XP Markets System Review

XP Markets are a great binary options broker for traders who like a big selection of stocks to play with. At 125 stocks, there’s a nice wide playground to work with, too. Decent returns, but not fantastic. Recommended for mid-range to expert traders who aren’t fussed about fiddly features like rollovers and double-ups.


* Mobile app.


* Low minimum trade size.


* Great selection of stocks.

Binary background

Established in Europe in 2008.

Company background

Brand of XP Markets Ltd.



User Reviews

by: Steve

I have used it and really it is a great software trust me :)

by: Francisco J. Kujawski

Trade Simulator gives good understanding of stocks and trade. Also all the trade orders are processed immediately as ordered.

by: Brian N. Rew

Friendly system for newbies in trade. It gave me all the support for minimal outlay of money invested.

by: Stuart

Awesome trading platform and versatile signals to help you trade the best.

by: Annie

Good broker. Made some quick profits

by: Brandy

Is this really reliable? I am not sure. Please suggest anybody :(

by: Amy

Yes, its 100% reliable. I am trading with this and never had any concerns. Payouts are good too

by: Kaleb

Going to try out. How to set up an account?

by: John

Please let me know more information. I am pretty interested. Tried a couple of other brokers,, but didn't reallly worked out.

by: Roman

This brokerage platform is the best and the most reliable binary trading platform, in one word it is the best.

by: Trevor

I started trading with XP Markets for more than 2 months and I must say their assets range and selection is definitely a good deal. Moreover, the signals are splendid enough and efficient to give an honest and brillint idea on the trading trends and other aspects.

by: Sussie

Can I have an account from Denmark? I am keeping a watch on this broker and saw it's compatively affordable as well as splendid to earn some decent money.

by: Ray

Wide range of assets, including gold, oil etc. guaranteed payouts. Proficient platform and a great place to learn the distinct aspects of binary trading. best of all, well verified broker to trade binary options


I am very much impressed with this broker. It consistently delivers me profits. Who could ask for more?

by: Stevenson

100% risk free and outstanding profits on the investments. Brilliant experience.

by: Randy

Good broker. I have an account and it is pretty simple to understand.

by: Matt90

Highly recommended for the starters and traders looking to invest smaller amounts. The platform is easy to understand and the customer support is worthy of appraisal.

by: Binary200202

Trading system with many assets and tools to work with. Using it from last 2 months and satisfied.

by: Gerald

Wonderful broker. Exceeded my expectations. Really love it. Decent profits and mostly risk free

by: Rodericks

100% lucrative and reliable broker. It's licensed and this gives an extra assurance.

by: Hector

I absolutely agree to all you guys about this platform. XP Markets is really the best option to earn consistent, high profits.

by: Lenon

The returns of the investment through this broker are not havoc but the returns are decent.

by: Carlos B

XP Markets is one of the most versatile brokers I have seen. It delivers flourishing binary options trade, even to the starters in the trading.

by: Bethy

Wonderful trading experience. Eager to invest more and more into it to fetch handsome profits.

by: Alberts

Spectacular trading experience. Beyond imagination is the lumpsum profits.

by: Kim

I am not just impressed with it, but playing in thousands of dollars every month with the inevitable help of this awesome brokerage platform.

by: Lexi

Good broker and handsome returnz.

by: Trendz

Amazing ROI, which for me is almost 85%.

by: Becky

I tried it out, but unfortunately did not get hold of it so much. Gonna try out something different :(

by: James L

Received my check this week and am happy with the returns on my investments. Great broker.

by: LarryCH

The platform is easy to understand and even starters can trade like avid traders. Good one to me

by: Carlon

One of the most impressive platforms I have seen. Exceeded my expectations really.

by: Milley

XP Markets just amazed me with its amazing capability to reap out profits, even from losing trades. That's great for a trader.

by: Brown V

I am interested in knowing more information on this robot. Heard my friends doing good business with it.

by: Cooper33

Splendid returns on my investments. Just loving it.

by: Nordick

From long time, I was in search of a trustable and lucrative broker and finally seeing XP Markets, I believe I got what I was searching for.

by: Alistar C

I like the ROI provided by this broker. It's competitively is one of the best in the market.

by: Gomez

Does this broker works so good?

by: Tony M

I am doubtful it works so well @ Gomez, cause most of these brokers are fake in the market.

by: Sameer

This broker is one of the most brilliant in the market. No doubt about its working strategy and capability.

by: Marcus

One of the most impressive brokers I have seen. Consistent profits and the platform is comparatively easier to deal with.

by: Noah

I am into this trading for the last 6 months and I heard about this platform from one of my friend, this is indeed a fabulous platform to reap in profits with ease. So fond of their consistent outcomes and nearly zero percent loss.

by: Terernce

I want to know more on this platform. Can anybody help me?

by: Wilsons9w

XP Markets is one of the most astonishing brokers I have seen. The way they bring you max profits and the strong signals, just will amaze you everytime.


This is a briliant platform where it is easy to bring in profits at the least effort.

by: LauraBDO

Brilliant technology that has been channelised well to advantage of its users.

by: Agatha

Works spectacularly fine. No issues

by: WIllsikir

This platform churns out such amazing returns

by: Sonara2i

The returns to the investment are very good. The returns vary within 68% to 71%.

by: Jordanrir

It would have irked me to find a good broker but no more, because my trading partner is with me at all times


Higher returns on investments. But, the platform was a bit complicated, especially it might be complicated for the starters.

by: MArkug3og

The trading signals of this broker is great. It helps me to get up to date about the market conditions

by: Fatiah939

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns up to 84%.

by: Crhsi3oq

A brilliant platform! its a risk free platform with the most streamlined indicators and signals

by: kldoifb4849

Regular and consistent profit on my investments made over here. XP Markets is amazing .

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