OptioNow Broker Review

When I looked at OptioNow’s FAQ, I was taken aback by the $250 minimum trade. That, I thought, is a broker who’s hunting the big game! After having a look at the platform, however, I realized that $5 (60-second) and $10 (other contract types) are actually the minimums. Phew. So, the good. OptioNow offer a solid trading platform with higher-than-average returns. They have some really good tutorial videos, if that’s your thing. Personally, I like the written word more than videos, but I realize that I’m a grumpy old guy.They do offer an early buyout feature, which may make up for their lackluster asset offering for the newbie traders. I’d also heard scuttlebutt about a $10,000 demo trading account being available, but unfortunately I couldn’t see hide nor hair of any such beast. Pity, because that would counteract some of the downsides of this broker, and maybe win them a few loyal customers.


* Signals.


* Low minimum trade.


* Early buy-outs.

Binary background

Established 2013.

Company background

Owned by EQ Sky Capital Services Limited.



User Reviews

by: Fasih

The web based interface is not quite attractive so I doubt how it well it would function.

by: Khaled

confused and not sure whether genuine :(

by: Sylvia

Let me know the exact opinion please :) Am totally confused

by: Albert

The trading signals are consistent and of high frequency. Within a short frame of time, I received several signals and every one of those signals was spot on to the target.

by: Jamal

These comments are so helpful in taking a decision. I am all set to try it out once.

by: Sukhvir

In comparison to all the other brokers in the market, Option Now is pretty good and legitimate. The minimum deposition slab is feasiible and the returns are just amazing. Good option as of now.

by: Thomas

received my check yesterday and I am glad to see the profits I earned

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