XP Markets Broker Review

XP Markets are a great binary options broker for traders who like a big selection of stocks to play with. At 125 stocks, there’s a nice wide playground to work with, too. Decent returns, but not fantastic. Recommended for mid-range to expert traders who aren’t fussed about fiddly features like rollovers and double-ups.


* Mobile app.


* Low minimum trade size.


* Great selection of stocks.

Binary background

Established in Europe in 2008.

Company background

Brand of XP Markets Ltd.



User Reviews

by: Steve

I have used it and really it is a great software trust me :)

by: Francisco J. Kujawski

Trade Simulator gives good understanding of stocks and trade. Also all the trade orders are processed immediately as ordered.

by: Brian N. Rew

Friendly system for newbies in trade. It gave me all the support for minimal outlay of money invested.

by: Stuart

Awesome trading platform and versatile signals to help you trade the best.

by: Annie

Good broker. Made some quick profits

by: Brandy

Is this really reliable? I am not sure. Please suggest anybody :(

by: Amy

Yes, its 100% reliable. I am trading with this and never had any concerns. Payouts are good too

by: Kaleb

Going to try out. How to set up an account?

by: John

Please let me know more information. I am pretty interested. Tried a couple of other brokers,, but didn't reallly worked out.

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