CTOption System Review

CTOption offers a rather mediocre choice of indices, stocks and commodities, but the largest range of forex pairs that I’ve seen on a binary options broker. The trade size range is quite impressive, with a $5 minimum trade and $10,000 maximum trade. They also offer an unobtrusive ‘Inside View’ that tells you what other traders are doing with a particular combination of asset and contract type. I’d recommend them for all levels of traders who are specifically interested in forex.


* Low minimum trade size.


* High maximum trade size.

Binary background

Founded in 2013.

Company background

Owned by InfiniCore Ltd.


Panda TS

User Reviews

by: Franklin

if anyone is not experienced or professional in binary trading this software helps a lot to them. I am telling it from my personal experience, lots of thanks to ctoptions :)

by: Harry

Large variety of stocks, and some of the best indicators, I've ever seen. the $5 minimum trading looks appealing to me and surely is a worthy one to check out. Payout is impressive and quite regular.

by: kevin

I am not sure about this. Anyone has an idea?

by: Frank

CT options is the best to trade binary. its wide range of assets and wonderful payouts makes me really amazed. Highly recommended :)

by: Alfred

This one is really intriguing and every time I trade with CT options, I feel like beiing an expert in Binary Options trading. 100% genuine and one of the best returns in the market

by: Storm

Do not have so much idea. Want to know more about it please

by: Ruben

Awesome. Simply the best broker that comes with insurance backup and mind-blowing profits. You can earn as much as you want.

by: Nick

If you invest on this broker once you will love it, the returns are awesome.

by: Brendan

I think this is a scam.

by: Taylor

No, its not a scam I have been investing on this broker for a long time the returns are very good. I would like to recommend it. to everyone.

by: Gavin

I am very happy while trading with this broker. :)

by: Albie

I am truly satisfied with the broker. and the returns are pretty lovable. Great broker and 100% recommended.

by: Braga

I would highly recommend this platform for both newbie and professionals, Amazing!!!

by: Dixy

It is not at all a scam @ Brendan. I am using this and it is one of the best platforms to use.

by: Powell

Can I join this broker for free? Or any credit cards required?

by: Alex

Yes @ Powell, you can join this platform for free. No credit cards required. Just register, create an account and start trading after deposition.

by: Gagarin

The payment method of this broker is great and consistent.

by: Sammy

One of the most preferred brokerage platform. Simply amazing.,

by: Timothy

Extremely glad to open a strafe. Works the best!

by: Snowball

Highly recommended for the starters and traders looking to invest smaller amounts. The platform is easy to understand and the customer support is worthy of appraisal.

by: Sicilyuuue

I was thrilled to use this platform. It gives me so much of flexibility :)

by: Josh0

You can use this platform even if you are a novice. It does everything by itself automatically. Just sit back and watch the profits coming in.

by: FUndraiser

Best binary options brokerage platform, it helped me a lot in earning huge profits consistently.


I want to know more about the reliability of the broker. Is it really trustable and lucrative?

by: HHD7778BD

This broker doesn't seem to be so legitimate. Although I did not try it but am somehow skeptical about its working. Do you have any idea guys?

by: Jerome

A massive selection of assets range to trade with. I just love both the assets range and signals.

by: Hoffman

Large asset index and easy to navigate straightforward interface!


Not sure whether I should opt for not! Please post more information on this broker.

by: PaulCC

Did not see such an awesome broker and so much consistency in reaping out profits.

by: KelvinD

The best experience of trading that I have had so far. This platform is very unique

by: Jim O

Absolutely the best binary options trading platform.

by: Joshua BBDJU

This is absolutely brilliant. You can earn handsome returns on your investments without even going through hassles.

by: Alxis

I am totally excited with the superb experience that this platform has given to me.

by: Alvis

Easy way to make quick and decent money. Great

by: OptionsCC

Highly recommend this platform to people who want to make some easy money

by: Owais

Offers great opportunities for trading where you can earn good returns on your investment. I procured almost three times my investment with them.

by: Franc

This platform has a splendid reputation in fetching in profits and it worked much good for me too.

by: Daniel H

Dealing with this platform is absolutely easy and you can earn loads of profits in a small time.

by: Braddy

This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your comfort, or home.

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