Power Option System Review

Power Option offer low minimum deposit and a relatively low - $10 – minimum trade. The scripts on their website can get a little irritating on a slow connection, and I’m not sure the site would cope well with a sudden influx of traffic. However, the mobile app looks like it would circumvent these problems. Recommended for mid-range traders who aren’t in the US and don’t mind not having much choice in trading options.


* Mobile app.

Binary background

Operating since 2012.

Company background

Trading name of Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd.

User Reviews

by: graham

This one was my favorite. They pay well and with wide array of stocks, you can easily go for some good profits.

by: Maxwell

Simply not good. Looks more of a scam and below standard to me :(

by: Turner

No such info available over the net. Anyone with idea how it works?

by: Chandler

Am not sure about this. Anyone with an idea?

by: Amanda

This is a very good binary broker that is sure to deliver you the best of binary trading. The platform is easy to use and the signals are advanced enough to place your bids on the most valuable assets. It's damn consistent. The payouts are brilliant too

by: Felix

This is one of the most reliable and professional brokers in the market. diversified range of assets, awesome free trading signals and indicators will not just help you to trade smart, but also helps you in being a smart investor and trader.

by: Kody

I traded with this broker and this one is amazing. Versatile and wide asset range and consistent trading capability is a great aspect for the traders to roll in constant profits.

by: Noah

This is an interesting platform and love trading on it. Higher profits and consistent trading capacity. Anyways, the wide assets range help me trade smartly.

by: Tweety

I recommend them to all professionals and starters 100%

by: Louis

I have been doing business with this platform for over a couple of months and I have incurred pretty good returns on my investments. The indices and signals follow a unique algorithm to search out for the best trades and conducts them daily. With upto 20 trades or so daily you can easily look for a profit amount of at least $1200 every week, considering every trade may not be successful.

by: Harrison

Does this brokerage platform really works great ? I have doubt.

by: Roberto

I have been using this broker for a long time and so far the results are great.

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