SetOption System Review

SetOptions would go into my ‘just another mid-range broker’ bucket if it weren’t for two things. Firstly, they have a wide selection of currencies in which you can keep your account (the usual one-currency-per-account applies), and they’re some of the less-common currencies too, which should make some traders in smaller countries happy. Secondly, they have absolutely no minimum deposit requirements. Add to that a wide selection of assets to trade in, and they’re certainly above average. Recommended for relatively new traders and middle-skilled traders with shallow pockets.


* Trading signals.


* Low minimum trade on 60-second contracts.


* No minimum deposit.


* Wide range of currencies in which to keep your account.


* Great selection of assets.

Binary background

Established 2013.

Company background

Operated by SetOption Corporation.



User Reviews

by: George

does the software really works good?

by: Bailey

Awesome experience. Loved trading with its easy to use platform, immaculate signals and splendid variety of stocks to trade on.

by: kelly

spectacular and smart platform. Liked it and already running on $1200 profits this week.

by: Bhargav

Looks to be a scam one. Better not invest on this :(

by: Dominique

I don't this this a scam because I am trading for last couple of months or so and have received my checks, with pretty decent amounts.

by: Zane

I wonder why I didn’t try it before. Finally I got a solution to my never-ending financial concerns :) I can easily expect around 68% returns on my investments.

by: Zane

I wonder why I didn’t try it before. Finally I got a solution to my never-ending financial concerns :) I can easily roll in 69% returns on my investment with little effort. Great platform to trade for the starters.

by: Parker

Best and most reliable brokerage platform.

by: Timothy

I am a bit skeptical about this broker. Do you guys have any idea if it really works?

by: Boss129

@Timothy, it works amazing. The signals and indices are spectacularly brilliant and you can trade on a wide array of assets. Profits more or less guaranteed.

by: Pixer998

I am thinking about opening an account with this broker. The reviews point towards a lucrative trade.

by: Leslie

Minimum deposition is absolutely feasible to everyone and most of all, the bonus amount of 50% appeals me everytime.

by: Donarth

I am trading with this platform for a long time and with the huge variety of assets, one can easily trade with greater profits.

by: Binary123

I like this brokerage platform's 60 seconds binary trade. The minimum deposition is low and the profits are comparatively greater.

by: Jeff34

Very pleased trading with them. Offer higher returns and the deposition is minimal. Amazing one!

by: Jane39

I was thrilled to use this platform. It gives me so much of flexibility.

by: Zenith

This is a fantastic platform for beginners as well as professional traders because of the ease that it provides. Do not forget the accuracy of its signals and know the basics of the trading.

by: Crystal90

I am so much impressed with the exceptional trading consistency and never ending profits.

by: Terence

Is it possible to open an account from Italy with this broker? Let me know guys please.

by: Ross03

Don't know whether to opt for this. Can anyone give an idea if it is reliable and lucrative enough.

by: WIlhem30

Works spectacularly fine. No complaints. Great payouts and consistent

by: Kelvin848

Am not sure whether this broker is up to the expectations. Invested once, but the results were not impressive :(

by: Josh

Does this broker offers high returns? I am thrilled to know

by: William

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: Chad

No minimum deposit and 50% bonus! WOW! That sounds fun :)

by: DHDYU383

Wide range of assets available for trading. :)

by: Borris2020

I could not have earned such great profits by trading elsewhere. :)

by: Tayloirrue

I am planning to increase my investments. :)

by: Garrettt2

Totally recommend this platform to people who want to make some easy money.

by: Samwi

Good brokerage Platform. :)

by: Smithson

Good brokerage platform. Have been using for 4 months, and never made any losses.

by: Cobatue

It's an awesome broker, it helps me to earn 2000 to 2500 bucks every weeks.

by: Karlos

I am a starter to binary options trading, but this platform is such impressive and simple, I can even trade as an expert. The trading signals and indicators are easy to understand and the returns on the investments are worth the trade.

by: Smarl

Highly recommended to all those who stay away from risky investments and still want to trade.

by: Marvick

Excellent and reliable broker. I am trading with them and I can easily turn in good amount of returns on the investments.

by: ShaneW

Awesome platform for the newbies

by: Haddinson

The best thing about this broker is its easy interface and strong, efficient signals that trade on the best stocks every time you trade.

by: 22dfub8

This is the best broker, I had no problem while dealing with this brokerage platform.

by: Tradershf

Absolutely loved trading on this platform. Great and consistent payouts!!

by: Stocks365

Using this platform, I have been able to book profits even in uncertain markets.

by: Daniella

Have been trading with this and the signals are brilliant when trading.

by: Angelica

Earning money effortlessly. :)

by: Noelbinary

One of the most versatile broker platform I have seen. It's so easy and consistent to earn profits and recommended for the starters.

by: GGSWT22

Nice platform for amateurs. 100% risk free and safe. :)

by: Stevenson23726

Thanks guys for sharing your opinions and information. It has been very helpful indeed.

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