Brokerage Capital Broker Review

Brokerage Capital is the sort of binary options broker that can make hardened experts swoon with delight. They have the best range of stocks and commodities that I’ve seen on any site. They have a maximum trade size of $15,000, and pay up to a comfortable (but not sensational) 85% return. They offer a fairly limited selection of contract types and features, which I couldn’t care less about, frankly. Give me a playground the size of their stock and commodity selection and I’m a happy trader. Recommended for experts who aren’t fussed about frills.


* High maximum trade size.


* Phenomenal selection of stocks and commodities.

Binary background

Operating since 2013.

Company background

Owned by P.M. Investment Capital Limited.



User Reviews

by: Serena

Other reviews suggest that they offer more than 200 different stocks for trade. Is this correct?One more question: Do they accept clients from Australia?Thanks.

by: Agastia

Not really sure about them, they have got some really good and some bad reviews too. Features appear to be good along with rating on various websites. I don't know, I am not sure. Maybe I will look for more information before trying Brokerage Capital

by: Dexter

They say that the withdrawals are processed within 48 hours of request made but money appears in to your account a few days later. I was able to withdraw money from my band account after 4 days but it is okay as I understand withdrawal requests involves many steps so it may take time but as far as I am getting my money without any deductions it is perfectly fine:)

by: Beenish

First thought it is a scam but found it a good web based trading platform.

by: Louis Bred

Powerful trading system with different trade methods. Simple and easy to navigate.

by: Patrick

A reliable trading platform. I had doubts about its reliability unless I started trading with Brokerage Capital. Recommended!

by: Athena

works fine, however doesn't look so much promising.

by: Alex

It worked brilliant for me. Brokerage Capital provides a versatile platform and a mind-blowing 85% returns, which to me is amazing. :) Thanks Guys for such a lovely platform.

by: Simon

This is what I was looking for so long :) Awesome returns on investments, almost 85%. Moreover, I liked the range of stocks and assets to trade on. Highly recommended if you want to dig in some huge profits and that too consistently.

by: Abby

Good one! Never had any concerns and interestingly, with a little effort I can easily turn around $700-800 every week.

by: Mason

If you are a starter, then this is the most convenient trading platform you could have. Effective and efficient signals, streamlined indicators and higher returns on your investments is what is offers you.

by: Tanner

I am a bit confused using this, actually the platform seems a bit critical to me. However, it might be due to my minimal experience on the trade. I need to learn more.

by: Madison

Simply great! Outstanding. I have nothing more to say. I am stunned with this broker. You can have 85% returns on your investments and this is amazing.

by: Nathan

This broker is awesome it helps me to earn 2000 too 2500 bucks per week. :)

by: Bevan

85% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my second paycheck.

by: Christie

I was skeptical about this brokerage when I heard first about it, but when I tried it, I was glad to see 85% returns on my investments only trading for a couple of weeks.

by: Billy

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile and consistent brokers. Wide range of assets and regular, decent payouts always adds an extra appeal to it.

by: Jamie

I am a bit skeptical about the hype of this software, but pretty interested too in trying it out. Considering opening an account this week.

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