Boss Capital Broker Review

Boss Capital have some interesting choices for traders. They offer sell-back of options before expiry; and their option contracts also include stock, index and commodity pairs as well as currency pairs. It’s a nice site to have a play with, and try something a bit different in your binary options trading. You can keep an account in a range of currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, RUB. Returns are OK, and out-of-the-money rebates are up to 15% for some trades. Given the minimum trade of $20, I recommend them for traders with a bit of experience who are more hobbyists than serious traders.


* Wide range of currencies to keep your account in.


* Large selection of option contract types.

Binary background

Boss Capital was started in 2014.

Company background

Owned by Altivex Limited, who also own TradeRush.


Tech Financials

User Reviews

by: Giwani

Impressive range of stocks and commodities that you can deal with if you opt for Boss Capital Broker. Though they have a minimum deposit requirement of USD 200 and you can find some others with less deposit or no deposit requirement but it is a genuine and effective software for trade.

by: Johnathan

i want to know more about this software, somebody please post your detailed review

by: David

that was great to have this software, it helped me lot . i just spend ,more money in it and really it is reliable .rnthanksrn

by: Thompson

This software is trustworthy and although the minimum deposition is $200, however, it also gives fantastic returns. Completely awesome and one of the easiest platforms to work with.

by: David

Superb! Wide range of currencies and a minimal amount of $20 to trade makes it the best pick for starters.

by: Fernando

i am somehow a bit skeptical about this one. do you guys have any idea? Please let me know here.

by: stewart

I didn't like the platform. was confusing to me and i lost a couple hundred bucks trying to make money :( Alas!

by: Corwin

Guys, do not be skeptical about this. I have been trading with them and they are really one of the most genuine in the market. Payouts are not huge but they are pretty regular and decent. So if you want decent profits with no chances of being scammed, this is the oone you should go for :)

by: Ansel

I am not sure about this one. Anyone could you please suggest me?

by: Aldrich

I have been using this software for long enough to have an idea how it works. This is a fantastic platform to trade and most of all, the returns on your investments are uber-cool. Thanks to this great trading platform.

by: elijah

Boss Capital holds an awesome trading platform with the most streamlined indicators and signals. Moreover, this is not only good for trading, but also the best educational program for learning smarter trading. Great and highly recommended.

by: Souma

I use this trader and it gave me a lot of profits. I am very much interested to invest more. Brilliant trading capacity and advanced binary options trading system.

by: Blake

Profits are rising with every passing day. Currently, my ROI this week is 69% and it's rising higer

by: Jeremy

Go for it with ease. You’re gonna love it. Outstanding returns.

by: LLeung

Have had no issues handling it. One of the most impressive brokers ever in the market. Moreover, this is 100% risk free backed by reliability and license from CySEC. Returns on the investments are just too good.

by: Jordan

Best brokerage platform. It's 100% reliable and risk-free.

by: Damien

Haven't used this brokerage platform yet but thinking about opening an account this week and try it out.

by: Adam

This is a great brokerage platform.

by: Oliver

The returns of the investment on this broker is decent.

by: Jubilian

Impeccable brokerage platform. I am really amazed to see the profits rolling into my bank account. Great!

by: Garrett

I am impressed with its customer services. Awesome :)

by: Binary Trader

Bee Options has a splendid reputation in fetching in profits and it worked that much good for me too. I always run on a profit of at least $1200 EVERY WEEK, AFTER TRADING BINARY OPTIONS FOR A couple of years now.

by: willie

Just opened an account and have already started trading like a Pro. Its great.

by: Gary

What is the best broker platform? Is Boss Capital a wise decision to proceed.

by: Leonard

I would ceratinly recommend this online trading platform to my friends who want to enter the realm of trading but have not been able to do so because of fear of losing.

by: srdtyui

If you want some excitement while trading, you've come to the right place. 

by: dsfgfjh97

I am absolutely happy with the stupendous experience that this platform has given to me.

by: xdrtf87

You are allowed to opt for the asset that excites you most. It is easy.

by: adfdg6

I don't buy claims of high returns on investment if I don't actually try it out myself. Having tried it, I have to admit, it is the best.

by: zfhtryfu6

I have recommended this platform to my elder brother who is very sceptical about online trading. Today, he is equally at ease with this platform and does trading whenever he has a little time to spare.

by: Mario

I made some really handsome profits in the last 4 trading sessions that I have undertaken consecutively on this platform.

by: asgfffyu6

Well developed platform. This is nice!!

by: mona

awesome is the word for this platform

by: sone

simply amazing exp ... out of the world 

by: krom

it a best platform to mint some xtra money for me

by: meen

can anybody give me detailed review for this platform

by: rude

i recommend Boss Capital platform out of other options

by: Gobbar

100 % reliable and working fine for me ... i luv it 

by: ramsane

want to make money .. i say use boss captial

by: roxy

i sm going toinvest my money thru this platform.. i like it

by: sin

i came to know abt this platform form my freind and i use it offten now.

by: invest

good signals ... work many time for me 

by: robo

use this platform to invest ur money

by: carl

superb :)

by: Swandy

Trading with this account for almost 6 months and am amazed to see the returns. Competitive stocks range, candid returns and upto 65% bonuses. It's great to work with the platform.

by: Gramy

Have been trying out Options King for a long time and the results are good. It's a good platform to earn some good decent returns on my investments.

by: jSUDB

They provide support all round the clock which makes it easier to trade on this platform. Satisfied!

by: cashmachine

I opened an account the previous week, and it really provides thrilling and attractive bonuses.

by: Charles

Brilliant and consistent trading. That's what everyone likes to see when trading binary options.

by: Bernard

Boss Capital is surely an impressive platform. I am using it for a couple of months or more, and it delivers decent profits.

by: Robben

I am simply a fan of this platform. Its returns are amazing and the bonus part too attracts my attention.

by: Robinson

This platform looked somewhat confusing to me. Am thinking about learning it more and then go for the trading.

by: Marley

Can I open an account with this platform from Venezuela?

by: Suhel

I received a 40% welcome bonus, but the minimum deposit amount of 200 is a little hard to me.

by: Noel

What can I say about this platform. It's one of the most amazing platform. I am really impressed.

by: Keneth

I have been using this for more than 5 months and this is indeed one of the most outstanding platform I have ever come across. The customer support is amazing and everytime you face any sort of concern, they will be round the clock to sort out that concern,

by: Kepler

I am planning to open an account this week with this platform. Hope it will be a god decision.

by: Carmen

My friend recommended this platform to me and I found it really impressive. I am a single mom and with the help of this software, I can really earn a decent income.

by: Nickie

This platform is very good to learn the basics of the trading and then set off for a profitable trade.

by: David

loved it, great software

by: Alexa

The platform is very easy to understand and even a novice trader can trade like a superior. Outstanding service and the customer support is incredible.

by: Nathan

best binary broker, it helped me a lot in earning huge profits

by: Bobby

Making great profits. Awesome broker. Simply the best of all!

by: Brabdon

Offers opportunities for trade where you can earn good returns on investment. I made almost three times my investment with them.

by: Diego Alvarez

Not only a brilliant platform to trade binary options, but a great broker that actually returns you amazing cuts on your investments.

by: Jerome


by: Alessio

You can use this platform even if you are a novice. It does everything by itself automatically. Just sit back and watch the profits coming in.

by: George89

Great broker with maximum profits. Love trading with this.

by: Jefrey

Absolutely loved trading on this platform. Great and consistent payouts!!

by: al56

I was thrilled to use this platform. It gives me so much of flexibility :)

by: Eva

Great payment methods, great brokerage platform I love it :)

by: Paddy

Seems to bee a lot of talk but don't see any action of how it works. I like to see a live video session of those who have traded this platform giving it a heads up results. Who's in?

by: Parnell24

Great Brokerage platform with Easy and convenient user interface. :)

by: Carlos22

Higher returns on the investments and I am about to receive my 4th check. :)

by: Bob25

Impressive platform indeed. :)

by: Jordan13

Great Broker. :)

by: Lewis25

Great choice if you want to make regular profits. :)

by: Nicol23

It's totally risk free platform for traders. :)

by: Helen26

Wide range of assets to put your investments. :)

by: Abraham36

In last two weeks I earned some hefty amount of profits. :)

by: Aaric16

I have recommended this platform to everyone I have came across. :)

by: Dean25

Earning profits regularly. :)

by: Wade15

Excellent customer support base. They know how to treat clients. :)

by: Vito25

When I first started trading I was a novice but know I am a professional trader. :)

by: Kaprice36

Never faced any trouble while trading. :)

by: Calvin28

Excellent brokerage platform. :)

by: Jade36

The best part is that I do not have to go out to earn my money. :)

by: Sandra49

Great One, I must admit . :)

by: Mat36

It's working spectacularly fine, no problems faced yet. :)

by: Harley66

100% safe, easy and reliable platform. :)

by: Lance34

Investor friendly platform, earning money is so much easy nowadays. :)

by: Beric24

Powerful trading system with different trade methods. :)

by: Frank34

The signals are awesome and a wide range of assets help me trading on variety of stocks to earn the maximum profits. :)

by: Jose45

I use this platform to earn a handsome pocket money.

by: martin

This is probably one of the best brokerage platforms I have seen. The trading signals are so efficient and they are amazingly proficient in fetching me the best deals.

by: Kevin

100% lucrative and reliable broker. It's licensed and this gives an extra assurance.

by: bently120

This is one of the most ensconced binary options brokerage platform, offering spectacular returns on the investments. With a wide array of assets to trade, you could easily roll in brilliant returns on your investments.

by: Justin

You are perfectly correct bently.

by: Steven989

Most brilliant application that I have seen in the recent past.

by: Alex898

Nice broker.

by: George8956

Superb trading experience using this broker.

by: Roman456


by: wesley410

The earnings are enough to support my lavish lifestyle. Great One, I must admit . :)

by: oliver45

. Offers a massive variety of assets and advanced powerful indicators which is outstanding and useful.

by: mark

I was amazed to see the trading signals and the unmatched returns I had. Super cool. :)

by: Meloovs49

Awesome is the word for this platform.

by: Anjan88

Suits well for the novices as well as professionals. :)

by: philip562

I simply love this platform and their double up feature. It gives you good returns.

by: Danny35

I was stunned to see the amount of profits rolling in. :)

by: Gary23

I agree to its wonderful returns and reliable service. :)

by: Joan

Very consistent broker with good payouts.

by: Maurinho

Brilliant experience dealing with this brokerage platform.

by: Derozio

Good ROI dealing with this broker.

by: Neil\'O\'Connel

Unlike other scams out in the market, this broker is quite lucrative.

by: Muller

Can anyone let me know more information on this platform? I am interested in investing on it.

by: Daniel DJD

Very splendid broker. I am so much impressed.

by: Jesssie

Can I trade with it from Spain?

by: Sallie

Received my fourth paycheck and I am pretty much impressed :)

by: Pauliee

Brilliant outputs from the platform. Everytime, I conduct successful trade.

by: Danny

Not so high returns, but the payouts are decent and consistent.

by: Inferno

Does this broker really works that good?

by: Nikky

Great one to trade. I am just a hardcore fan of it. Go for it guys.

by: HDYJJE38

Risk free trading experience with enormous profits on the investments. :)

by: RoverD

I am trading with this broker for quite some time and the payouts are really good. What amazes me is the massive variety of stocks and assets to trade with.

by: Guinho

Welcome bonus is good too along with the small deposition amount. It's good to deal with such a wonderful broker.

by: Samuel K

Tried it out, but did not have much luck with it :(

by: Jimmy H

Very smart broker. Amazing returns and consistent too.

by: Steve DC

Yet another fantastic broker in the market. Nice returns.

by: Robby

Easy to deal with and comparatively easier for starters to trade.

by: Sonny43

Good platform to earn some decent, consistent profits.

by: Amy

Nice to deal with this broker.

by: Marko3

Have just opened an account and looking forward to earning a decent cut on my investment.

by: Wills34

Boss Capital really amazed me with its amazing bonus and quick returns on the investments made.

by: Peter29

I was really amazed to see the rate of return on the investments made. :)

by: Leo24

Great Brokerage platform. :)

by: John46

Boss Capital is the best broker I have ever dealt with. :)

by: Karl21

I am earning regular profits on the investments made. :)

by: Laurence24

Once you invest your money here you will get consistent and steady returns on the investments made . :)

by: Taylor12

Awesome experience gathered while dealing with this broker. :)

by: Read25

Last week I earned 2000 bucks. :)

by: Park35

Reliable and safe system with good customer service. :)

by: Nathan26

It helps me to earn lots of money from binary trading . :)

by: Harry47

They provides great investment tools which helps the investors to earn consistently and regularly. :)

by: Garrick27

Nice platform. :)

by: Parnell32

Boss Capital has all the tools to make trading easy. :)

by: Kevin23

Its amazing and one of the best binary options brokers out in the market. Reliable and safe trading platform. :)

by: Manley38

It is working great and the returns are also fabulous on the investments. :)

by: Alan63

The returns are amazing to outplay other competitors in the market. :)

by: Haylee13

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen.Amazing!

by: Render77

I was happy to receive my first paycheck. Awesome Trading. :)

by: preston789

Earning profits regularly without a break . :)

by: weston45

I am regularly reaping out huge profits. :)

by: Amy78

Good Broker. :)

by: Abel456

A brilliant broker and consistent platform.

by: Trenty788

Well developed platform.

by: Madox7889

Since I started trading here, I have earned some great profits.

by: Derek4520

I will be receiving my first paycheck. :) Great one.

by: Ezra789

One of the most proficient brokers in binary trading. Excellent Service. :)

by: Falcon45

Nice broker. :)

by: Harry14

Excellent trading platform. :)

by: Fred45

Had not faced a single issue with this amazing platform. :)

by: Taylor24

Payouts are good enough to outclass other competitors in the market. :)

by: Benn24

I can earn 150 USD per hour daily. :)

by: Carlos30

I am extremely satisfied with the overall results. :)

by: Ashley27

I started investing on this brokerage platform two weeks ago and the results were very impressive. :)

by: Danny42

I love trading with this broker. Amazing. :)

by: Barlow31

Good Broker. Mind-blowing profits. :)

by: Raymond45

Profits are increasing with every passing day. Awesome. :)

by: Steven24

Absolutely Fabulous. :)

by: Leo34

I could not have asked for anything more. Earning regular profits. :)

by: Watson36

This is probably one of the best brokerage platforms I have ever seen. :)

by: Gary29

Outstanding profits on the investments and 100% risk free . :)

by: Abraham24

Great customer support. :)

by: Harvey37

The returns of the investment through this broker are decent. :)

by: Falcon46

It is 100% legitimate and easy enough for the novice traders to roll in profits. :)

by: Nathan44

It is one of the most reliable brokerage platform. :)

by: Dale38

What a comfortable and memorable trading journey has it been with this trading platform. :)

by: Joseph32

It gives me so much of pleasure when I earn some good returns on my investments. :)

by: Jeff22

100% risk free and reliable platform for binary traders . :)

by: Peter41

The platform is perfect for both professionals and starters and I am earning consistent profits with it. !!!

by: Fleming48

One of the simplest brokerage platform I have ever seen. :)

by: Beric26

Earned a lot last week, close to 1800 bucks. :)

by: Bob35

It is one of the best automated and simple to use binary options software. :)

by: Nathan31

Excellent automatic trading system !!!

by: Alan34

Reliable and safe brokerage platform with good customer service. :)

by: Mat34

The platform is very much user friendly, loved it. :)

by: Laurence37

Boss capital has all the tools to make trading easy for the investors. :)

by: Wade47

With years of experience in trading, I can say that boss capital has some impressive trade tools to help the investors. :)

by: Vito18

Talented people and great customer service is what you can expect from a broker of good caliber. :)

by: Dale34

One of the most versatile and outstanding trading platform I have ever seen and dealt with. :)

by: Dick22

I am trading here since last two months but had not faced a single issue with this amazing platform. :)

by: Gary35

Payouts are good enough to outplay other competitors in the market. :)

by: Mat72

Reliable system with good customer service. :)

by: Haesel32

The platform is very much user friendly, loved it. :)

by: Lewis17

Brilliant software and decent returns. Like it very much. :)

by: Daniel37

The profits are rolling in everytime for me . :)

by: Gary46

Well-designed and fun to use binary software for trade. :)

by: Ivan41

One of the most versatile and outstanding trading platform. :)

by: Raul47

Last week I earned 1900 bucks. :)

by: Regina82

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker. :)

by: Elizabeth47

Great Platform to earn money from home. :)

by: Fred72

This is a great platform for the starters. :)

by: Harvey18

The platform is very easy to understand and even a novice trader can trade like a professional. :)

by: Steven17

Great technology that has been put in place to benefit the professionals. :)

by: Frank36

I have recommended this platform to a couple of my friends who are eager to try out binary trading . :)

by: Candy60

Great returns and that too without any risks. :)

by: Lewis64

High returns and consistent signals to provide the best experience of binary trading. :)

by: Lance46

I have found a right place to invest my money. Earned lots of bucks last week. :)

by: Gary37

I am about to receive my 2nd paycheck. :)

by: Alwin37

Last week I earned 2000 bucks. :)

by: Elizabeth43

100% reliable and profitable brokerage platform. :)

by: Wilson37

Made 110 USD in 1 hour only. :)

by: Leo38

I am using this broker for three months and it is really a good one. :)

by: Barret37

Reliable broker and easy to use for rookies. :)

by: Daniel28

I am trading here for two months and it is giving me regular and consistent returns on my investments. :)

by: Victor27

You can easily make 80% returns on the investments as the signals provided are accurate most of the time . :)

by: Laurence42

Wide range of assets and stocks to trade on and the signals are brilliant. :)

by: Kedric39

This is apparently one of the best brokerage platforms I have ever seen. :)

by: Beric37

Last week I earned 2000 bucks. :)

by: Gary13

Really a risk-free and legitimate broker. :)

by: Barret10

Now I can earn 110 USD in one hour only. :)

by: Abraham22

I am very much fascinated, thinking of increasing my investments. :)

by: Sandra13

Great service by Boss Capital , really enjoying the profits on my investments. :)

by: Nicol48

One of the best broker of Binary Trading I have ever seen. :)

by: Paul22

I am very much impressed, thinking of increasing my investments. :)

by: Harry72

Surpassed my expectation, never thought earning money from home was so much easy. :)

by: Falcon51

Easy user interface, best for novices and professionals. :)

by: Dean48

The returns on investments are just remarkable. :)

by: Alan72

They are delivering consistent profits on my investments. :)

by: Elizabeth29

I was surprised after receiving my first paycheck. It could not have been better. :)

by: Candy73

The experts opinion about the stocks is a important tool in the hands of the investors. I am earning profits regularly. :)

by: Gary71

Last week I earned 1800 bucks. :)

by: Danny49

The returns to the investment are very good. The returns vary within 67% to 71%.

by: Johny49

100% risk free and safe platform to trade binary stocks.

by: Kim43

I found this platform to be promising as I have got consistent profits while trading with it.

by: Johny71

It provides decent returns on investments regularly.

by: Nathan75

Earned a lump-sum amount on my investments.

by: Raymond51

100% risk free trading experience. Great One.

by: Hartley42

Great platform for novices as well as for professionals.

by: Wade11

100% safe & reliable platform.

by: Falcon78

Last week I earned 2000 bucks. Looking at the ROI, I am seriously impressed with Boss Capital. No 1 in UK

by: Steven53

Yes @ Falcon Boss Capital is the best option available to the traders who want to trade on binary stocks in UK.

by: Falcon71

Not really sure about them,maybe I will look for more information before trying Boss Capital.

by: Raymond78

First thought it is a scam but found it a good web based trading platform.

by: Dale18

Wonderful trading system with different trade methods. Simple and easy to navigate.

by: Leo53

It worked brilliant for me. Boss Capital provides a versatile platform and a mind-blowing 81% returns, which to me is excellent.

by: Danny33

Awesome returns on investments, almost 82%.

by: Candy18

I was glad to see 79% returns on my investments only trading for a couple of weeks.

by: Bob17

I got one of the most reliable and smart broker for binary options.

by: Wade28

One of the most versatile brokers I have ever seen in binary trading market.

by: Abraham52

Last week I earned 1700 bucks.

by: Wilson14

Possibly the best option available for traders.

by: Frank39

Earning money from home without much effort.

by: Candy49

I have recommended this platform to my friends who are eager to invest here.

by: Harvey28

This is the most astonishing Brokerage platforms I have seen.

by: Taylor03

Wide range of assets available for trading, earning is quite consistent and regular.

by: Vito28

Does this broker offers high returns ?

by: John17

100% reliable and safe to do trading at Boss Capital.

by: Dean16

Consistent profits and highly recommended to the starters.

by: Peter62

Last week I earned 1900 bucks.

by: Mat46

I am interested in opening an account with this broker.

by: Raymond15

I am using this broker and it is really a great one.

by: Dale46

Reliable broker and easy to use for starters.

by: Elizabeth65

I just started trading with it and so far, it is helpful in acquiring some money.

by: Fleming20

Really a good broker, although it is new. Prefer to trade with this brokerage forum.

by: Abraham78

The platform is awesome and points out to the most lucrative trades.

by: Kim33

The signals are awesome and is sure to bring you profits regularly without any breaks.

by: Candy23

You can easily make 80% returns with little work.

by: Alex54

Last week I earned 1700 bucks.

by: Frank49

Wide range of assets to trade on and the signals are amazing.

by: Daniel47

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns upto 72%.

by: Ashley47

Highly recommended to the starters in this trade.

by: Daniel31

Super smart signals and the platform interface is too easy to navigate.

by: Fleming65

One of the best binary options trading platform. Consistent and the returns are high.

by: Johny22

One of the most efficient brokers that is currently available in the market.

by: Peter33

The customer support is amazing. You can get round the clock customer support on your problems.

by: Read39

I was skeptical at the beginning, but soon I came to realize its efficiency.

by: Kim90

Returns on the investments are brilliant and there are 82% chances of winning every trade.

by: Leo79

Good support from the customer service team.

by: Jones49

I am totally satisfied with this amazing platform.

by: Ashley72

Last week I earned 2000 bucks.

by: Ashley22

Amazing platform to trade binary options. Highly recommended.

by: Raymond33

If you want consistent and higher returns, this is the broker you should choose.

by: Elizabeth61

Experts are always ready to give you assistance on your problems.

by: Falcon52

Thinking of increasing my investments, getting regular profits here.

by: Bob11

Very nice platform for newbie traders, easy user interface.

by: Dean18

One of the best brokerage platform to support my luxurious lifestyle. Earning money effortlessly from home.

by: Garrick33

Wide range of assets to trade, trading is more easier here.

by: Kevin13

Last week I earned close to 1800 bucks.

by: Thomas31

Investor friendly user interface. Great software for binary trading.

by: MacKenzie23

It's totally risk free and earning profits is now a habit.

by: Garrick22

Really a good broker, although it is new. Prefer to trade with this.

by: Abraham11

Truly a reliable and consistent broker. You can easily make 70% returns with little work.

by: Raymond95

The most amazing thing is that I have never faced loss on investment and the credit goes to this broker.

by: Elizabeth62

Great experience working with this broker. Fantastic returns upto 71%.

by: Steven33

I churned out some good profits in the last few sessions that I have done on this platform.

by: Sandra76

This is one of the most impressive binary options trading broker I have ever seen.

by: Ivan27

Simply unbelievable platform to trade and the returns on investments are amazing.

by: Phil52

Payouts are good enough to outclass other competitors in the market.

by: Johny17

The trading signals are so accurate and they are amazingly proficient in fetching me the best returns.

by: Thomas61

Last week I earned close to 1900 bucks.

by: Dean39

This platform is safe and reliable, earnings are also regular.

by: Wade01

Wide range of assets available for the investors.

by: Ivan67

I am loving the simplified user interface of the website.

by: John94

You can earn daily profits if you invest your money here.

by: Kim09

Boss Capital is rocking the binary trading market.

by: Elizabeth60

Very useful platform for the novices as well as for the professionals.

by: Sandra08

Well designed platform that suits the interests of the investors.

by: Dale11

I have recommended this platform to my friends who are very eager to invest their money in binary market.

by: Laurence96

Had not faced a single problem with this amazing platform. Just Awesome.

by: Kedric52

Undoubtedly, one of the best brokerage platforms I have seen till now.

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