Brokerage Capital System Review

Brokerage Capital is the sort of binary options broker that can make hardened experts swoon with delight. They have the best range of stocks and commodities that I’ve seen on any site. They have a maximum trade size of $15,000, and pay up to a comfortable (but not sensational) 85% return. They offer a fairly limited selection of contract types and features, which I couldn’t care less about, frankly. Give me a playground the size of their stock and commodity selection and I’m a happy trader. Recommended for experts who aren’t fussed about frills.


* High maximum trade size.


* Phenomenal selection of stocks and commodities.

Binary background

Operating since 2013.

Company background

Owned by P.M. Investment Capital Limited.



User Reviews

by: Serena

Other reviews suggest that they offer more than 200 different stocks for trade. Is this correct?One more question: Do they accept clients from Australia?Thanks.

by: Agastia

Not really sure about them, they have got some really good and some bad reviews too. Features appear to be good along with rating on various websites. I don't know, I am not sure. Maybe I will look for more information before trying Brokerage Capital

by: Dexter

They say that the withdrawals are processed within 48 hours of request made but money appears in to your account a few days later. I was able to withdraw money from my band account after 4 days but it is okay as I understand withdrawal requests involves many steps so it may take time but as far as I am getting my money without any deductions it is perfectly fine:)

by: Beenish

First thought it is a scam but found it a good web based trading platform.

by: Louis Bred

Powerful trading system with different trade methods. Simple and easy to navigate.

by: Patrick

A reliable trading platform. I had doubts about its reliability unless I started trading with Brokerage Capital. Recommended!

by: Athena

works fine, however doesn't look so much promising.

by: Alex

It worked brilliant for me. Brokerage Capital provides a versatile platform and a mind-blowing 85% returns, which to me is amazing. :) Thanks Guys for such a lovely platform.

by: Simon

This is what I was looking for so long :) Awesome returns on investments, almost 85%. Moreover, I liked the range of stocks and assets to trade on. Highly recommended if you want to dig in some huge profits and that too consistently.

by: Abby

Good one! Never had any concerns and interestingly, with a little effort I can easily turn around $700-800 every week.

by: Mason

If you are a starter, then this is the most convenient trading platform you could have. Effective and efficient signals, streamlined indicators and higher returns on your investments is what is offers you.

by: Tanner

I am a bit confused using this, actually the platform seems a bit critical to me. However, it might be due to my minimal experience on the trade. I need to learn more.

by: Madison

Simply great! Outstanding. I have nothing more to say. I am stunned with this broker. You can have 85% returns on your investments and this is amazing.

by: Nathan

This broker is awesome it helps me to earn 2000 too 2500 bucks per week. :)

by: Bevan

85% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my second paycheck.

by: Christie

I was skeptical about this brokerage when I heard first about it, but when I tried it, I was glad to see 85% returns on my investments only trading for a couple of weeks.

by: Billy

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile and consistent brokers. Wide range of assets and regular, decent payouts always adds an extra appeal to it.

by: Jamie

I am a bit skeptical about the hype of this software, but pretty interested too in trying it out. Considering opening an account this week.

by: Nathan

I prefer using Banc De Binary than any other brokerage platform. it seems more legitimate and professional, helping you earn tons of profits.

by: Jonathan

Finally I got the most reliable and smart broker for binary options.

by: Mark

I am so glad to work with this brokerage platform. It always makes me excited whenever I try this. The trading signals are absolutely unparalleled and the consistency of the platform in choosing the best trades are just awesome.

by: Jason

with the help of this software, finally I am able to earn something big every month. Thinking about doing it fulltime.

by: UTIO456

Spectacular Binary options Trading platform. Simply the best

by: Mike

I am using Brokerage Capital for long and one thing I know is this platform is splendid enough to bring you in greater returns on the investments.

by: Alfred

I absolutely agree that this is one of the most impressive brokerage platforms.

by: Abby

I have been trading with this platform for several years and the results are brilliant. Can't wait to earn more.

by: Sylvester

I often wonder how could I be so late finding this broker. Just started couple of months back and the results are highly appreciable.

by: Jimmy

Brokerage Capital is something that rocks binary options trading! I absolutely love this brokerage platform.

by: Lionel

I am using this for the last 4 months and I am shocked to see the profits. They are brilliant and I am looking forward to earning more.

by: Sofia

I am using this broker for more than 4 months and I am pretty happy with the earnings. Earnings are consistent and I earn at least 2000 bucks every month with ease.

by: George

One of the most versatile brokers I've ever seen. The customer support is amazing and you could get help round the clock, no matter what the issue is!

by: Noddy44

100% reliable and profitable broker platform.

by: Alice

Thinking about opening an account with this broker, I hope it all goes in my favor

by: Sonny

I opened an account with this broker 3 weeks ago and the results are truly splendid. I would highly recommend this broker to every starters and professionals.

by: Treddy

Is this really that much profitable?

by: Simpson

I am trading with this broker for long time and one thing I know is if you want to double your investments in no time, this is the one you need to opt for, Unmatched experience of trading and impeccable returns on the investments.

by: Steven

At first I was having problem with payment withdrawal with the amazing support from the customer care, my problem was fixed.

by: Maria

What a way to make some extra money!! I had never even imagined this could be so simple!! Thanks to Brokerage option Brokers. :)

by: jonathan

great brokerage platform. :)

by: kyle

I am very much impressed, it helps to earn 2000$ per week.

by: Zara

Made 100 USD in 1 hour only.

by: Hardson

Nice broker. I could enjoy good profits and returns on my investments.

by: Antony

best thing about this broker is its easy interface and strong, efficient signals that trade on the best stocks every time you trade.

by: Christo688

Great platform for the newbies.

by: Jefrey

I churned out some real good profits in the last few sessions that I have done on this platform.

by: samuel

f you want to better your lifestyle and are not shy of trying new stuff, then this platform is just for you.

by: smartmo

i recently register with capital but not deposit the money yet i am thinking about joining end of this week .. i hope i can make money with it. excellent customer service. recommend to new starter ,

by: Daniel63

This is probably one of the best brokerage platforms I have seen

by: Daniel

great brokerage platform. :)

by: Smith45

Brilliant performer.

by: Davis03

I am totally floored by the performance of this platform.

by: clark lewis

100% reliabe

by: Niel102

Making great profits.

by: Baker16

I am very much impressed with this broker. Going to invest again .

by: kingcarter

This is the best broker, I had no problem while dealing with this brokerage platform.

by: edward1412

Is this that much superb and does it really bring in such profits. I am bit confused, someone please help me . :(

by: scott

Works spectacularly fine.

by: philip cambell

I am very much impressed .

by: Ronald Jeff

No complaints. Wonderful Broker.

by: Miller Brown

Works the best, especially for the starters.

by: Sarah Kimberly

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: jenifer41

Tried this out, but was not so much satisfied.

by: Carol Ruth


by: kiyle85

A very superior quality trading experience

by: harry

I am thinking about opening an account this week.

by: jim411

85% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my 2nd paycheck.

by: william888

Brilliant performer.

by: ubertrader4785

Best binary broker, it helped me a lot in earning huge profits.

by: Tifany474

A+++ I recommend this to every trader who want to earn huge profits.

by: watson005

Good one.

by: Oliver1415

Astounding Binary options Trading platform.

by: Marcus52

Trading has never been easy until the introduction of Brokerage Capital.

by: lauren85

I am interested to open an account with this one. Probably will do so in the coming week.

by: henry44

It's great to use this platform.

by: Greg414

Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: Kevin44

I am very much impressed with this broker. Going invest again .

by: Calvin52

Elegant customer service.

by: Audrey74

Great platform for the newbies.

by: jacob88

This platform is absolutely authentic and dependable.

by: david89

Using this platform, I have been able to book profits even in uncertain markets.

by: Christopher035

Absolutely loved trading on this platform. Great and consistent payouts!!

by: morris123

The returns of the investment through this broker are not havoc but the returns are decent.

by: johnathan45

Absolutely superb. Exceptional, I must say.

by: David420

Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: dylan10

Remarkable returns. This is great!

by: luke7810

Well developed platform. This is nice!!

by: james560

Lovely performance of this website.

by: issac560

Simply out of the world :)rn

by: Ryan230

Have been trading with this and the signals are brilliant when trading.

by: Lucas986

Simplistic platform coupled with effective indices sets the stage rolling for good profit booking.

by: Dominic45

I am using this broker since a couple of weeks and one thing is for sure, it can just reap you profits consistently. It's great to trade with the platform.

by: Nathiel9895

Impeccable brokerage platform.

by: john77

Outstanding Brokerage platform.

by: Brandon45

Great returns and that too completely risk free.

by: Colin1453

Great software

by: zayden4103

I am simply a fan of this platform.

by: graham123

The entire experience of trading through this platform is unique.

by: Angel103

It is a great tool for beginners like me who are wary of burning their fingers in fire. And I must say I emerged as a complete winner

by: jefferey452

Earning money effortlessly. :)

by: Brandon45

Great returns and that too completely risk free.

by: simon789525

Investor friendly user interface.

by: TRo78820


by: Femmendo659

Thanks a lot!

by: jack45

Simply Marvelous !

by: JOHNNY320

Amazing Brokerage platform. :)

by: Braylon1220

loved it, great software

by: Julius513203

75% returns is awesome

by: Brehman785220

Never faced any losses.

by: kellen1025

Simply outstanding.rn

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