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In a market already flooded with numerous binary options brokers that leave you confused, No1Options comes as a product that is user friendly. It provides you with a good experience because it is quite user friendly and its features are so simple to use that even beginners would be able to get hands on rather immediately. It provides you all the security that you need as a trader for your financial transactions. The tools that are available on the site equip you with adequate knowledge and information so that you are able to analyze your business well.
I have found this platform to be really good and would recommend it to both institutional and private investors across the globe. The customer support that you would receive from the staff of this broker is good because they are available for you throughout the day and night every single day. You have the service of professional brokers that would guide you step by step in case you need any support. This platform provides you a very safe and convenient and all round trading experience to you. it makes good use of technology. The pricing and execution modules of this platform have been developed in a way that makes use of the most advanced and updated technologies.
Another interesting concept that this platform brings to its users is getting them live market data. This broker has partnered with Reuters, a feeds provider on international repute so that you can receive live and precise data streams. Even the terms and conditions of the website clearly spell out the difference between options prices and real time marker prices. Also, for better perception, it provides expiry graphs for any given point of time. This ensures that traders are able to repose confidence in the broker. This is the level of transparency and customer service it maintains.
Funds deposited by the users are maintained in a segregated account. Funds are utilized specifically only for trading options through the broker’s website, that too only when the client spells out that mandate to it. Funds are not diverted for any other purpose. The liabilities and exposures of this binary broker are handled professionally by a team of experts. This is why they guarantee payouts of clients’ profits based on terms of agreement.

•  Conclusion: All in all, it covers most aspects of binary options trading to ensure that you get a nice trading experience. No1Option is a friendly broker for a novice trader.

•  Since this platform is web based, you do not need to necessarily download it.

•  For registration, you do need to provide any deposit. You would also not be asked for your credit or debit card details. You will, however, need to deposit money to begin trading.

•  You can open your trading account in EUR or USD. However, you would not be able to make any changes to your currency selection after registration.
•  Absolutely safe because clear risk as well as profit ratios are stated in the option that you choose.

• Trading is very simple. Explanations provided are very crisp and clear and therefore easy to understand.

•  A wide range of products are offered on this platform. You can choose the one that suits you best.
•  The entire trading experience is very user friendly.

•  Transactions are very safe – clear risk/profit ratios stated in option.


* Very high Conversion rate


* Weekly webinars


* Cross platform trading


175 assets

Company background

A big gaming company that opened a brokerage with spot options.


Spot option

User Reviews

by: Blueberry31

A very good brokerage platform for both starters and professionals. Singlas are absolutely brilliant and best of all, the trading platform is consistent with wider range of assets.

by: Tamara

100% bonus offered. Wow! That's a good deal :)

by: Madison

This is a great broker, being a housewife still I can earn huge profits.

by: John

I have recommended this platform to my boss. He gave me a raise at office.

by: andrew74

Diverse range of assets list gives you great options.

by: Lucas

A very superior quality trading experience which is actually like icing on the cake.

by: jayden35

Works the best, especially for the starters.

by: Mathew4

Wonderful broker. Exceeded my expectations. Really love it. Decent profits and mostly risk free

by: henry85

Brilliant performer.

by: carson74

This is amazingly exciting.

by: damian14152

This is a briliant platform where it is easy to bring in profits at the least effort.

by: easton202

Good one to have some recurring profits.

by: haydendiego44

Great system. It really works.

by: Byrce7

Brilliant technology that has been channelised well to advantage of its users.

by: aidan1520

100% reliable.

by: Asher30

Its only winning here. This is invincible.

by: Richard40

This is nothing short of a miracle.

by: Giovani

Simple amazing! Not a single complaint. Great:)

by: jason87

Pretty consistent returns.

by: Naomi Morgan

I opened an account the previous week, and it really provides thrilling and attractive bonuses.

by: Dominic320

Superb trading experience using this broker.

by: xavier99

Does this broker really works that good?

by: Blacke855

Great UI .

by: Brooke1022

Works spectacularly fine. No issues.

by: Kimberly

GREAT broker!!

by: Grayson365

Looks like I got to know of this platform by divine intervention.

by: miguel45

A+++. rating I would like to give this broker.

by: Steven

Undoubtedly, one of the best brokerage platforms.

by: Steven

Undoubtedly, one of the best brokerage platform.

by: Ivan331

Impressive broker to deal with.

by: sawyer30

This platform churns out such amazing returns.

by: brady56

What superior technology!

by: preston5000

I earned 2500 $ this week.

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