Call and Put Broker Review

I wasn’t happy with my foray into Call and Put. The website has little touches of unprofessionalism all over it – awkward phrasings, unnecessary text, and a highly irritating invitation to chat that tended to pop up just as I was trying to do something. The ‘social trading’ ticker was more distracting than useful. The minimum deposit is $200, the minimum trade $10. I think they’ve missed their market here. The lack of variety in both contract types and assets could be forgiven, especially with the social trading aspect better-applied, if the minimum deposit and trade size made the broker useful for uber-newbies. As is, though, I don’t recommend for anyone.


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User Reviews

by: Caitlyn Samuel

Heard of them for the first time ever. I don't think they are regulated. Not sure about them.

by: Jeoffrey

Not sure how its works! Anybody have an idea on this?

by: Robin

works better. have no complaint on this. give it a try guys

by: Binaryman

Pretty smart one. But, good for smaller investments. I invested $100 and the returns were decent.

by: Benjamin

Awesome returns and one of the best platforms to trade. Simple and consistent.

by: Bowen

Not sure about it. Is this really legitimate. Have been scammed a couple of times before, so wanna make a firm decision

by: Devin

This is a 100% legitimate one and I like its simplicity of the platform. Highly recommended for the starters and those who want a risk free trading with decent returns on investments :)

by: Jaxon

In this volatile, market, it is really great to have such a splendid working broker that guarantees you handsome profits and consistent returns on the investments.

by: Gerardo

having using this broker for a couple of months and so far the results is good

by: Jayden

Great to hear about such a broker. I was searching for some reliable broker who could trade for me and turn me in some profits. Looks like I got one Thanks guys for sharing your opinions and information.

by: Harbar

Brilliant output and this should be your pick, if you want to earn regular, decent returns. I am really fond of it.

by: Kosher

It's bad I can't open an account from the US.

by: Hamley

Yes, why can't I open an account from the US?

by: Drone

I just opened an account with this broker and received welcome bonus. The signals are also working fine for me to catch up some lucrative trades daily.

by: Fleming

Good brokerage platform! Fantastic broker with high yields and legitimacy :) I have been using this and really satisfied.

by: Chris D

Great broker with maximum profits. Love trading with this.

by: Owen

I am excited at the prospect of choosing the asset class that I like and am most comfortable trading in.

by: Foster

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: Willien

Great broker. Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: Trade00

With years of experience in trading, I can say that this has some impressive trade tools.

by: Binary365

I started investing on this brokerage platform one week ago and the results were very impressive.

by: Victor

Excellent results after trying it out for the first time. However, it's better to go for smaller investments initially.

by: Ralph

I found this platform to be really promising as I have got consistent benefits trading with it

by: Norton22

I commenced trading a month back on this platform and am truly loving it.

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