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I recommend Top Option for the more experienced traders out there. I like their secure platform and the selection of options to choose from. I’m an old hand at this stuff – I’ve been trading binary options for years. So the high minimum trade size is more of a positive for me, because it cuts down on the number of people using the service… less chance of a server getting overwhelmed that way. That said, it makes for a difficult start if you’re new to the game.


* A good number of option contract types available.


* Large selection of indices, forex, commodities and stocks.


* Good returns and a generous out-of-the-money rebate.

Binary background

CySEC - License no. 092/08

Company background

Top Option is a trading name of Safecap Investments Ltd.

User Reviews

by: Maria Laris

I have used this program. You are right that it is an average one with limited features but it is user-friendly and is right one for people who are new in trade business.

by: Mohd. Benjammin

I find Top Option giving really good returns. The most important benefit for me that appealed me to join hands with this broker is the demo account feature. I was starting to trade and heard over various websites that must begin with a demo practice account and with this broker they offer demo account feature. Not all brokers offer it.Now I am working with a proper trade account making thousands each month as a side income.

by: Kevin

Just open an account with them and start trading...I will let you know later

by: Rithik Somar

It is a fully equipped trading platform that gives you all the tools for a perfect evaluation. The only thing that I found a little complex to deal with is the StockPair feature. Overall really satisfied.

by: Arsalan

Offers opportunities for good trade and for earning more returns on investments. I made three times of my investment with them.

by: Arsalan

Offers opportunities for trade where you can earn good returns on investment. I made almost three times my investment with them.

by: den

looks like scam but i tried and submited docs, teh trading was ok and withdrwals work fine too so not scam after all

by: THomas

Made 100 USD in 1 hour only.

by: Jacqueline

Their charts are so much enlarged that I get confuse. The trends only get clear when there is huge inflation or deflation.

by: Mark

50-100% of welcome bonus. I don't think any other broker is offering comparable amount.

by: Japper

Initially it appeared to be a scam but later when I joined, it was okay. It is been one month now and I am doing investments and withdrawals with no problem.

by: Zara

Trading system with many assets and tools to work with. Using it from last 2 months and satisfied.

by: John

It appears that it is a reliable broker for use in trade. However I am still doubtful about benefits of using a binary option platform. But may give it a try.

by: Shona

I may have never used binary trade but they had a strong background. I am satisfied with their operations.

by: Hashim

They are offering good payout ratios.

by: George

does this software works great ?

by: shimone

this is a cool and smart software .rn Thanks a lot TOP OPTION

by: Brian

i just love this cool software. :)

by: Josh

It works great for me. No complains at all.

by: Tyson Pelsaert

Professional people working for customer services.

by: Hayden Rankine

I started my account with only 100 as I was doubtful but with growing capital I have now invested more than 3000 USD. Usually I trade in stocks of gold and oil.

by: Gary K. Ellis

Appealing in look and feasible in use! Excellent service.

by: Thomas C. James

Offering high welcome bonus.

by: brian

awesome and one of the best brokers. I loved trading with them and currently, this week, I am running with $1250 profit :P

by: Henry

Top Option worked brilliant for me. I could easily churn out a profit of $1000 bucks every week with just 30 minutes of my time. This is brilliant guys. Cheers :)

by: Archer

Have been doing this for long years and came to know about Top Option. Upon using, I was surprised to see the results. They were amazing. Legitimate because of the license from CySec, higher returns, regular payouts, minimum deposition compared to the returns. Most of all, myriad of assets range, indices and the best streamlined signals to trade on the most valuable stock or asset. If not the biggest, you are sure to at least churn out cool decent profits, keeping in mind, you are a novice trader

by: Aiken

Wonderful broker. Exceeded my expectations. Really love it. Decent profits and mostly risk free

by: Lucas

I am going to give this broker 5 Star rating. Best signals and large range of assets. The returns on profits are outstanding and I am heading with a 58% ROI with it increasing more :)

by: Jorge

Received 70% welcome bonus and the investments are also worthy. More than 60% ROI and I like earning with this broker. Round the clock support staff helps me to overcome any issues faced. Great

by: Jorge

Received 70% welcome bonus and the investments are also worthy. More than 60% ROI and I like earning with this broker. Round the clock support staff helps me to overcome any issues faced. Great

by: Nathan

Surpassed my expectations. Continuously bringing in profits an higher returns on the investments.

by: Nolan

I wish I had that much capital to try it out once. Can the deposition amount be lessened?

by: Quinton

Was facing some issues with the software. But the support I received from the support staff is really awesome and I really appreciate this. Never saw this kind of support, so reliable and fast.

by: Alexander

This binary broker provides a large lists of indices, stocks. which is a awesome offer to every binary traders

by: Joe

This is my second month with this brokerage platform and I have been increasing my returns from 68% up to 75% as of now, which really makes me amazed. This is a risk-free and reliable brokerage having the license from CySEC.

by: Charles

Amazing platform to trade binary options. Highly recommended.

by: Jackson

Most attractive part of this broker is the offering of a good number of option contract types.

by: Luke

Last three days was the kickass days for me, I have earned 3500 bucks while trading with this broker.

by: Brady

This brokerage platform has been awesome to me. I never expected I would be able to have such high returns, considering my next to zero experience on this trading.

by: sggdgge

I have been using this for a couple of weeks, and so far it worked good for me.

by: sggdgge

I have been using this for a couple of months and so far it worked good for me.

by: Foxen

I absolutely agree. This is a briliant platform where it is easy to bring in profits at the least effort.

by: Karismo

I overall love this platform and its profits, but I am more fond of its amazing 50-100% bonus upon trading. Its the best part.

by: Joshua


by: Hellrider

I have seen a very few broker offering bonuses and this is the one, I am really fond of this broker. No1 reputed broker and the platform is amazing to reap out drastic profits.

by: Devis

Splendid profits and good returns. I like this platform. As a newbie, I was very nervous to trade, but this broker helped me really earn some decent profits consistently.


This is undoubtedly one of the revolutionary brokerage platforms in the field of binary options trading. Spectacularly great!

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