Zoom Trader System Review

About 80% - at least – of the binary options brokers that I’ve reviewed have been ‘OK middle-of-the-range’ type brokers. Zoom Trader is another. They have a good range of contract types and features. They offer some good returns that make up for the relatively lacklustre asset list. I found it irritating that I couldn’t load random pages in Firefox, but had to switch to IE. Recommended for middling-skilled traders who don’t mind using Internet Explorer.


* Decent range of stocks.

Binary background

Began operations in 2012.

Company background

Parent company is Hithcliff Ltd.



User Reviews

by: Malvy K. Shanks

Zoom Trader offers a variety of ways for trading. Service level is awesome.

by: Mathew M. Mebane

New traders can open a mini trade account with 100 USD only and all the trade features are offered. This is a welcoming feature for new traders.

by: Greg plit

the software is good and very easy to use

by: Allan

Great one. Worked with so many brokers but this one just blew my mind off, with its amazing platform, updated signals and best of all, consistent trading capability. This is a mid-range trading platform and awesome for the starters to learn trading successfully. :)

by: Arnold

works pretty good for me :)

by: Camelia

Right guys! This one is great and brilliant to work with

by: Carolina

wonderful software. the platform is easy to use and the range of assets are huge. payouts are consistent and you could really start making money from just the first week itself.

by: Brown

Excellent broker. Nonetheless, one of the best options if you want to churn out decent profits

by: Emanuel

I am so impressed with this broker and this week, I am going to receive my fifth check. Really love this

by: Kevon

The best thing I liked about this broker is its diversified range of assets. The payouts are awesome and they are pretty regular

by: Barry

Love this broker. Not a single problem I had with this. the asset range is superb and you just hit the bull's eye everytime you trade with the amazing signals.

by: Shawn

Spectacular broker and I simply admire it every time. No fake promises. It offers fantastic returns and does trading with minimum or no risk.

by: Carlita

It was easy trading on this platform and the best trading signals always helps me trade with the best assets and stocks. Returns are amazing and even, I was offered extra benefits to b

by: Carlson

Trading with this for long period of 6-7 weeks and my current ROI is a brilliant 58%. It’s still rising more.

by: Ian B

A perfect kit to start the binary options trading. I am speechless about it’s efficacy. I am a regular user of this broker and I could easily turn around 68% returns on my investments every week.

by: Caleb

I have never seen such a great broker, I am very happy while dealing with this broker. :)

by: Ivan

One of the best platforms I have traded with. Lots of assets and simply the best to trade because of it's spectacular signals that always seeks out for the best assets to trade.

by: Darrell

Pretty amazing to see this broker working so efficiently. using for a couple of months or more, I am really impressed with the returns on my investments. No scam and 100% reliable.

by: Colby

GREAT broker

by: Chris

Awesome platform, but a little complicated. However the profits are rolling in for me

by: BinaryCampaign

Have been trading with this broker for long 6 months and I never have been disappointed with the returns and consistent trading with high profits.

by: Phillander

Too much reliable brokerage platform. :)

by: Albie

Good broker. I have an account and it is pretty simple to understand.

by: Balbirnie

Can I open an account with this broker from Ireland?

by: Nicky

Worthwhile trading binary options with this broker. Great!

by: Mark2989

I thought of giving it a shot initially and when I started trading with this, I was stunned to see the amazing working principal of the platform. Great!

by: Kyle

I started trading with this broker and I found it really helpful in fetching good profits. Highly consistent.

by: Williamson

This is the best broker, I had no problem while dealing with this brokerage platform. :)

by: Binarycash

Brilliant software!! Simply outstanding.

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