EZ Trader System Review

On a 3G internet connection, this trading platform takes forever to load. Once it’s loaded, it still seems twitchy. While EZ Trader have a good range of assets to trade and offer accounts in five currencies, I found their platform anything but easy. An old codger like me doesn’t need the high blood pressure that it inspired. Recommended for: nobody.


* Wide range of currencies to hold an account in.


* Decent selection of assets.

Binary background

Operating since 2009.

Company background

Trading name of WGM Services Ltd.


Custom web-based platform.

User Reviews

by: Ken Sally

Some reviews on other web sources said that customers were finding it difficult to get their money back. I have been trading with them for last 3 months, never faced this problem. Easy withdrawal

by: Jones

Payouts are reasonable and the system is simple to deal in trade.Overall not too bad.

by: David Boehm

Offers basic features only however this is the simplest trading platform that I have came across.

by: John Deffell

Unlike other brokers they don't offer demo account so I feared on investing with an actual account. But it went well and they came out to be reliable ones.

by: Kevin

i m little bit confused of its user interface

by: samuel

works really good. :)rn

by: Shauna

Ez Trader worked fine for me. I churned out some profits and they seem to be quite decent. Overall Pretty simple and good.

by: Mikey

Yep guys! This software is pretty simple to use and offers some decent amounts. :)

by: Bianca Dawes

I am no expert trader but I am trading like an expert with EZ.

by: samuel

I am enjoying trading with this broker. Although, I did not make quick bucks or huge profits, but the payouts are decent and consistent, so I love to go for it every time. :)

by: Shaun

Didi not like it at all :( Too much boring and did not make profits :(

by: Alex

I am trading with this but I can't agree with you Smith. This works brilliant for me and every week without any such effort, I easily churn out some quick hundreds bucks. I like its assets range and the most updated signals and indicators

by: Mckinson

Not sure, want to know more on this software. Pplease let me know more

by: Dixy

Does not looks so much appealing to me :( I would better opt for Banc De Binary or Cedar Finance

by: Solomon

Average quality, but not bad.

by: Gavin

I am using this for three weeks or so, and I found it pretty good. I received my first check and that wasn't bad. Made $1100 with a very little effort. I am thinking to invest more

by: Jared

I do not like this broker. Did not earn appreciating profits and just traded for only a couple of weeks, suffering loss :(

by: Alton

I am interested to invest on this broker, but not sure if it's really worth it. I want to know more please

by: Bob

I am a bit skeptical about this broker. Is the immense hype about this software true?

by: Joseph

Great broker :)

by: Guus

EZTrader is a scam broker. They take to much pips. And the min trade amount is 25. Only a few assets...Scam Scam and scam....I lost all my money...

by: Alex

EZ trader simply deserves a great round of applause. Super consistent trading and is comparatively less riskier.

by: Jose

I just created an account with this broker couple of months ago and so far, this broker looks promising.

by: Joseph

Great binary broker. Offers a massive variety of assets and advanced powerful indicators which is outstanding and useful.

by: Adrian

Too much reliable software and relatively much more lucrative than any brokerage platforms in the market.

by: Ace22

I am trading with this broker for long 6 months and I never have been disappointed with the returns and consistent trading with high profits.

by: Jones

The minimum withdrawal amount is too much for me. Why don't they bar the limit on the withdrawal. It would make it more reliable.

by: Brian

I am very pleased to share that I have received by 2nd check today and am running a profit of a whopping $900 this week.

by: BDUUDB29

Using this I became an experienced investor from a newbie.

by: Doran

I am thinking about opening an account with this broker this week and hope the results would be good.

by: Chester L

One of the best binary options trading platform. Consistent and the returns are high. I always liked it and am enjoying trading with it.

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