Boss Capital System Review

Boss Capital have some interesting choices for traders. They offer sell-back of options before expiry; and their option contracts also include stock, index and commodity pairs as well as currency pairs. It’s a nice site to have a play with, and try something a bit different in your binary options trading. You can keep an account in a range of currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, RUB. Returns are OK, and out-of-the-money rebates are up to 15% for some trades. Given the minimum trade of $20, I recommend them for traders with a bit of experience who are more hobbyists than serious traders.


* Wide range of currencies to keep your account in.


* Large selection of option contract types.

Binary background

Boss Capital was started in 2014.

Company background

Owned by Altivex Limited, who also own TradeRush.


Tech Financials

User Reviews

by: Giwani

Impressive range of stocks and commodities that you can deal with if you opt for Boss Capital Broker. Though they have a minimum deposit requirement of USD 200 and you can find some others with less deposit or no deposit requirement but it is a genuine and effective software for trade.

by: Johnathan

i want to know more about this software, somebody please post your detailed review

by: David

that was great to have this software, it helped me lot . i just spend ,more money in it and really it is reliable .rnthanksrn

by: Thompson

This software is trustworthy and although the minimum deposition is $200, however, it also gives fantastic returns. Completely awesome and one of the easiest platforms to work with.

by: David

Superb! Wide range of currencies and a minimal amount of $20 to trade makes it the best pick for starters.

by: Fernando

i am somehow a bit skeptical about this one. do you guys have any idea? Please let me know here.

by: stewart

I didn't like the platform. was confusing to me and i lost a couple hundred bucks trying to make money :( Alas!

by: Corwin

Guys, do not be skeptical about this. I have been trading with them and they are really one of the most genuine in the market. Payouts are not huge but they are pretty regular and decent. So if you want decent profits with no chances of being scammed, this is the oone you should go for :)

by: Ansel

I am not sure about this one. Anyone could you please suggest me?

by: Aldrich

I have been using this software for long enough to have an idea how it works. This is a fantastic platform to trade and most of all, the returns on your investments are uber-cool. Thanks to this great trading platform.

by: elijah

Boss Capital holds an awesome trading platform with the most streamlined indicators and signals. Moreover, this is not only good for trading, but also the best educational program for learning smarter trading. Great and highly recommended.

by: Souma

I use this trader and it gave me a lot of profits. I am very much interested to invest more. Brilliant trading capacity and advanced binary options trading system.

by: Blake

Profits are rising with every passing day. Currently, my ROI this week is 69% and it's rising higer

by: Jeremy

Go for it with ease. You’re gonna love it. Outstanding returns.

by: LLeung

Have had no issues handling it. One of the most impressive brokers ever in the market. Moreover, this is 100% risk free backed by reliability and license from CySEC. Returns on the investments are just too good.

by: Jordan

Best brokerage platform. It's 100% reliable and risk-free.

by: Damien

Haven't used this brokerage platform yet but thinking about opening an account this week and try it out.

by: Adam

This is a great brokerage platform.

by: Oliver

The returns of the investment on this broker is decent.

by: Jubilian

Impeccable brokerage platform. I am really amazed to see the profits rolling into my bank account. Great!

by: Garrett

I am impressed with its customer services. Awesome :)

by: Binary Trader

Bee Options has a splendid reputation in fetching in profits and it worked that much good for me too. I always run on a profit of at least $1200 EVERY WEEK, AFTER TRADING BINARY OPTIONS FOR A couple of years now.

by: willie

Just opened an account and have already started trading like a Pro. Its great.

by: Gary

What is the best broker platform? Is Boss Capital a wise decision to proceed.

by: Leonard

I would ceratinly recommend this online trading platform to my friends who want to enter the realm of trading but have not been able to do so because of fear of losing.

by: srdtyui

If you want some excitement while trading, you've come to the right place. 

by: dsfgfjh97

I am absolutely happy with the stupendous experience that this platform has given to me.

by: xdrtf87

You are allowed to opt for the asset that excites you most. It is easy.

by: adfdg6

I don't buy claims of high returns on investment if I don't actually try it out myself. Having tried it, I have to admit, it is the best.

by: zfhtryfu6

I have recommended this platform to my elder brother who is very sceptical about online trading. Today, he is equally at ease with this platform and does trading whenever he has a little time to spare.

by: Mario

I made some really handsome profits in the last 4 trading sessions that I have undertaken consecutively on this platform.

by: asgfffyu6

Well developed platform. This is nice!!

by: mona

awesome is the word for this platform

by: sone

simply amazing exp ... out of the world 

by: krom

it a best platform to mint some xtra money for me

by: meen

can anybody give me detailed review for this platform

by: rude

i recommend Boss Capital platform out of other options

by: Gobbar

100 % reliable and working fine for me ... i luv it 

by: ramsane

want to make money .. i say use boss captial

by: roxy

i sm going toinvest my money thru this platform.. i like it

by: sin

i came to know abt this platform form my freind and i use it offten now.

by: invest

good signals ... work many time for me 

by: robo

use this platform to invest ur money

by: carl

superb :)

by: Swandy

Trading with this account for almost 6 months and am amazed to see the returns. Competitive stocks range, candid returns and upto 65% bonuses. It's great to work with the platform.

by: Gramy

Have been trying out Options King for a long time and the results are good. It's a good platform to earn some good decent returns on my investments.

by: jSUDB

They provide support all round the clock which makes it easier to trade on this platform. Satisfied!

by: cashmachine

I opened an account the previous week, and it really provides thrilling and attractive bonuses.

by: Charles

Brilliant and consistent trading. That's what everyone likes to see when trading binary options.

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