Redwood Options System Review

I’d been meaning to check out Redwood Options for a fair while, having heard them mentioned here and there in trading circles. So when I decided to start reviewing binary options brokers, I had the perfect opportunity to quit procrastinating and jump in to have a look. They’re pretty impressive. 79 – count ‘em, 79! – stock options available, plus a good selection of other option types. That puts them up the top of the lists when it comes to option selections. $10 minimum trade, and they offer a double-up feature, which I quite like.


* Huge selection of trade options.

Binary background

Redwood Options has been in operation since 2013.

Company background

No company information available.


By Blue Sky Solutions.

User Reviews

by: Juan

This is by far one of my favorite brokers and do agree with George review :)!

by: John

I am not sure about these programs requiring a minimum deposit. If someone could tell me a software where there is no minimum deposit requirement. I am new to these systems and would like to begin with a minimal amount to stay safe.

by: SAM

Some say it is a scam but seems okay to me.

by: Benny

Free market analysis offered by them proves really helpful when trading.

by: James S. Taurus

I am not sure, are they really good for making money?

by: Chirs Jep

Training academics for trade over this platform gives newbies a proper systematic way of trading. Great place to earn good money.

by: Tim

Good broker. Simplistic platform and effective signals to give you an idea of the stock prices and market trends.

by: Victor

This is a great place to learn the distinct aspects of trading. With a detailed guide and educational system, you are sure to learn the aspects and prospects of this trading. I am using this for over 6 months and found it really impressive :)

by: Blackie

good platform to learn the aspects of trading and best of all, wide range of assets to trade. Fantastic :)

by: Abraham

Loved trading with Redwood Options. Versatile platform, wide array of assets and best of all, consistent payouts. Great :)

by: Samar

Mid-range broker. Loved trading on it. I can easily churn out decent profits.

by: Ashton

Risk free trading with decent outcomes. Perfect for starters and if you want to earn decent profits investing smaller amounts.

by: Roman

This software is not just good for trading, but also the best software to offer you an awesome educational program on binary trading. Starters must opt for it.

by: Zeneth

I love this broker and its efficiency in consistent trading. It always does everything by itself and I never incurred a loss for a single penny :)

by: Joshua

Has the best trading signals

by: Michele

The interface is super-cool and easy to use, even as a started I had no issues in churning out some handsome profits.

by: George

One of the best brokers I have been seen. really spectacular

by: Anthony

I liked the returns on my investments, but the thing is that I found it a bit complicated. I am a starter to this trading form, and so I think this platform might not be so much easy to the starters.

by: Brayden

The experts of this brokerage platform helps you to earn maximum return of your investment.

by: Mario

I am pretty skeptical about this software, especially it;s platform which seemed a bit confusing to me.

by: James

I really like the trading method of this broker. Higher returns on the investments and consistent trading with regular payouts. Wide range of stocks and indices helped me score higher and the payouts are awesome to me.

by: Daisy

Great broker. Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: Eric

This is a best broker for the newbies

by: Martha

wonderful broker. Love dealing with this, especially its ransome profits and super cool signals that selects the best trades daily.

by: Lionel

I am trading with this for the previous four weeks and it's amazing. I have been making consistent profits of more than $1900 every week. It's Great!

by: hygf22

I absolutely agree to you @ Lionel. It's a great platform to earn consistent profits with the help of smart trading signals.

by: Andrew

I signed up with this broker but haven't funded my account yet. Thought I'd do some research first, since I have tried others.

by: Dora

How does this wprk so accurately always?

by: ftyfytk4

I have never been disappointed by this platform for as long as I have used it.

by: djfytyuk5

I want to take a solo soul searching trip to some isolated place. I am planning to meet those expenses through money earned here.

by: Plato

Now mu household budget doesn't get crippled when I indulge a bit in pampering myself. Thanks to this brilliant platform.

by: tydkyt3

Totally recommend this platform to people who want to make some easy money.

by: ghfkhtte

Just yesterday I upgraded to a brand new king size bed for myself using money earned here.

by: Gabriel

I am yet to sink in the feeling of earning some quick bucks on this platform.

by: fdjkytrd365

Miracles do happen, I believe so.

by: tydkyt3

Totally recommend this platform to people who want to make some easy money.

by: Giala

The feeling of earning something over and above the regulat income is just amazing.

by: gfkyuyjl34

More than anything else, I am loving the ease and convenience this platform is offering.

by: fdjtrku5446

Great way to make some easy money.

by: Rambo

No more toiling to earn some extra bucks.

by: rdjtyju54

I can  now make money on the go!!

by: ghful1234

I travel frequently on business. This platform makes it possible for me to earn wven while on the move.

by: Raplh

I can now dream of having a lavish house.

by: dkfkm357

This is perfect.

by: fdjyy576

A friend of mine has recommended this platform to me. I am thinking of testing it.

by: Lauren

Had a good experience with it.

by: gfgjtku476

It is not the best but is certainly very good.

by: gfhgk346

It is truly adventerous to trade here.

by: Watson

Nice way to earn an additional income.

by: Henry

One of the best I have come across so far.

by: Emma

Too good. I am totally loving it.

by: gfgfsd57

Trading here is filled with fun and frolic.

by: fdytuky54w

Well, who doesn't want to be a millionaire? Using this platform for trading, you can be one.

by: Brando

Good money.

by: cgjfjkl53w

I am basking in happiness.

by: trheds5765

Pretty consistent returns.

by: Dina

Technologically very superior

by: Parry

Can't express my happiness enough.

by: hgiugl

Loving every moment of tarding through this amazing platform.

by: Donald

I no longer have to worry about the future of my family. I am earning enough to see them through bad patches also.

by: Reagan

This is giving me a safety net which is really protecting me well.

by: hgku676

No pain but lot of gain

by: tampa

I am a happy and content person today.

by: hgkuy5657

I had never thought my life could suddenly take such a beautiful turn.

by: Nick

I am glad I am taking care of my expenses on my own and am not depending on my dad.

by: fhjhji798

My husband is now glad because he doesn't have to foot my shopping bills any more.

by: fhjhji798

My husband is now glad because he doesn't have to foot my shopping bills any more.

by: Desmund

My whole family has now started using this platform. Some use it to make money while some for time pass as a hobby.

by: sdgfg56

The amazing comfort that this platform gives me makes it glued to it.

by: Depp

I don't know how I would have thought of having a lavish wedding if not for this platform.

by: gug7676

Great userface.

by: Rupert

This iswow, just wow.

by: sfgdg657

Trading has now become my favorite hobby.

by: sdfuy78790

Lools like I got to know of this platform by divine intervention.

by: dgh7678

I can't thank my best friend enough for introducing me to this platform.

by: Ricken

Having reaped the benefits of trading through this platform, all I can say is a big thank you to its makers.

by: dfhgk8765

Man, this is bliss.

by: Leonardo

My sister and me are now competing to see who make smore profits in every session.

by: Trembleton

This platform is a smart one, especially for the starters. Easy to use and incredible signals to bring you in enormous profits.

by: Hugo

This is by far the best platform I dealt with. Super easy and fun to trade.

by: Johny

Guys, this is really an inevitable one if you want to earn something consistently big. The best brokerage platform to me.

by: Mikael

Great one to trade binary options. I am just a die-hard fan of it. Go for it guys with no worries.

by: Lampard32

The signals associated with this broker are awesome and every time, they seek out for the best valued assets to procure you massive returns.

by: Dorothy

I am using this broker since a couple of weeks and one thing is for sure, it can just reap you profits consistently. It's great to trade with the platform.

by: Sean

I am doing business with this platform for the last couple of years and I never faced any sort of issues, it's simply an inevitable platform if you want to earn consistent profits.

by: Jonathan

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen.Amazing!

by: Naomi

Can I open an account with this broker from Spain? I am eager to work with this

by: Conrado9

I am beginning to become a die-hard fan of this broker. Love to deal with them.

by: Silver00

I feel this platform is a bit confusing. However, it's recommended if you want to learn the basics of the trading and want to secure profits.

by: JohanP

Works the best for me,

by: Cash1000

I heard about this platform from one of my friend and it;s amazing to deal with them. The profits are consistent and you never get to see any losses.

by: Billy

Received my paycheck this week and again I rocked on! Brilliant trading platform.

by: Adrian

I have tried this out, It doesn't seems to be fake. Just go for smaller investments and when you are accustomed to the trading rules and strategies, go for bigger investments.

by: Roger

good one, but can;t say is the best. seemed a bit complicated to me

by: Garry

Brilliant software!! Simply outstanding.

by: mike

Good one to have some recurring profits.

by: Carlon

I am totally bowled over by the amazing experience that this platform has provided to me.

by: Billy

i used this software but i am not too much satisfied with it. But it is not too bad .

by: George Hefner

Absolutely superb. Exceptional, I must say.

by: Denice

Simple amazing! Not a single complaint. Great:)

by: Powell

I am impressed with the reviews of this brokerage platform. Can I open an account from Bosnia?

by: Michael

Great, Absolutely superb. Exceptional, I must say.

by: Daniel

I earn $2500 per week.

by: Henry

This is my first choice when trading binary options. works amazing and bring me decent cuts.

by: Raul

Absolutely loved trading on this platform. Great and consistent payouts!!!

by: Adrian

Supportive customer services!


I think this is one of the most superior binary options trading platform. Wide range of assets and the best interface to trade on.

by: Vicki

At first I was having problem with payment withdrawal with the amazing support from the customer care, my problem was fixed.

by: Sussan

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: Paul96

Just one word! Simply brilliant

by: Jashmine Aktar

This is nothing short of a wonder technology.

by: Nancy Drew

the payment facility of this broker is great

by: garry78

100% reliable and profitable broker platform.

by: sara20

This broker is awesome it helps me to earn 2000 too 2500 bucks per week. :)

by: Natalie84

Great customer support.

by: Laurenza traderz

At first I was doubtful but they are good brokers.

by: daniel90

Can I open an account with this broker from Brazil?

by: Trader90Mi

best binary broker, it helped me a lot in earning huge profits

by: hgg78

Opened an account and waiting for the first check to roll in.

by: majortrade321

This is nothing short of a wonder technology.

by: Sam30

Absolutely superb. Exceptional, I must say.

by: drake13

Briliantly developed platform and the best thing is there is no underlying risk

by: ligotraders132

If you are looking for some fun while trading, Redwood options is the best place for it.

by: paul06

This is a great binary trading platform for the professionals as well as for the newbie.

by: ruchi99

Can I open an account from India?

by: Auora505

Well-established and intuitive trading platform.

by: Ranchieng7

I love to trade with this brokerage platform, coz it is totally risk-free.

by: brad21

The best part here is that trading is so convenient and easy that even as a beginner, you do not feel any uncomfortable while trading.

by: Robert169

great brokerage platform.

by: Eva Scrulle

I am bowled by its performance. Totally mind blowing.

by: jackie41

Best binary broker, it helped me a lot in earning huge profits.

by: mutrade545

It has been three years i am dealing with this broker and so far it has been an amazing experience.

by: yukie85

It can't get easier than this. Simply outstanding.

by: oliver6

Great technology that has been put in place to benefit traders.

by: nick30

A totally amazing software that you can totally depend on. The ease of trading will take you by surprise.

by: sirtrader123

I love their professionalism and the way with which they deal with customers. I rate is 5 out of 5.

by: jenelia15

It's a very good platform to earn decent profits.

by: hanes87

Great broker! A+++ I am so much fond of it.

by: clarke16

Undoubtedly, one of the best brokerage platforms, I have come across.

by: Evan06

Simply out of the world :)

by: Johhn45

Nice broker. I could enjoy good profits and returns on my investments.

by: stefen8

The most amazing thing is that I have never faced loss on investment and the credit goes to this broker.

by: kevin

Not sure :( Haven't tried yet, but should I go for it?

by: lombard51

I am impressed by seeing the reviews of this platform and I am going for it sure.

by: mikwe45

Trading has never been easy until the introduction of Redwood Options. It's amazing.

by: waky20

Making great profits. I loved it. :)

by: ouxgxoh

lHUnXL dhrilxwjbrqi, [url=]zztbzvlnihvo[/url], [link=]cjszunamjusu[/link],

by: Jade

Innovative platform for traders to earn some extra money. :)

by: Harry

It gives regular and consistent profits on my investments. :)

by: Kim

Redwood options is the best broker i have seen. :)

by: Harvey

It is delivering profits all round the year. Fantastic platform. :)

by: Alan

Good brokerage platform. :)

by: Steven

I am earning money without much effort, it is superb. :)

by: Karl

Excellent software manages your investing decisions really well. :)

by: Bob

It is delivering high profits all round the year. :)

by: Vito

Nice broker. :)

by: John

If you want to earn money from home then you should invest your money here, it will give you nice profits. :)

by: Kaprice

100% risk free and safe platform for trading. :)

by: Malcolm

Very well suited for the novices as well for the professionals. :)

by: Gary

Astonishing brokerage platform. :)

by: Dick

What I really like about them is that they allow a minimum trade of $10 , and they also offer a double-up feature.

by: Fleming

I am about to receive my 1st paycheck. Great platform for beginners. :)

by: Griffin23

Well developed platform. This is nice!!

by: zane485

Brilliant interface and the best payouts.

by: alexis4520

I am totally bowled over by the amazing experience that this platform has provided to me.

by: Francisco454

Great broker.

by: Ryker85

It a best platform to mint some extra money for me.

by: trenton23030

Good support from the customer service team. Totally impresses by their commitment levels.

by: zaydan400

I churned out some real good profits in the last few sessions .

by: myles363

I use this platform to earn a handsome pocket money.

by: cristian369

Brilliant and consistent trading.

by: Everette7845

Very genuine trading platform that gives you the comfort of trading anytime anywhere.

by: Femando103

It is 100% legitimate.

by: Charlie123456

You are allowed to opt for the asset that excites you most.

by: Isrealmaria45

Extraordinary product design and development.

by: dean30

The most amazing thing is that I have never faced loss on investment and the credit goes to this broker.

by: Jasper450

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: simon52

Besides trading binary options, with the aid of this broker, you can also learn how to trade binary options and distinct aspects of it through its impeccable educational program. Really helpful for the starters.

by: Raydon123

Very genuine trading platform.

by: dean852

Simply outstanding.

by: vincent85

Great one :)

by: colin10

Best thing about this broker is its easy interface.

by: migual88

I absolutely love this.

by: urhueni47

This is the best brokerage platform I have ever seen.

by: ashton123

One of the most astonishing brokers.

by: bryan4

I love this platform and this is the second week, I am rolling in return margins of 65%. Amazing.

by: Bradly55

Currently, my ROI this week is 69% and it's rising higher.

by: tim87

Thanks guys for sharing your opinions and information.

by: Kaleb50

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen.Amazing!

by: patrick5

Wide range of assets to trade, 100% risk free environment. :)

by: jaden86

What a start to my trading career. :)

by: josepha47

I am earning like a professional trader. :)

by: baxton5

Amazing broker.

by: rockie47

Extraordinary product.

by: aidan77

Profits are rising with every passing day.

by: Ivan78

Pretty good.

by: Antonio120

Excellent results after trying it out.

by: Jade12200

I am a happy and content person today.

by: Lily8520

You can easily make 80% returns with little work

by: Rylee230

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker.

by: Mila1130

Awesome :)

by: brielle852

Too much satisfied with this broker.

by: Ellias56

Absolutely loved trading on this platform.

by: Victor747

Great One, I must admit . :)

by: Brian2033

The trading signals are so efficient and they are amazingly proficient in fetching me the best deals.

by: Priesttrader

My ROI was 80%, which was amazing to me trading for just 4 days.

by: Elisa85

I started trading like an expert.

by: Jullet78

This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your comfort.

by: rapheal

100% riskfree and safern

by: loise520

Highly recommended.

by: Lewis32

I am earning regularly just like a professional trader. :)

by: Haesel29

Great Brokerage platform. :)

by: Mat64

Excellent trading platform. :)

by: Nicol46

Redwood Options is the best trading platform I have seen and dealt with. :)

by: Bob27

Wide range of assets available for traders. :)

by: Benn51

Magnificent automatic trading software. :)

by: Vito53

Its an amazing forum , helped me a lot in earning a lot of money from binary trading. :)

by: Steven41

Last week I earned 1900 bucks. :)

by: Phil45

Payout ratio is great and payouts is also faster than other brokerage platforms. :)

by: Carlos27

Very beneficial to new traders. :)

by: Laurence29

Well-designed and easy to use software for trade. :)

by: Peter60

With years of experience in trading, I can say that Redwood Options has some impressive trade tools that helps the investors to a great extent. :)

by: Barlow13

Well established trading platform to trade on binary stocks. :)

by: Malcolm65

Evidently, this is one of the most impressive binary stock options trading broker I have seen. :)

by: Beric45

Payouts are good enough to outplay other competitors in the market. :)

by: Ashley46

Last week I earned 1900 bucks. :)

by: Phil13

Great platform for new traders as well as for professional traders. :)

by: Ivan34

They are offering good payout ratios. :)

by: Parnell76

I am trading here for more than four months and never faced any losses or any problems while trading. :)

by: Parnell73

Good brokerage platform. :)

by: Abraham15

Now I can earn 150 bucks per hour. :)

by: Peter18

Excellent customer service makes trading a bit more easy. You can earn consistent profits. :)

by: Harvey47

I am thinking to double my investments as I am earning regular profits. :)

by: Rangford42

Redwood Options is the best trading platform available to traders in today's binary market. :)

by: Wade52

It is 100% reliable and safe platform available to traders for trading with binary stocks. :)

by: Barlow47

This broker is amazing and does offer consistent returns. :)

by: Mat42

Consistent trading and higher returns on the investments. :)

by: Barlow72

You can use this platform even if you are a novice. :)

by: Danny29

Great broker with maximum profits. Love trading with this. :)

by: Taylor47

Made 130 USD in 1 hour only. :)

by: Fleming37

Trading system with many assets and tools to work with. :)

by: Vito79

It appears that it is a reliable broker for use in binary trade. :)

by: Jordan41

They are offering good payout ratios. :)

by: Candy71

This is a cool and smart software for binary trades. :)

by: Barret72

Professional people working for customer services. :)

by: Peter47

I am going to give this broker 5 Star rating.

by: Jones42

I am thinking of increasing my investments. :)

by: Read42

Round the clock support staff helps me to overcome any issues faced. Great. :)

by: Lance43

Last week I earned 1850 bucks. :)

by: Kedric49

Good one to earn some recurring profits.

by: Lewis71

Churning out 79% returns on the investments was not at all a difficult thing for me to do. Great Broker.

by: Raymond74

This is probably one of the best brokerage platforms I have seen.

by: John74

I am interested in trading with this binary broker. Can anyone please give me an idea if it's the right decision ?

by: Wade23

This is a very good platform for both the starters and professionals. Wide range of assets to trade on.

by: Fleming43

I completely [email protected], It's a very good platform to earn decent profits.

by: Candy42

Superb trading experience using this broker.

by: Benn72

Undoubtedly, one of the best brokerage platforms, I have come across.

by: Jack49

Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: Paul16

Last week I earned 2000 bucks.

by: Falcon17

I am going to give this broker a 5 Star rating.

by: Raymond75

The returns on profits are outstanding and I am heading with a 58% ROI.

by: Harvey19

Round the clock support staff helps me to overcome any issues faced. Great.

by: Daniel22

This brokerage platform has been awesome to me.

by: Kim22

This is an excellent platform where it is easy to bring in profits at the least effort.

by: Taylor17

Good returns on the investments and most of all, the platform is 100% secured.

by: Mat48

I am too much impressed with this brokerage platform.

by: Ivan17

100% lucrative and reliable broker.

by: Elizabeth51

The platform is super easy and you can earn consistent profits.

by: Barret43

I am not sure about this one. Anyone could you please suggest me?

by: Gabriel17

Reliable system with good payouts and customer service.

by: Kedric48

I have never seen such a great binary brokerage software.

by: Vito42

The interface is easy for both starters and professionals.

by: Daniel46

Excellent program. Totally risk free and convenient to use.

by: Candy41

I would highly recommend this trading platform to everyone who wants to try his hands at binary trading.

by: Watson14

I am totally excited with the awesome experience that this platform has given to me.

by: Abraham75

This platform is absolutely authentic and dependable and safe.

by: Sandra14

This platform is highly recommend to people who want to make some easy money.

by: Alex19

I can enjoy good profits and returns on my investments.

by: Taylor65

Last week I earned 1900 bucks.

by: Alan22

Reliable broker and easy to use for starters.

by: Gabriel61

Really a good broker, although it is new. Prefer to trade with this everytime.

by: Elizabeth75

I just started trading with it and so far, it is helpful in acquiring some money.

by: Daniel74

Best binary trading platform. Recommended to starters.

by: Candy44

Truly a reliable and consistent broker. You can easily make 70% returns with little work.

by: Sandra11

Wide range of assets to trade on and the signals are amazing. You just hit the target every time with ease.

by: Frank84

Received my paycheck this week and again I rocked on.

by: Harvey63

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns upto 75%.

by: Fred76

This is one of the most impressive binary options trading broker.

by: Ivan65

Last week I earned 1900 bucks.

by: Fleming11

Powerful trading system with different trade methods. Great !

by: Steven19

Excellent returns on investments, almost 85%. Moreover, I liked the range of stocks and assets to trade on.

by: Frank38

If you are a starter, then this is the most convenient trading platform you could have.

by: Raymond30

Effective and efficient signals, streamlined indicators and higher returns on your investments is what it offers you.

by: Elizabeth78

85% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my second paycheck.

by: Candy70

Finally I got the most reliable and smart broker for binary options.

by: Sandra72

Redwood Options is something that rocks binary options trading.

by: Gary88

The customer support is amazing and you could get help round the clock.

by: Thomas49

100% reliable and profitable broker platform.

by: Danny76

Last week I earned 2000 bucks.

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