Redwood Options Broker Review

I’d been meaning to check out Redwood Options for a fair while, having heard them mentioned here and there in trading circles. So when I decided to start reviewing binary options brokers, I had the perfect opportunity to quit procrastinating and jump in to have a look. They’re pretty impressive. 79 – count ‘em, 79! – stock options available, plus a good selection of other option types. That puts them up the top of the lists when it comes to option selections. $10 minimum trade, and they offer a double-up feature, which I quite like.


* Huge selection of trade options.

Binary background

Redwood Options has been in operation since 2013.

Company background

No company information available.


By Blue Sky Solutions.

User Reviews

by: Juan

This is by far one of my favorite brokers and do agree with George review :)!

by: John

I am not sure about these programs requiring a minimum deposit. If someone could tell me a software where there is no minimum deposit requirement. I am new to these systems and would like to begin with a minimal amount to stay safe.

by: SAM

Some say it is a scam but seems okay to me.

by: Benny

Free market analysis offered by them proves really helpful when trading.

by: James S. Taurus

I am not sure, are they really good for making money?

by: Chirs Jep

Training academics for trade over this platform gives newbies a proper systematic way of trading. Great place to earn good money.

by: Tim

Good broker. Simplistic platform and effective signals to give you an idea of the stock prices and market trends.

by: Victor

This is a great place to learn the distinct aspects of trading. With a detailed guide and educational system, you are sure to learn the aspects and prospects of this trading. I am using this for over 6 months and found it really impressive :)

by: Blackie

good platform to learn the aspects of trading and best of all, wide range of assets to trade. Fantastic :)

by: Abraham

Loved trading with Redwood Options. Versatile platform, wide array of assets and best of all, consistent payouts. Great :)

by: Samar

Mid-range broker. Loved trading on it. I can easily churn out decent profits.

by: Ashton

Risk free trading with decent outcomes. Perfect for starters and if you want to earn decent profits investing smaller amounts.

by: Roman

This software is not just good for trading, but also the best software to offer you an awesome educational program on binary trading. Starters must opt for it.

by: Zeneth

I love this broker and its efficiency in consistent trading. It always does everything by itself and I never incurred a loss for a single penny :)

by: Joshua

Has the best trading signals

by: Michele

The interface is super-cool and easy to use, even as a started I had no issues in churning out some handsome profits.

by: George

One of the best brokers I have been seen. really spectacular

by: Anthony

I liked the returns on my investments, but the thing is that I found it a bit complicated. I am a starter to this trading form, and so I think this platform might not be so much easy to the starters.

by: Brayden

The experts of this brokerage platform helps you to earn maximum return of your investment.

by: Mario

I am pretty skeptical about this software, especially it;s platform which seemed a bit confusing to me.

by: James

I really like the trading method of this broker. Higher returns on the investments and consistent trading with regular payouts. Wide range of stocks and indices helped me score higher and the payouts are awesome to me.

by: Daisy

Great broker. Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

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