Options Prime System Review

Options Prime are another mid-quality broker. There’s not really anything to distinguish this one from the plethora of similar binary options brokers. They don’t have a large selection of assets, but their range isn’t terrible, either. Best for traders with a bit of experience.


* Good returns.

Binary background

Established 2012.

Company background

None listed on website.



User Reviews

by: Graham

doesn't looks so much appealing. not sure whether a scam or not

by: Greggory

Not only the best, but really efficient

by: Johnson

Excellent and super friendly interface. Payouts are impressive

by: Jim

undoubtedly a genuine one, but not very much impressive :(

by: Jack

You're right Jim. This one is that of appealing to me. Pretty boring and complicated :(

by: shauna

Worked with this one and earned some decent amounts. This one is not that much impressive but not bad. Helped earning some decent cuts.

by: Mary

I traded with it. although did not make huge bucks, but made some decent cuts.

by: Harry

Yep right! this is a mid-variance platform but not scam. splendid for the starters :)

by: Shane

Really a good one! Great

by: Gareth

No problems and complaints so far. Only the minimum deposition if could be lowered might have been feasible to more traders :)

by: Graham

Guys go for it, This will surely bring in splendid profits to your investments. Medium range broker and the returns are decent.

by: Jeniffer

Reliable and safe. I am expecting y fourth check and the returns are satisfactory.

by: Harris

Can the minimum deposition amount be lowered? I think $200 seems a bit much, considering the platform is not of such popularity.

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