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Market Options have a number of account types, and the out-of-the-money rebates increase with the amount of money deposited into the account. The number of trades available depends on the option contract type selected, which is a quirk that I find quite odd. Being experienced with binary brokers, I find it a little jarring to not have a favourite stock available with a specific contract type. But then, I’m more of a straight up/down kind of guy these days (wish I could say the same about my figure), so no matter. Recommended for newbies looking to get their feet wet – the minimum trade is only $5.


* Low minimum trade.


* Good selection of indices, currency pairs, commodities and stocks.


* Wide selection of option contract types.

Company background

MarketOptions is owned by MarketOption LTD.



User Reviews

by: Mark Devis

There is a big stir going on about binary options trade everywhere and like others I also wanted to have some part-time work for income. The Market Options was my first trading platform and it works so well that I don't think that I need another one!

by: Eman

They seem to be professional and experienced brokers!

by: Jessica

I am new, should I trust and trade with them?

by: Michael

Reliable system with good payouts and customer service.

by: Dustin

Market options brokers provide a variety of schemes for account opening and best of all is its amazing and streamli8ned indicators to give you a flair idea on the items to trade along with immaculate signals.

by: Jamera

Market Options offer a great user interface but you need to get use to of it. Comparing to others you get to have handful of clicks only to begin trading with them. They offer varied range of stocks too.

by: Cooper Greenup

User-friendly trading platform!

by: Austin Roseby

Comprehensive coverage of market and professional customer services! Love trading with them.

by: Xavier Dreyer

I am very pleased with MarketOptions. They offer high leverage with web based trading.

by: Muhayr Badr

Convenient brokers, they process withdrawals faster. Good range of assets and stocks.

by: Antony

i have never seen such a great software

by: Antony

i have never seen such a great software

by: Carisma

Experienced and helpful brokers, make trading simple and successful.

by: Bobby

Great platform with exclusive information shared every minute.

by: Mithele D Rossario

Market options worked amazing for me. Brilliant platform with the most streamlined indicators and free trading signals :)

by: Johnson

Brilliant interface and the best payouts. Cheers :)

by: Sherwood

Just one word: Amazing

by: jonathan

Opened an account a couple of days before and so far comfortably trading. No complaints :)

by: Andrew

Having a wonderful experience trading with this broker. They offer higher returns and the signals are extremely streamlined, leaving no stones unturned in fetching you some amazing profits

by: Owen

I have been using this platform for a couple of months and I seriously like its simplicity and inevitable advanced trading principal. The interface is easy for both starters and professionals and the signals help you to trade on the most valuable items aided by the indicators to indicate the exact trend of the markets and trade.

by: Angel

I am somehow skeptical about this broker. Any ideas please?

by: allan

I want to know more about the exact working method of it. Can anyone help please?

by: Christopher

It is an awesome platform for starters

by: Agatha

Wide range of assets and stocks helped me trade on a huge array of assets and several deals could be conducted daily. Moreover, the minimum amount to trade being $5, makes me amazed and is the best option to me.

by: Leonard

After dealing with a couple of months, I must say this broker really offers splendid opportunities to the traders through its unmatched platforms. The trading signals are smart enough to find out the best trades and conducts several trades daily to procure you some of the best returns on the investments.

by: Ramsey

This is one of the most ensconced binary options brokerage platform, offering spectacular returns on the investments. With a wide array of assets to trade, you could easily roll in brilliant returns on your investments.

by: Salim

You are right @ Ramsey. This is indeed brilliant.

by: deuld

Good support from the customer service team. Totally impresses by their commitment levels.

by: yeyohdqew

Had I not used this product myself, I would not have believed it. And I have to confess today that I am happy to have been proved wrong about my scepticism of all kinds of trading platforms.

by: Lewis

But for this program, I would not have ever started trading since I have always believed trading to be a risky venture. Not now, however.

by: ueydue

Amazing program. Totally risk free and convenient to use.

by: deuhfdue

The sheer accuracy of the signals and indices of this platform are its most appealing USP.

by: deuhfdue

The sheer accuracy of the signals and indices of this platform are its most appealing USP.

by: Debra

Extraordinary product design and development. Very well written algorithms that ensure amazing pay outs.

by: Debra

Extraordinary product design and development. Very well written algorithms that ensure amazing pay outs.

by: edfqwerfr

Very genuine trading platform that gives you the comfort of trading anytime anywhere.

by: Peter

What a brilliant platform this is. I am loving trading only because of this.

by: ferfr

This is a cent percent safe and reliable program that does not have any hidden charges or hidden agenda.

by: ferfqrfg

An amazing application to use for trading if you are eyeing some extra income.

by: Usher

If you are looking to elevate your lifestyle and are not shy of experimenting, this platform is for you. 

by: rfrqq

The best experience of trading that I have had so far. This platform is very unique.

by: rrq3t

This completely dependable platform rakes up amazing profits, that too with no risk or fear of losing money. Isn't it just great?

by: Greg

A totally reliable software that you can totally trust. The convenience of trading will surprise you.

by: ythgr

What a quick way to make some easy money!! I had never even thought this could be so simple!!

by: Hendricks

This is the best platform I have ever seen. Totally reliable. If you haven't tried it yet, just go ahead and try it now.

by: htwhgref

This is absolutely brilliant. You can earn handsome returns on your investments without even going through hassles.

by: Jamie

The best part of this platform is that you can tarde online using it, which means you do not have to download it. This saves you so much of time and trouble!!

by: Shane

It is a greatly helpful tool for a novice like me who is wary of burning their fingers in fire. And I must say I have come out hale and hearty.

by: greeegtn

This is a perfectly genuine program that you can use to trade, anytime and anywhere.

by: gwtht

No lengthy worrisome processes for registration and sign up. This is a brilliant platform!!

by: George

The ease of executing trades makes this platform so great. I had never imagined even in my dreams that trading could be fun!!

by: gwtht

Brilliant platform! Simply outstanding.

by: tghwth

This platform actually comes like a fresh air in a market that is overcrowded with myriad platforms claiming to be money multipliers but most of them are actually scammers. 

by: tghwth

This platform actually comes like a fresh air in a market that is overcrowded with myriad platforms claiming to be money multipliers but most of them are actually scammers. 

by: Amy

I would highly recommend this trading platform to everyone who wants to try his hands at trading but has so far shied away from it.

by: thwth

I am totally revelling in the profits that I am making on this platform. Highly recommended to all novices.

by: Johnson

I have quit my mundane, full time job to devote myself completely to trading online using this website so that I can generate high profits. 

by: thwth

I am absolutely elated after using this platform because I am feeling so victorious after making amazing profits here :)

by: John

If you are looking for some real fun while trading, this is the right place. It is super exciting.

by: Lilian

The best thing about this platform is that it gives me the freedom to choose the asset classes in which I want to trade. 

by: gtqqth

Very small amount of deposit is needed to start trading. This suits my pocket.

by: Smith

Outstanding platform for a newbie like me to learn the nuances of trading and start earning simultaneously.

by: Scott

I have made some really handsome money in the last 3 sessions that I have done using this platform and I will tell you, the experience has been amazing.

by: thtgwr

This is a wonderful online platform for trading. Totally dependable and risk free!!

by: Johnny

The level of assistance that I got from the customer service staff deserves a mention. They were really patient with me and were very helpful.

by: Carlos

I am totally excited with the superb experience that this platform has given to me.

by: Carlos

I am totally excited with the superb experience that this platform has given to me.

by: gthgth

Marvellous platform that gives enormous ease and convenience of trading from the confines of your home or office. This makes this platform really unique.

by: Shaun

Absolutely superb. Exceptional, I must say.

by: Alex

The demo offered by this platform is very helpful, especially for beginners like me.

by: Boris

Opt for the asset class that you are most interested in and comfortable with and start trading. Seems easy? It is easy.

by: yhtge

Trading is serious business folks!! And no, it is not boring like my previous job that I quit recently to indulge in trading to make money using this platform.

by: Suzanne

This platform is absolutely authentic and dependable.

by: Samuel

I had always thought trading is a very complex thing and deliberately stayed away from it. I started trading with this platform under the guidance of brother and now recommend it to every one I come across

by: rak

aweosme .... nice exp

by: rox

best platform to work

by: ramkey

i like market options very much

by: sitara

nice  profits

by: ross

good way to make money

by: Rachel

best platform for me

by: brue

i have just started using this platform

by: cal

i want to know more details abt this platform

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