Lionive System Review

With its low minimum and maximum trade sizes, Lionive is ideal for new traders. The interface is simple, it doesn’t rely on your knowledge of exchange opening hours, and the details of each trade are made clear as you select it. It’s too simple and limited for my liking, but the returns and out-of-the-money rebates are generous. I recommend it for newbies looking to get their feet wet.


*Low minimum trade.

Binary background

Have just merged with PowerOption.

Company background

Owned by Pedrosa Financial Inc.



User Reviews

by: Chris Louis

I am a novice trader and lacks technical knowledge. I found it simple and easy to use system. I got 80% of my investment back so satisfied.

by: Marry

it is simple and very easy and this point make the software best

by: Shane

I have used it i am too much satisfied with it. It gets updated too quickly and the indicators of stock are very easy too understand

by: Roger

I like this simple trading platform. Easy to use and offers decent profits. So far worked good for me.

by: Amos

brilliant and mindblowing

by: Neal

If you are interested in trading on a simple platform and versatile one, this is definitely the most imperative. Wide range of assets help me earn a lot of profits and I could select the ones on which I want to trade.

by: Chris

the platform is simple and as a newbie I enjoyed trading on it. With minimal investments, you could earn higher returns. Amazing

by: Conall

Invested a week before and now about to receive my first check. SO far was good. Let's see how it goes

by: Lukas

I am earning good money through this. Consistent payouts could be included as an extra advantage to this broker.

by: Brent

Not sure, looking for more information on this. Highly recommended for the starters.

by: Eric

I am a starter in this binary options trade and the help I received from the support staff of this broker is awesome. They helped me in all aspects and the platform is super easy and consistent in performing the best binary trading. I somehow make a regular profit of at least $720 every week.

by: Dona

I am attracted to this one. My ROI was 80%, which was amazing to me trading for just 5 days.

by: Jeff

Great to hear about such a broker. I was searching for some reliable broker who could trade for me and turn me in some profits. Looks like I got one :) Thanks guys for sharing your opinions and information.

by: Trevor

Highly recommended for the starters and traders looking to invest smaller amounts. The platform is easy to understand and the customer support is worthy of appraisal.

by: Joseph

I am surely going to give this brokerage platform a brilliant 5 Star rating. Unless, you try it, you are not gonna believe this brokers works so awesome.

by: Connor

The returns of the investment through this broker are not havoc but the returns are decent.

by: Robert

The returns to the investment are very good. The returns vary within 68% to 71%.

by: Ajay

Is it possible to open a strafe from India

by: Ranjit

Yes certainly. :)

by: Gavin

100% risk free and outstanding profits on the investments. Brilliant experience.

by: Wilson

Yep, I totally agree to you Trevor. This platform is amazing to reap out profits and one of the best ones for starters in the trade.

by: Brett

The platform is super-friendly to the users and inspite of being a novice, I started trading like an expert.

by: Paulie

Dealing with this platform is absolutely easy and you can earn loads of profits in just a little time. Great in working and the signals are brilliant every time, I trade. With several trades daily, I just rock the trade.

by: Paulie

Have been trading with this and the signals are brilliant when trading. They always hit the target and the profits just starts creeping up. Great brokerage platform.

by: Marko

Can I open an account with this broker from Spain?

by: Marko

Can I open an account with this broker from Spain?

by: Alvis

I can trade online anytime from anywhere without having to bother myself with carrying my bulky laptop with me wherever I go.rn


This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your comfort.rn

by: Murfey

If you are wanting to make some extra money with least trouble, then this is the right choice for you. rn


I found this platform to be promising as I have got consistent benefits trading with it.rn

by: Nick

The deposit needed to trade with this broker is much less when compared to its other peers. This makes it a convenient pocket friendly broker for me.rn


It would have irked me to find a good broker but no more, because my trading partner is with me at all times.rn

by: Jaqline

This platform is synonymous with convenience and ease. rn

by: Justeen

This is the best choice if you are looking to make some extra income from within the comfort of your home.rn

by: Marcus

I was initially hesitant to open a trading account and was not too impressed with the reviews that this platform got. However, when I saw my colleague makining money, I had to believe it. And here I am, writing positive reviews about this broker!!rn


The entire experience of trading through this platform is unique.rn

by: Samson

This is such a brilliant platform that I would recommend it to all who want to earn some extra bucks.rn

by: dguegdeiud

Consistent trading and good returns are the most striking features of this online platform. rn

by: eudgqeudie

Nice platform for amateurs. 100% riskfree and safern

by: Sylvin22

Awesome platform, but a little complicated. However the profits are consistently rolling in for me

by: Randall

Fantastic experience. Going to invest more $2000 this week. Already received massive payout returns of $3300 this week. Such a high-time broker

by: Willard

This is one of the best trading platform with clever signals. Consistently catches up new profitable trades.

by: Peter

Great, very much helpful to me as I am not a professional investor.

by: Collins

I am still somehow skeptical about this software. Does it really works good?

by: Smarty

Higher returns on investments. But, the platform was a bit complicated, especially it might be complicated for the starters.

by: George

The payout is consistent and I love the incredible signals that hit the target brilliantly.


One of the most astonishing brokers. The platform is perfect for both professionals and starters and I am earning consistent profits with it.

by: Mark

Good support from the customer service team. Totally impresses by their commitment levels and hoping to trade more with them.

by: Alexander

Great broker. Just opened an account and can't wait to see the results. Brilliant signals and the indices are superb. Looking forward to seeing amazing results :)

by: Nathan

I am so much impressed with this broker platform. The platform is easy to use and rolls in consistent profits.

by: Wilham

I really appreciate this platform for helping me to learn binary trading and fetching profits. Thanks a lot!

by: Bobby44

Great broker. Just opened an account and can't wait to see the results. Brilliant signals and the indices are superb. Looking forward to seeing amazing results :)

by: Donald

Can I open an account with this broker from Geneva?

by: Robert

Does this one really works. I do not trust these platforms as they tend scam to me.

by: Tony99

Good brokerage platform. Have been using for 3 months, and never made any losses.

by: Dickson

Can I open an account with this broker for free?

by: Devon

I just opened an account with this broker. It seems easy to me and especially for a starter like me, it's easy to understand everything.

by: BGTH

Good support from customer care and amazing payouts. Enjoying trading with this broker.

by: J99YHT

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen. Consistent signals that selects only the best trades and a wide array of stocks and indices helps me always run at profits.

by: ibve78

85% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my second paycheck.

by: jammy689

with the help of this software, finally I am able to earn something big every month.

by: katherine213

I opened an account with this broker 3 weeks ago and the results are truly splendid. I would highly recommend this broker to every starters and professionals.

by: noddy525

I am very much impressed, it helps to earn 2000$ per week

by: stone59

If you are looking for some fun while trading, this is the place where it is.

by: richardo34

This is the best binary trading platform to have consistent profits.

by: piuke52

I churned out some real good profits in the last few sessions that I have done on this platform.

by: ferric88

Great brokerage platform ! Loved it . :)

by: steve43

It is 100% legitimate and easy enough for the novice traders to roll in profits.

by: David60

The trading signals of this broker is great. It helps me to get up to date about the market conditions.

by: haris white

Amazing platform to trade binary options. Highly recommended.

by: linda4

This is a great binary trading platform for the professionals as well as newbie.

by: Sandra

It can't get easier than this. Simply outstanding.rn

by: Sharon Dorathy

Cheers Lionive ! Best broker.

by: william moore

Absolutely superb. Exceptional, I must say.

by: garcia martinez

Nice platform. Just opened an account.

by: marry

I have recommended this platform to a couple of my friends who now feel gratified towards me!!

by: robinsontraders

I am impressed with the reviews of this brokerage platform. Can I open an account from Peru.

by: Wright85

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns up to 71%.

by: walker young

Truly an outstanding platform.

by: Adam Green

100% lucrative and reliable broker.

by: Eavn0708

The most amazing thing is that I have never faced loss on investment and the credit goes to this broker.

by: George Paul

Great platform and tremendous ease and convenience of trading.

by: Allen

A totally reliable software that you can totally trust. The convenience of trading will surprise you.

by: Lisa Karen

I am starting an account this week. My friend has been dealing with this broker and his outcomes were great!

by: arianafaith45

Really its a great one, I have earned 2500 bucks in one week

by: Thomas47

An amazing platform to trade binary options and consistent payouts.

by: ayden102

I traded with it. although did not make huge bucks, but made some decent cuts.

by: justin41

Good broker. Brilliant platform and I really squeezed out greater profits.

by: conor136

A brilliant software! its a risk free platform with the most streamlined indicators and signals

by: jason74

This platform is very convenient to trade.

by: kevin47

I am thinking about opening an account with this broker this week.

by: jaxon4123

This is very secured platform.

by: adam45

This is a mid-variance platform but not scam. splendid for the starters :)

by: Tristan45

Brilliant platform, especially for beginners to learn while earn.

by: alex3978

Best binary options broker. Unmatched trading experience with massive range of assets,

by: aidan7899

Profits are rolling in, but I found it a little hard to cope up with this platform. Anyways, better luck next time

by: kalebidle78

Fantastic payouts are being generated. The best part is very simple and easy.

by: jonah203

Amazing program. Totally risk free and convenient to use.

by: lincoln444

Finally I got the most reliable and smart broker for binary options.

by: Roman852

Regular and consistent profit on my investments made over here. Lionive is amazing . :)

by: johnson45

This platform looked somewhat confusing to me. Am thinking about learning it more and then go for the trading.

by: Arturo503

Well-established and intuitive trading platform.

by: alijah856

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns upto 71%.

by: Ricky

What a brilliant platform this is. I am loving trading only because of this.

by: kasen45

Miracles do happen, I believe so.

by: Conan520

great platform. :)

by: marvin120

Great software for binary trading. :)

by: sam85

It's totally risk free platform for traders.

by: Wade6520

The best feature of this platform, that in fact appealed to me most, is that trading can be done online without downloading the application.

by: Rapheal83

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker.

by: daxton3210

I am absolutely elated after using this platform because I am feeling so victorious after making amazing profits here :)

by: Ellie652

Undoubtedly, one of the best brokerage platforms.

by: Harley320

Awesome .... nice exp

by: jon63

Too good. I am totally loving it.

by: Jefferson520

This is the best binary trading platform to have consistent profits.

by: Amir120

I earn $2000 per week

by: Fredrick

I am too much interested in opening an account.

by: Elyse523

Well-established and intuitive trading platform

by: Cullen

Simply out of the world :)

by: Keyson564

Nice broker. :)

by: Morris3145

If you want some excitement while trading, you've come to the right place.

by: kiren125

This platform looked somewhat confusing to me.

by: nathenail54

I am planning to open an account this week with this platform. Hope it will be a god decision.

by: kaylan5423

Just sit back and watch the profits coming in.

by: Levis4120

The trading signals are so efficient and they are amazingly proficient in fetching me the best deals.

by: mathian120

Risk free trading experience.

by: eden

High and quicker payouts. :)

by: Makyla10

Wonderful software.

by: alain69

Good selection of options to make trading easier. :)

by: Mathew520

The signals are very accurate. :)

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