Option Rally System Review

Option Rally are a solid binary options broker with a good range of assets to choose from and decent returns on all trades. If I had one complaint to make, it would be that they don’t provide a preview of the trading platform – you have to sign up in order to see how it looks. For newer traders who are shopping around for a good trading experience, that’s likely to make them wander off to find another, more forthcoming broker. Which is a bit of a pity, really – once you get into the platform, there’s quite a bit to like. Plus, the mobile app is simple to use and provides that anywhere-trading functionality that I love.


* Good asset range.


* Decent returns.


* Mobile app.

Binary background

Operating since 2011.

Company background

Owned by Intercapital SM Ltd.


Custom web-based platform.

User Reviews

by: Sahil Shetty

In the first place, I used to think that binary options is something just not made for me as there are so many scams. My opinion was that binary options only exists to steal your money away. Apart from that so many negative reviews about these platforms made me feel worse about it. rnrnMy friend Sally has been in trade business for years and she was the one who convinced me to try trading with Option Rally Broker. She gave me facts about how good she was doing and she assisted me in my first attempt where I opened account with a minimum deposit amount. rnrnNow I am glad that I trusted her more than all the fake negative reviews over web. I don't think it is gamble or easy money but it is all amount prediction and understanding. As a beginner I am doing well but need to learn more about different stocks and assets. But the ground reality it Binary Options is no scam...

by: Santos Agueira

Option Rally worked the best for me. I tried out many platforms, but this is the one that I bow down to. It paid me well and with the trending market indicators and signals, I could really churn out some profit fellas. Fantastic one ! would rather say with a very small deposition and splendid learning opportunities with the demo account.

by: Clarke

does this one really works. I do not trust these software as they tend scam to me.

by: Matt

Not sure :( Haven't tried yet, but should I go for it?

by: Cyril

I am trading with this trader and as of now, I earned good amount of profits. the best thing about them is their signals and indicators, which gives report about the market condition and helps bidding on the best assets at the same time. It's ideal to trade at night so that you know the entire day's market report and set for it. Though, it is a personal opinion :)

by: Candice

I am trading with this platform and it is simple amazing. No complaints. Wide range of stocks and best of all, always trades with the most valuable assets. Great one

by: Michael

Great broker. Just opened an account and can't wait to see the results. Brilliant signals and the indices are superb. Looking forward to seeing amazing results :)

by: Oscar

About to receive my 6th check and as usual a great broker to receive outstanding profits. Perfect oone for me :)

by: Dylan

A true professional broker that could actually bring in recurring profits every time you trade with it. One of the best platform to trade binary options having higher consistency and outstanding returns.

by: Smith

Options Rally is just the stuff I had been looking for. Spectacular profits and streamlined signals double up my profits with such ease. Loving this and will go with it for long term.

by: Emma

Using this I became an experienced investor from a newbie.

by: Xavier

For so long, I was in search of a reliable and promising broker and seeing Option Rally, I am sure, I finally got the best option I was looking for. Amazing returns and the payouts are consistent too. I could have not found any other alternative to this amazing broker.

by: Edgar

I have been searching a reliable platform for a long time and fortunately I got this one .I have been using this broker for two weeks and I must say this is the best brokerage platform I have ever heard

by: Amanda

Options Rally is one of the primary choices when it comes to binary trading. consistent profits and brilliant range of stocks.

by: Dan123

Good brokerage platform. Have been using for 3 months, and never made any losses.

by: Chad

Fantastic returns. About to receive my third paycheck and I was surprised to see 74% RETURNS on my minimal investments.

by: Daniel

I would recommend this platform to my friends interested in trading because it is so simple to use.

by: Justin

Well, here is an amazing online binary trading platform that not just promises but also gives you great returns without incurring risks.

by: xhgfhtr5

Brilliant technology that has been channelised well to advantage of its users.

by: Schneider

Superb is the word.

by: xfgdtfyj4

A very superior quality trading experience which is actually like icing on the cake.

by: Gabriel

I look forward to clearing off my car loan in a short time using the gains I have made on this platform.

by: Jeff

Surprised to see the ease in trading!! I used to face difficulty in trading through other channels available in the market.

by: Franklin

Was amazed to see the convenience of trading using this online trading platform.

by: fdngfdrd4

This platform churns out such amazing returns.

by: fdjrdjy5

Remarkable returns. This is great!

by: fdjtrky6

Brilliant performer.

by: Michael

What superior technology!

by: rjtdtyjt5

This is nothing short of a miracle.

by: Anita

I am totally captivated by the consistent performance of this platform.

by: Owen

A brilliant platform! Its a risk free platform with the most streamlined indicators and signals

by: Joshua

Brilliant platform, especially for beginners to earn while learn.

by: Willie

Simple to use and wide array of assets or items to trade. Pretty good for the starters.

by: Tony23

I am using this for quite a long time and it is absolutely fantastic. Returns are bigger and I have been constant receiving 74% or more.

by: WIlhem

Is this really reliable? I am not sure. Please suggest anybody :(

by: Jerome

This brokerage platform is the best and the most reliable binary trading platform, in one word it is the best.

by: Chris020

Excellent broker. Nonetheless, one of the best options if you want to churn out decent profits

by: HolderBD

I have never seen such a great broker, I am very happy while dealing with this broker. :)

by: Eddie

Higher returns on investments and consistent trading efficacy rocks every time I trade. Wonderful experience using this software.

by: Garry

New to the market. Will observe some more time and then will think about the investments.

by: TerenceL

This is one of the best binary options brokerage platform.

by: Lionel2

One of the simplest brokerage platform and I highly recommend it for the starters in Binary trading.

by: Young

This broker optimizes high returns for your investments. This is really one of the best platforms I would opt to trade.

by: Justin

Not so much appealing to me. In one word, this is an average class broker having average asset range to trade.

by: Howard

Smart broker. 100% recommended for both starters and professionals. Has the best signals and indicators.

by: NathanE

Great one to trade. I am just a hardcore fan of it. Go for it guys.

by: Julian

This broker is really the best pick if you want to earn some decent cuts. The platform is fantastic and there is no complaint regarding its trading how-tos.

by: SantosF

I love it. Using for more than a month and I am sure, it is going to fetch me one of the best outcomes in binary trading.

by: Dansmith

Does this broker works really good and can I open an account from Florida?

by: Walker

If you want to make some bigger earnings, this might not be your best pick. However, it helped me earn decent profits and am happy with it.

by: Samara15

Can I use this software for free? What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

by: Kaela

Amazing broker

by: Ulises99

The trading is consistent and the profits always rolls in every time I trade. The trading signals are splendid enough to choose the best trades and hits the target spot on.

by: adalinemoney546

I was amazed to see the trading signals and the unmatched returns I had. Super cool.

by: Valeria

Really superb broker

by: Venessa88

Just started and looks fantastic. I hardly have to do anything. It does everything automatically, ending up procuring large profits for me.

by: Hallie05

This is something I am really fond of.

by: Quentin terr

great brokerage platform. :)

by: Ida49

I think this is one of the most superior binary options trading platform. Wide range of assets and the best interface to trade on.

by: fge1134

Pretty good.

by: georgina

I opened an account after they said they would help so far they only hindered

by: Nicol

Nice Brokerage Platform. :)

by: Jeff

I was searching for this kind of brokerage platform for a long time and at last I found one. :)

by: Gabriel

Awesome platform for the beginners as well as for the professionals. :)

by: Phil

Options Rally is one of the best trading platform I have visualized. :)

by: Johny

A reliable trading platform, can gives you consistent profits. :)

by: Karl

Getting fantastic returns on my investments. :)

by: Jordan

I liked the range of stocks and assets to trade on. Simply Brilliant ! :)

by: Watson

Highly recommended if you want to dig in some huge profits and that too consistently, and also good customer support. :)

by: Gerika

Last week I earned a whooping amount of 2000 bucks. :)

by: Haesel

I am earning consistent and regular profits till now, never faced any losses. Great start to my trading career. :)

by: Falcon

Earning regularly is almost becoming a habit. You can feel the confidence of investing in higher value stocks as soon as you starts earning profits. :)

by: Beric

Spectacular Binary options Trading platform. Earn in lots. :)

by: Alan

This platform is splendid enough to bring you greater returns on the investments you are making.:)

by: Lewis

Faster payment modes. I am about to receive my 4th paycheck. :)

by: Dick

100% reliable and profitable broker platform. Option Rally is the best. :)

by: shawn452

Best way to earn maximum profits.

by: skyler652

I am totally floored by the performance of this platform.

by: emilo9756

I am totally flattered with this broker.

by: gregory452

simply superb !!!!

by: Gunner120

Amazing trading system with different trade methods.

by: Paul451

I am attracted to this one. My ROI was 72%, which was amazing to me trading for just 5 days.

by: jorge abel89

This is the most astonishing Brokerage platforms I have seen. :)

by: avery0003

Nice platform for amateurs.

by: steven729

Excellent results after trying it out. However, it's better to go for smaller investments at first.

by: mark20

Superb is the word.

by: cody454

I churned out some real good profits in the last few sessions that I have done on this platform.

by: Omar555

Great returns and that too completely risk free.

by: nicholas1234

I am so much impressed.

by: harry1436

I am surely going to give this brokerage platform a brilliant 5 Star rating.

by: david198

Fabulous performance.

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