Stock Pair System Review

Stock Pair isn’t the binary options broker for the high-flyers, what with their $500 minimum trade. They’re a bit of a niche broker, I think, what with their emphasis on pairs option contracts. They do have a good range of stock binary options, and I like that they make it clear which exchanges specific stocks come from, but on the whole I wouldn’t recommend them for new traders. It’s too difficult to find information on the site, and what information I can find reads like it was written by a passerby for $5 and a beer.


* Wide selection of stock options.

Binary background

StockPair has been operating since 2011.

Company background

Owned by NexTrade Worldwide Ltd, Cyprus.


Custom web platform.

User Reviews

by: Jacob

This broker enables you to measure trade value of two stocks at a time. It may not be very user-friendly and is a little bit complicated to use but overall it gives you good results so it is worth making some efforts.

by: Sebas

StockPair has offered complete support always and I have had no problem dealing with them. This kind of trading suits me where I can easily compare two financial assets at the same time. Really like the stock Forex combination offered by this broker.

by: Aron

the response of this software's customer support is great and very helpful, loved it :)

by: Lilian McGregor

In the beginning when I started payouts were not so quick but now they are quite fast.

by: Brood

100% welcome bonus. Guys this software seems to be awesome. Does anyone has an idea how it works?

by: Sandy

If you want to make some bigger earnings, this might not be your best pick. However, it helped me earn decent profits and am happy with it.

by: Orton

One of the best I had seen. Although it does not provide massive payouts but offers decent cuts to have you a fruitful trading experience. :)

by: Randy

Great broker. Offers higher returns on investments and a minimal deposition. Awesome range of assets to trade. Great Great!

by: Kelvin

This is good one but unfortunately, I never could make handsome profits. However, payouts are decent

by: Duncan

Awesome Broker. I love it. The payouts are brilliant and you can trade on a wide variety of assets

by: Argo

Consistent and simple platform. The software hits the best items bringing out some juicy profits

by: WIlliam

Great binary options platform. Unmatched asset range and outstanding as well as consistent payouts. This rocks

by: Darrell

brilliant and awesome. I never felt any issues with this one. Wide range of assets are offered including gold, oil and you can just trade on anything. Consistent payouts and never requires hard labor to reap out profits.

by: Randy

Higher returns on investments and consistent trading efficacy rocks every time I trade. Wonderful experience using this software.

by: Trenton

Not really liked it. Am a bit skeptical about this

by: Calvin

There is nothing to be skeptical about this broker. It is a licensed broker and totally reliable. You could enjoy worthy returns and best of all, the minimum withdrawal slab is absolutely low, $20.

by: Marlon

The trading is a bit consistent and you could tally a couple of stocks simultaneously, however, the platform is a bit complicated to trade, especially for the starters.

by: Moneylover

Worthy platform for starters. 100% risk free and profits guaranteed.

by: darel


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