Bloombex Options System Review

I like a binary broker with lots of stocks. Bloombex have a range of 60, which doesn’t put them at the top of any lists, but does make for a satisfying day’s trading. I also like the feeling of getting something for nothing, so I enjoy the 30% bonus that Bloombex offer – straight up, no fine print – on all deposits. I especially like it because I’m used to seeing bonuses only applied to large deposits, which I’ve always felt was a little unfair to the newbies. Make the new trader feel special and he’ll stick around, I say, and invite all his mates too. Returns are decent compared to other brokers, and they’ve made trading a little more accessible by setting the minimum trade lower (to $10) on 60-second contracts.


* 30% bonus on all deposits.


* Wide range of stocks.

Binary background

Operating since 2010.

Company background

None available on site.



User Reviews

by: Nathan

They offer compatibility with PayPal for deposit and withdrawal. This is really a benefit of using the broker as I prefer all my online transactions to take place through PayPal and I haven't seen other brokers offering this facility.

by: Ken

Before I could begin trading, I checked out their website and other details as I wasn't sure about this broker if it is genuine or not being it a relatively new one. I found it interesting and they provide a demo tutorial as well for new users which is quite helpful. I am trading with the broker now. Trading slow with average profits, hope I could make more in near future.

by: Hamilton

the payment facility of this broker is great

by: Samuel

I like Bloombex options' 60 seconds trading and it's straightforward 30% offering on the deposition makes this a worthy one. Wide range of stocks and versatile trading signals makes this all the more interesting. Surely gonna get some kick-ass trading experience.

by: Ross

Wide range of assets, including gold, oil etc. guaranteed payouts. Proficient platform and a great place to learn the distinct aspects of binary trading. best of all, well verified broker to trade binary options

by: christmas

Making great profits. Awesome broker. Simply the best of all!

by: Johnny

A+++ I recommend this trader. I am doing business with it and have always as usual earned profits :)

by: Alfie

This broker is really the best pick if you want to earn some decent cuts. the platform is fantastic aand there is no complaint regarding its tradding procedures.

by: Carson

I found it extremely helpful in making some decent profits. Though you cannot make heavy profits, but the returns on investments are appreciable and you are definitely going to learn how to trade smart.

by: Jim

not sure about this one. Would like to know more information

by: Jesse

This is my third week and I have earned a profit of 3300 already. What a pleasure trading with this broker. Spectacular signals and several highly proficient signals will just roll in unmatched profits for you

by: Jack

Great one to trade. I am just a hardcore fan of it. Go for it guys.

by: Justin

At first I was having problem with payment withdrawal with the amazing support from the customer care, my problem was fixed.

by: Oswald

Bloombex options is something that I just can't avoid using whilst trading binary options. It provides me unmatched returns on my investments and the trading signals are Spot On every time, I trade using this broker.

by: Kristen

In my opinion, guys you do not have to rethink about the reliability and legitimacy of this broker. Just go for it without worry and enjoy the awesome returns on your investments.

by: Thiery

I am a regular trade with this broker and I have not a single complaint against this amazing platform. The platform is easy to understand and any naive trader can easily stand out as a hardcore professional. You could receive unmatched returns on you investments and I highly recommend this to all.

by: chris

This is my first choice when trading binary options. works amazing and bring me decent cuts.

by: Erik

I am very much impressed with this broker. It consistently delivers me profits. Who could ask for more?

by: Alex37

Just went crazy trading with this software. Absolutely love to trade with Bloombex options.

by: Brian

I am dealing with Bloombex for more than a year and this is by far one of the most outstanding brokers. The returns are high and easiest to use for even starters.

by: Charles

This platform indeed pays what it promises. It's an outstanding one having fetched me higher yields on my investments. :)

by: Soumya

The signals associated with this broker are awesome and every time, they seek out for the best valued assets to procure you mass returns.

by: Alex

I was thrilled to use this platform. It gives me so much of flexibility :)

by: Jill09

I am attracted to this one. My ROI was 68%, which was amazing to me trading for just 5 days.

by: Lillian

Highly recommended for the starters and traders looking to invest smaller amounts. The platform is easy to understand and the customer support is worthy of appraisal.

by: TomIIu

100% risk free and outstanding profits on the investments. Brilliant experience.

by: Gary

Absolutely the best brokerage platform

by: Johan88

Is it possible to open an account from Geneva with this broker? Let me know guys please.

by: Timothy

It's great to use this platform. Incredible returns and best of all, you could earn as much as $300 as welcome bonus. I am just thrilled to be a part of it

by: Jarvis

I am a die hard fan of this brokerage platform and the returns are brilliant. I can't even have to work hard to get higher returns on the investments. The signals are strong enough to guide me to the best deals.

by: Sam3

Loved it, great software

by: Blackrose

best thing about this broker is its easy interface and strong, efficient signals that trade on the best stocks every time you trade.


Good broker. I have an account and it is pretty simple to understand.

by: GHTT666

I love their professionalism and the way with which they deal with customers. I rate is 5 out of 5.

by: Steve

With years of experience in trading, I can say that Bloombex Options has some impressive trade tools.

by: Mike

I absolutely agree @ Steve! This one is brilliant!

by: luidji


by: luidji


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