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Banc de Binary Broker Review

Banc de Binary is probably my primary go-to binary options broker. They’re very professional, they run a tight ship, and they don’t have that slight air of dodginess that permeates some of the other broker sites. They offer a good range of stocks, forex pairs, commodities, and indices. Their customer support has been good whenever I’ve dealt with them. They’re ideal for new traders, since their minimum trade on some option contracts is only $1.I have to pause for a second and sing the praises of Banc de Binary’s mobile app. It’s available for both Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets. In this day and age, when even an old codger like me wants to be connected 24/7, it can be hell to be away from one’s trading platforms for hours at a time. Trying to access a trading site via the browser on a mobile phone is an exercise almost guaranteed to cause high blood pressure.


* Some of the highest returns I’ve seen from a binary options broker.


* Very low minimum trade!


* Great Mobile app!

Binary background


Company background

ET Binary Options Ltd., BO Systems, Ltd., and BDB Services, Ltd. collectively do business as “Banc de Binary". Founded by Oren Shabat Laurent, from Tel Aviv.


Customised SpotOption

User Reviews

by: Rubaab

I completely agree with your review about Banc de Binary. The only point where I may disagree is that I haven't had good experiences with the support team of this broker. My account manager is helpful and welcoming but I can not say same thing about others in his team.Overall the platform is surely amazing.

by: Jeff

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects that each customer would like to know before joining a system is the list of assets (options for trade) offered. Apart from that second most important thing is the speed with which you can trade.rnrnIf these are your areas of interests too, then Banc de Binary is a perfect match for both of us. I have already tried and tested it. I made good money and you can too.

by: Ben

One of the best automated and simple to use binary options software that not only provides you excellent profit making opportunities but improve your market information too.

by: mike

works fine i trade it with legal insider bot so far so good!

by: Chris M.

Some bad reviews really confused me but I am satisfied with my account with them. No money is easy so some efforts are required.

by: Mike

Great automatic trading system!

by: Richard

Reviews suggested that it is a scam but using it and it is not!

by: Nilli

At first glance my opinion about them was a scam trading but as I searched for details it turned out to be a genuine one.

by: Rachel

Good software. Proved Amazing to me:)

by: Wilson

Some people claim that they are having trouble with services of Banc de binary however in my opinion they have a different and effective trading system.

by: Michael

Reliable system with good customer service.

by: brendon

its an amazing software, helped me a lot in earning a lot of money from binary trading

by: michael

the platform is very much user friendly, loved it :)

by: petter

banc de binary is a great software for both professional and newbies as it comes with cool and easy user interface

by: Hunter Schleinitz

Well-designed and fun to use software for trade.

by: Michael C. Kuykendall

I live their professionalism and the way with which they deal with customers.

by: Robert A. Cottrell

Banc de binary has all the tools to make trading easy. Large range of assets with different expiry times.

by: Stephen Cash

With years of experience in trading, I can say that banc de binary has some impressive trade tools.

by: Karen Keith

This platform has made trade really easy. Talented people and great customer service is what you can expect from them.

by: George

Band De Binary needs no introduction. Guys its amazing and one of the best binary options brokers out in the market. Consistent trading, wide array of assets, maximum returns, what can I say more? This is the one you should go for.

by: Nicholas

One of the most proficient brokers in binary trading. Excellent :)

by: Arabella

One of the most versatile and outstanding trading platform. Works great and the returns are amazing. Had not faced a single issue with this amazing platform.

by: Ethan

Banc De Binary is one of the best and reliable brokers out in the market with an assurance of higher returns against the investments. The platform is simple and consistent in carrying out smarter trading. Best of all, effective signals and indicators along with a wide array of assets to choose makes it an inevitable platform to trade binary options trading.

by: Xavier

Unmatched high returns on investments and very low trading amount needed. This is a great platform for the starters. You could also use the demo platform first to have an idea. Brilliant :)

by: Jacob

Apparently, this is one of the most impressive binary options trading broker. Simply unbelievable platform to trade and the returns on investments are amazing. Payouts are good enough to outclass other competitors in the market.

by: Caroll

These comments are splendid enough to compel me to invest and try it once. Really good to see such a promising broker in this crisis market.

by: Ethan

good broker, :)

by: Williamson

I am doing business with this broker for a long span of more than 5months and as of now, I am extremely satisfied with the results. The signals are amazing and the platform is brilliant for booth newbie and professionals.

by: Nathan

Can I open an account from Portugal? Please let me know the information.

by: Johnson

Yes, you can definitely open an account from anywhere. Once you start trading with this broker, you would be amazed with its efficient platform and spectacular returns.

by: Rachel

I started investing on this brokerage platform one week ago and the results were very impressive.

by: Susan

I love trading with this broker. The returns are just fantastic and you hardly have to go through any risks.

by: Anil

I am surely going to give this broker A+++ rating. Although I was a starter, but this platform had me trade like an expert.

by: Christian

The mobile app of this broker is very convenient

by: Janet

Good Broker. Mind-blowing profits.

by: Jeremiah

I am amazed, I didn't imagine that I will so much profits. Best Binary brokerage platform I have ever seen.

by: Stuart

Banc de binary is one of the most trusted binary option brokers and I am amazed to see its efficient signals creeping up my profits so fast. Great!

by: Hippo241df

I am bound to give 5 star rating to this broker. 100% legitimate and consistent profits. Most of all, the license and immaculate trading signals always help me play with grand profits.

by: Bubbledee

Brilliant and consistent trading. That's what everyone likes to see when trading binary options.

by: Keren

Guys, you need not be skeptical about this. I have been trading with them for almost 2 months now and they are really one of the most genuine in the market.

by: Michelle

Profits are increasing with every passing day. Currently, my returns for this week are 81% and it's rising higher

by: Cathy

Absolutely fabulous. I could not have asked for anything more.

by: Miguel

This platform has a splendid reputation in fetching in profits and it worked much good for me too.

by: hgjgjhg767

This is a fantastic platform to trade and the returns on your investments are super cool.

by: khgfd455

eBooks and video tutorials loaded on their website provide good trade knowledge.

by: wefer54

Plus point is that you do not need any technical knowledge to trade with this platform.

by: Mickey

i am loving trading with this platform. amazing and its classic. It gives me the opportunity to score more and profits are constantly rolling in my account

by: Mickey

i am loving trading using this software. amazing and classic. It gives me the opportunity to score more and profits are constantly rolling in my account

by: Ethan

Churning out more than 70-80% returns on the investments was not at all a difficult thing for me even as a first timer. Great Broker.

by: James

I was really surprised to see that the free trading signals and indicators helped me so much that within just a fortnight, I started trading like a professional.

by: Franklin

This is probably one of the best brokerage platforms I have seen.

by: Daisy

Excellent results after trying it out for the first time. However, it's better to go for smaller investments initially.

by: fkfhdhrtsd

The trading signals are so efficient and they are amazingly proficient in fetching me the best returns.

by: Rex

Simple amazing! Not a single complaint.

by: fdngfdrd4

Great to hear about this broker. I was searching for some reliable broker who could trade for me and turn in some profits. Looks like I got one

by: Roland

Unless, you try it, you are not going to believe this broker works so awesome.

by: fdjrdjy5

100% risk free and outstanding profits on the investments. Brilliant experience.

by: gfdjgf5

Thanks guys for sharing your opinions and information. It has been very helpful indeed.

by: hdfjhj4

I am a starter in this binary options trade and the help I received from the support staff of this broker is awesome.

by: Brady

I am able to make a regular profit of at least $720 every week.

by: fgdtyk6

I am surely going to give this brokerage platform a brilliant 5 Star rating.

by: Jessie

This platform is amazing to reap out profits and one of the best ones for beginners in the trade.

by: rdyygk

The platform is super friendly to the users and inspite of being a novice, I started trading like an expert.

by: ddshfj5

Have been trading with this and the signals are brilliant when trading. They always hit the target and the profits just start building up.

by: Danny

Dealing with this platform is absolutely easy and you can earn loads of profits in a small time.

by: fdjtrky6

Great in working and the signals are brilliant every time, I trade. With several trades daily, I just rock it.

by: Michael

This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your comfort

by: xfgdkkg6

found this platform to be promising as I have got consistent benefits trading with it

by: rjtdtyjt5

I was initially hesitant to open a trading account and was not too impressed with the reviews that this platform got. However, when I saw my colleague making money, I could not help but believe it.

by: Anita

I found this platform to be really promising as I have got consistent benefits trading with it

by: sheshrt5

This platform is another name for convenience and ease

by: ftdr43

This is such a brilliant platform that I would recommend it to all who want to earn some extra money.

by: Kirsten

The deposit needed to trade with this broker is much less when compared to its other peers.

by: dhtfdkkk3

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker. 100% legitimate and you could win as much as you want every week.

by: hgdktk5

pretty good to me and I liked working on the platform. gives you a myriad of assets to choose and payouts are pretty impressive.

by: Garry

The signals are amazing and helps you trade on the best assets.

by: fghfjtd45

Opened an account with this broker too last week and as of now, the earnings as decent, but not what I was expecting. Let's see what happens this week

by: sjtkuy3

This is a great binary trading platform for the professionals as well as newbies

by: Custom474

Higher returns on the investments and consistent winning trades is what you get when you trade with this software. Such a good one. Also, it has an amazing educational system too to iterate you all the aspects of the trading.

by: Manuel F. Mira

Coupler days ago i made a deposit of $250. dollares til know i dont have same request and same information about my account and my profit plesae tell me same think aboutManuel F Mirabest regard thankyou

by: Mason

By using this i can earn 2000 bucks per week. :)

by: Eugine

I commenced trading a month back on this platform and am truly loving it.

by: vivan

Does this broker really works that good?

by: Brabdon

Not sure about this one. How much ROI has it got?

by: Henry

Is it possible to open a strafe from India

by: stevenson

This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your comfort.rn

by: stefeny

This platform is synonymous with convenience and ease.

by: marcus

Higher returns on the investments and am about to receive my 3rd check. I appreciate this platform.

by: paul

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: Daniel

Nice platform for amateurs. 100% risk free and safe run

by: Shawn Johnson

Great brokerage platform. :)

by: MIchael

I am receiving my third check, I am too much excited as I have earned more than I have invested.

by: Clark

Cover wide range of assets and commodities and you can trade with them in multiple ways.

by: jkeon8895

Opened an account and so far had no turbulence. just a bit complicated for me.

by: Trade007

Does this broker offers high returns? I am interested to know.

by: kkk255

Great one to trade. I am just a hardcore fan of it. Go for it guys.

by: uber8

There is nothing to say rather than great and awesome.

by: Russel

Absolutely the best brokerage platform

by: Laura`

works great :

by: John Mile

Good one to have some recurring profits.

by: Stuart

Awesome !!!

by: Frerick

I am impressed with the reviews of this brokerage platform. Can I open an account from New Jersey ?

by: Hefner87

I do not think this platform is suitable to the starters. Looks like a scam to me unfortunately.

by: Luke

great brokerage platform.

by: Jerrico

Perfect for the starters

by: Alex

Really a great software

by: Harry

I use this trader and it gave me a lot of profits. I am very much interested to invest more. Brilliant trading capacity and advanced binary options trading system.

by: Yong Ching

Can I open an account from China ?

by: Amiley

Amazing broker

by: kile

Amazing brokerage platform.

by: Jukka

Just started and opened account in banc de Binary. How do I get trading signals. Is there a software, and which on to use? The site does not have any instructions/recommendations?

by: jacob1235

It is so much reliable that when I invest I don't have to think twice.

by: ubertraders099

I just wanna give 5 star rating to this broker.

by: maggie50

Great broker. I absolutely love this.

by: daniel80

I am totally floored by the performance of this platform.

by: christian Leop

Making great profits. Awesome broker. Simply the best of all!

by: doanld123

Spectacular Binary options Trading platform.

by: rudolp60

Works the best, especially for the starters.

by: bdiud47

Does this broker offers high returns?

by: franchis120

I got my 2nd check. Too much excited . :)

by: emaline80

Best brokerage platform, that I have ever traded with.

by: dani11

who is the best broker to work with, if you are base in the states?

by: dani11

who is the best broker to work with, if you are base in the states?

by: oaxolztnfs

kVCDRZ rxxmiantbznf, [url=]ltetohzkoeyl[/url], [link=]olcuafyvsqoj[/link],

by: John

Gives you nice returns on your investments. :)

by: Garrick

Good brokerage platform. :)

by: Kim

It's suits well for the novices as well as for the professional traders. :)

by: Carlos

I am thinking about increasing my investments. :)

by: Barret

100% reliable and safe. :)

by: Malcolm

It offers the best services among the other binary trading broking websites that are available online. :)

by: Ashley

No risk of facing losses, experts views available on your investments. :)

by: Kedric

Banc De Binary offers you the best services among all the brokerage platforms i have seen. :)

by: Gabriel

I am using this platform for last one year, Expecting higher amount of profits than the last time. :)

by: Cindy

It's enough to support my care free lifestyle, nice platform for traders. :)

by: Fleming

This is a smart software which can predict the market conditions accurately. :)

by: Barret

This platform is providing profits at will, never faced any losses. :)

by: Victor

Amazing broker. Exceeded my expectations. :)

by: Jack

Decent profits and mostly risk free. Really loving it. :)

by: Hartley

The mobile app is very useful to keep the investors in constant touch with the broker, and for proving you with knowledge about the trading environment without wasting out any time. :)

by: James60

Very genuine trading platform.

by: Calvin23

Is this really that much profitable?

by: Kevin90

100% reliable and profitable broker platform.

by: Martin leslie89

Offers a massive variety of assets and advanced powerful indicators which is outstanding and useful.

by: elliot56

Too much reliable brokerage platform. :)

by: johnathan45

This is perfect.

by: Hector2320

Brilliant platform! Simply outstanding.

by: dalton280

Made 100 USD in 1 hour only.

by: brendon8520

Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: erik888

I am earning like a professional trader. :)

by: Watson888

Love trading with this.

by: Ianston747

Exceptionally brilliant platform.

by: henrique45

It has been three years I am dealing with this broker and so far it has been an amazing experience.

by: Emanuel89

I earned 2000 bucks in last 7 days. :)

by: Paul78

Tried this out, but was not so much satisfied.

by: javier45

Brilliant software!! Simply outstanding.

by: Alexio50

I have booked unprecedented gans using this software. Can't thank enough

by: Fabian32

Giving me enough financial support to help my new business, Great Platform for binary traders.

by: Philip985

Pretty good. High returns and consistent signals to provide the best of trading.

by: Grady20

Using this I became an experienced investor from a newbie.

by: August56

User friendly trading environment. :)

by: marcos3323

Making great profits. Awesome broker. Simply the best of all!

by: dasond8green

100% risk free and safe. Runnn :)

by: paolo898

Lovely performance of this website.

by: Walker89

Totally reliable trading platform for all groups and types of traders. :)

by: Steve147

I have just started using this platform

by: Steven32

This is a great brokerage platform.

by: Madison44

Want to make money .. I say use Banc De Binary

by: William320

Love trading with this.

by: Ava452

100% safe and lucrative

by: Ruben12356


by: Waylam452

Offers a variety of assets and advanced indicators which is outstanding and useful.

by: Brayklem78852

Lovely performance of this website.

by: Milo7710

Amazing platform.

by: Finley

Using this I became an experienced investor from a newbie.

by: marcus45203

They are offering good payout ratios.

by: Henry458

This platform has opened new vistas of trading.

by: Nathan578

Truly a win win situation to trade, earned profits regularly.:)

by: Janathan5878

Gives awesome returns.

by: Dylan7

Recommended to starters.

by: evanisac477

Banc de Binary is the best platform in today's binary market. :)

by: Luke858

Trading has never been easy until the introduction of Banc De Binary .It's amazing.

by: Caleb650

Nice platform for amateurs. 100% risk free and safe. :)

by: Aoron47

This is the best choice if you are looking to make some extra income.

by: Jullian47

The returns on the investments are very consistent and regular. :)

by: Nicolas1458

By using this I can earn 1600 bucks per week. :)

by: Gavin400

Impeccable brokerage platform.

by: Antonio589

Faster payouts, consistent profits. :)

by: MAx20369

Good selection of options to make trading easier. :)

by: Jaden654

Never faced any losses since I started trading. :)

by: Richard520

Earning profits consistently. :)

by: Kayden369

The platform is very easy compared to most other brokers. Helpful for professionals.

by: Lambard980

Well developed platform. This is brilliant!!

by: Miguel630

Great software to help you to take your investing decisions accurately. :)

by: Timothy6345

I am thinking of increasing my investments. :)

by: Steven4560

Risk free trading experience.

by: clark

Love trading with this.

by: ajay malik

Excellent results after trying it out for the first time. However, it's better to go for smaller investments initially.

by: john

100% risk free.....

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