Wow Options System Review

To make me happy, just provide me with lots of assets to trade. I don’t need fancy contract types and features like rollovers and early buyouts – I’m happy to just make a call and run with it. Wow Options live up to their name in that regard, at least. 125 stocks and – even better – 11 commodities make me a happy man. The minimum deposit ($200) is reasonable, and the minimum trade is acceptable for all but wet-behind-the-ears newbies. This is a good, solid broker who I recommend to intermediate and expert traders who aren’t too interested in social trading or playing with lots of different contract types. If I had one wish, it would be a mobile app.


* Great selection of assets to choose from.


* Low minimum trade.

Binary background

Operating since 2012.

Company background

None available on website.

User Reviews

by: Alex

it is great software for professionals

by: Albert

Any one worked with Wow Options? Is the broker okay to deal with?

by: David L. Penney

Wow Options is working good for me. I just got my withdrawal amount of 500 USD.

by: Michael

Simply amazing and great to work on. However, the returns am not sure, since working with it the first time. So far good

by: Stephen

Not sure. Is this really risk free and trustable?

by: Smith

No complaints! Good for me

by: stephny

Good broker guys! Works fantastic and offers decent cuts. Running with $560 profits on the second week. :)

by: Simpson

Absolutely great! Me too running on profits. It's great to sit back and watch the profits roll in. LOL :O

by: Debra

Not a single complain about this one. Received my third check of $2200 and loving this a lot :)

by: Malachi

Good one. Liked trading and learning with them. Easy to open an account ans as soon as you open it, you are all set to incur profits.

by: Mendosa

Simply unimpeachable. Unmatched performance and trading efficacy.

by: Santos

Is it possible to open an account from Mexico? I am watching this broker for so many days and with the amazing reviews it have over the internet, I really love this.

by: Gavin

The main attraction of this broker is its offering of large number of stocks and indices along with indications.

by: Mckinely

After trading with this platform for 2 weeks, I must say this is brilliant. It's absolutely fantastic. Great experience

by: Garrett

Smart platform to earn constant decent profits. Is the mobile app out or still not?

by: Sandra

Really this is the best software I have ever seen

by: Saunders

Simple to use and wide array of assets or items to trade. Pretty good for the starters.

by: Daniel

This is a great brokerage platform for binary trading.

by: Ashton

Opened an account yesterday. Let's see how it goes.

by: Holland

I am using this for quite a long time and it is absolutely fantastic. Returns are bigger and I have been constant receiving 71% or more.

by: Harry

Cover wide range of assets and commodities and you can trade with them in multiple ways.

by: Stuart

A reliable trusted broker that is not only convenient but also very trustworthy. Would recommend it highly to the starters.

by: Danzel

I am so excited at the prospect of starting trading tomorrow. I have sen my bro earning some good money here

by: Bolivan

Good brokerage platform. Have been using for 6 months, and never made any losses.

by: Arthur

The ease and convenience of trading is the best feature of this platform.

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