have good returns on your investments and this is amazing.

by: Marvel

I bow down to this amazing broker and I must say this is amazing, especially for the starters to reap out unbelievable profits.


I am now earning money on days even when I am not going to office. Its great to trade with this platform.

by: Alexa

Invested a week before and now about to receive my first check. SO far was good. Let's see how it goes with fingers crosses. LOL

by: Kumar

Is it possible to open a strafe from Puerto Rico?

by: Cash earning

This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your own home comfy. Great one and highly recommended.

by: Capital Markets

Making great profits. Awesome broker. Simply the best of all!

by: Joe

This is my first choice when trading binary options. works amazing and bring me decent returns.

by: Abigail

Cherry Trade is absolutely the best brokerage platform

by: Matt

Impeccable brokerage platform. I am really amazed to see the profits rolling into my bank account. Great!

by: Jefferson

I just opened an account with Cherry Trade a while ago and it works splendor. The returns are amazing and they roll in consistently. Bonus is upto 100% which is amazing. It's only the minimum deposit which looks a bit overwhelming to me.

by: Justin54

Experienced and helpful brokers, make trading simple and successful.

by: Timberlake

Opened an account a couple of days before and so far comfortably trading. No complaints :)

by: DustinC

Amazing program. Totally risk free and convenient to use.

by: Beverly

A totally reliable software that you can totally trust. The convenience of trading will surprise you.

by: JeffD

Brilliant platform! Simply outstanding.

by: Botha

I love their professionalism and the way with which they deal with customers.

by: Richard K

These comments are splendid enough to compel me to invest and try it once. Really good to see such a promising broker in this crisis market.

by: Jolly33

I am amazed, I didn't imagine that I will so much profits. Best Binary brokerage platform I have ever seen.

by: Matt23

This platform has a splendid reputation in fetching in profits and it worked much good for me too.

by: Wilkinson

This is probably one of the best brokerage platforms I have seen.

by: Jeremy Stross

This platform is amazing to reap out profits and one of the best ones for beginners in the trade.

by: Otto 36

I found this platform to be really promising as I have got consistent benefits trading with it

by: Traders53

Does this broker really works that good?

by: Kelly

Great one to trade. I am just a hardcore fan of it. Go for it guys.

by: Ramson

One of the finest binary options brokerage platform. Sweet returns on the investments and consistent trade every time.

by: Margaret

I would highly recommend this for the starters. A good educational program and helped me to trade on a wide variety of assets.

by: George

Spectacular broker to start binary trading. One of the best i've ever seen. offers huge payouts and incredible variety of stocks. Great :)

by: Dominic

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns upto 75%

by: Gilbert

It is a great tool for beginners like me who are wary of burning their fingers in fire. And I must say I emerged completely unscathed.

by: Adam

I churned out some real good profits in the last few sessions that I have done on this platform.

by: Dale

Unfortunately I could not reap out so much of profits :) Better luck next time

by: O\'Brien

Exceptionally brilliant platform. Great returns and that too completely risk free. What more could I ask for?

by: Nathan

The trading is consistent and the profits always rolls in every time I trade. The trading signals are splendid enough to choose the best trades and hits the target spot on.

by: Jenny

What a way to make some extra money!! I had never even imagined this could be so simple!!

by: Kevin

Good Broker, giving regular profits. :)

by: Kirsten

Excellent start to my binary trading career. Never thought earning on binary trading was so easy. :)

by: Gary

I earned 2000 bucks in last 7 days. :)

by: Barlow

Suits well for the novices traders along with the professionals as it allows lower minimum Trading amount of $ 5 on 60 Seconds Options. :)

by: Beric

No problem whatsoever dealing with this broker, maintains my profit margin. :)

by: Elizabeth

This broker is amazing, gives you minimum bonus of 25 % . :)

by: Dick

Impeccable brokerage platform, gives you 81% returns on your investments. :)

by: Dean

Regular and Consistent profits will continue to come in your way once you start trading in Cherry Trade. :)

by: dante52

Loving every moment of trading through this amazing platform.

by: Braylon320

I am now earning money on days even when I am not going to office :)

by: rafeal526

This is a great brokerage platform.

by: johnny52

Absolutely the best brokerage platform

by: colley310

Pretty consistent returns.

by: erik978

I had no problem while dealing with this broker. Awesome one :)

by: dalton8

A wonderful brokerage platform.

by: Finn98

I am impressed with its customer services. Awesome :)

by: skyler98

This is the best brokerage platform I have ever come across.

by: jaredgunner032

No pain but lot of gain.

by: rowan9

The returns of the investment on this broker is decent.

by: Kevin46

Great Broker. :)

by: Harry56

I am earning profits everyday without a break. :)

by: Ashley23

Excellent platform for binary traders. :)

by: Garrick25

Nice platform for binary traders, profitable one. :)

by: Lewis36

User friendly trading environment. :)

by: Falcon36

I am regularly earning profits. :)

by: Nathan46

Impeccable broking platform for beginners. :)

by: Sophie89

Trading was not so easy before, earning regularly. :)

by: Alex25

This platform is totally risk free and reliable. :)

by: Jeff14

Churning out great profits almost everyday. :)

by: Alwin36

This broker should be the choice of yours if you want to earn higher profits on your investments. :)

by: Victor34

Last week I earned 2000 bucks. :)

by: Carlos36

Excellent software to take investing decisions accurately on behalf of the investors. :)

by: Taylor51

Astonishing Broker. :)

by: Rangford25

Cherry Trade is the best binary trading platform I have ever seen . :)

by: Jack35

The best part is that they provide maximum bonus upto 100% which is incredible. :)

by: Elizabeth34

The platform is suitable for novices as well as for the professionals. :)

by: Samuel

New broker but works brilliant. Absolutely amazing in delivering returns.

by: JosepTR

Simple and easy. Good payouts with a profit margin of 85%. Amazing

by: GArryyTT

Sounds great. Definitely going to try it this week. With so many positive reviews, I am sure this is going to yield me with handsome rewards.

by: Starcy

Simply one word : Awesome. Try this risk-free broker and play with high profits.

by: Bravo

Good platform and very helpful.:)

by: SmithCCB

I am trading with this broker for long and what I found this broker is brilliant and consistent, be it the payouts or its signals fetching you awesome trading experience.

by: CHarles993

The returns of the investment are good and consistent

by: KingB

Not sure about this one. How much ROI does it fetch?

by: Huges

Cool platform, especially for the starters, Great benefits.

by: Spencer

Handsome brokerage platform with handsome profits.

by: Novis

Impeccable returns on investments. I am using it for long time and will continue to do so.

by: Dartha

I was thrilled to use this platform. It gives me so much of flexibility.

by: Aaron43

This broker really helped me a lot in earning as well as learning.

by: Rossell

Superb platform for both starters and professionals.

by: Blaze

100% bonus on deposit and minimum deposition amount looks brilliant. I am a fan of this platform.

by: Leo26

Good broker. :)

by: Mat24

Cherry Trade is the best platform I have seen in today's crisis market . :)

by: Lance32

Excellent Brokerage Platform. :)

by: Candy21

I am loving the experience of trading. :)

by: Hartley36

One of the most versatile and outstanding trading platform.

by: Park13

Last week I earned 1800 bucks . :)

by: Beric64

Thinking of doubling of my investments. :)

by: Abraham46

Just Brilliant. :)

by: Alex33

I made 150 USD in One hour. :)

by: Dick45

The accuracy of the signals always rolls in profits every time I trade. :)

by: Gabriel27`

I can earn regular and consistent profits. :)

by: Karl33

I am very with the trading experience, till now have not faced any losses. :)

by: Parnell27

I am earning regular profits, would like to invest in higher value securities. :)

by: Taylor33

Impeccable brokerage platform. :)

by: Parnell21

I am a novice trader but now earning just like a professional one . :)

by: Joseph47

Good Broker. :)

by: Jordan24

Last week I earned 1950 bucks. :)

by: Ivan21

I am using this platform since I began trading. I earned profits on investments without giving much mental and physical stress. :)

by: Raymond13

Excellent place to earn regular and consistent profits on the investments. :)

by: Jack65

Cherry Trade is the best platform available to traders in binary stock market. :)

by: Hartley25

Amazing forum for traders who trade on binary securities. :)

by: Manley27

Cherry Trade is one of the very few binary options brokers that operate on fully licensed and legitimate technology. :)

by: Beric32

The features like lower Minimum Trading amount of $ 5 on 60 Seconds Options makes it really interesting and amazing platform. :)

by: Danny13

I would like to double my investments as it is giving me great profits regularly. :)

by: Read32

I am trading here for two months but yet to face any losses. Very good platform for binary trading . :)

by: Harry21

Good Broker. :)

by: John24

Excellent place for trading for binary traders. :)

by: Ashley28

Last week I earned 2000 bucks. :)

by: Jordan75

Cherry trade is the best platform available to binary traders. :)

by: Parnell42

Brilliant platform. :)

by: Harvey26

I made two times of my investment with them. :)

by: Aaric31

Nice binary trading platform. :)

by: Joseph35

They are offering great payout ratios. :)

by: Falcon23

I am thinking of doubling my investments. Amazing platform. :)

by: Kedric45

Trading system with many assets and tools to work with. :)

by: Lewis72

It appears that it is a reliable and lucrative broker for use in trade. :)

by: Peter73

They are offering good payout ratios. :)

by: Jeff43

Professional people working for customer services. They knows very well how to handle clients. :)

by: Fleming13

It is giving me up to 81% returns on my investments. :)

by: Cindy27

Last week I earned 1900 bucks. :)

by: Barret39

It is giving me an opportunity to earn decent profits and mostly risk free. :)

by: Francis21

I am going to give this broker 5 Star rating. :)

by: Fernando27

This is one of the most impressive binary options trading broker. :)

by: Regina23

Simply unbelievable platform to trade and the returns on investments are amazing. :)

by: Garrick31

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker, earning decent profits. :)

by: Barlow14

Looking forward to see some amazing results just as my brother. :)

by: Leo64

One of the best binary traders if you want to churn out decent profits. :)

by: John28

100% recommended for both starters and professionals. Great One !!!

by: Elizabeth27

One of the best versatile and lucrative brokers I have dealt with. :)

by: Kedric44

I am using it for a couple of months now, and it delivers me decent & consistent profits. :)

by: Victor55

Once you invest, just sit back and watch the profits coming in. :)

by: Dick14

I am loving the experience of trading on this platform. Great and consistent payouts. :)

by: Falcon14

This broker is awesome and does offer greater returns. :)

by: Lewis37

It allows consistent trading and higher returns on the investments. :)

by: Joseph38

It is one of the astonishing brokerage platform I have ever seen. :)

by: Kedric47

The user interface is quite friendly and the investors gets familiar with it very quickly. :)

by: Nathan17

The signals are very accurate and the profits are rolling in every time . :)

by: Candy15

If you want huge returns on your investments you should definitely choose this broker . :)

by: Frank12

Last week I earned close to 1900 bucks. :)

by: Laurence40

Trading over here has become a win win proposition. :)

by: Kim71

I have earned regular and decent profits on my investments. :)

by: Harry18

The best part is that you can earn money regularly from your comforts of home. :)

by: Barlow71

Wide range of assets and stocks to trade, trading is much more easier here. :)

by: Mat47

Round the clock support staff helps me to overcome any problems faced while trading . :)

by: Elizabeth19

100% safe and reliable brokerage platform for binary traders. :)

by: Lance39

I will be receiving my second pay check, feeling great. :)

by: Jack17

I am thinking of trading on higher value securities. :)

by: Sandra10

It is a fantastic platform and it is giving me upto 81% returns on the investments. :)

by: Fleming06

I am earning regular and decent profits on the investments made. :)

by: Daniel09

It offers lower Minimum Trading amount of $ 5 on 60 Seconds Options. :)

by: Lance17

The returns are excellent to outplay other competitors in the market. :)

by: MacKenzie44

I am regularly churning out good profits. :)

by: Fred47

I will be receiving my first paycheck. Great one indeed. :)

by: Nathan04

Good support from customer care executives and awesome payouts. :)

by: Nicol07

One of the most proficient brokers in binary trading market. :)

by: Candy36

I am extremely contented with the overall results. :)

by: Aaric24

Excellent customer care service and they know very well how to deal with their clients. :)

by: Sandra44

100% reliable and profitable brokerage platform. :)

by: Garrick47

Payouts are good enough to outperform other competitors in the market. :)

by: Elizabeth73

Profits on my investments are rising with every passing day. :)

by: Wade72

Nice broker. I could enjoy good profits and returns on my investments. :)

by: Peter15

I can earn 150 USD per hour daily. :)

by: Lance72

Last week I earned 1920 bucks. :)

by: Fleming72

Truly a win win proposition. :)

by: Ivan72

This is one of the the best brokerage platform I have ever seen.

by: Kedric72

Well designed platform that suits the interests of the investors.

by: Danny18

Payout ratios are very good and the payouts is also faster compared to other brokerage platforms. Great One.

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