uBinary System Review

Ubinary are a relative newcomer to the field (like three-quarters of the binary brokers out there, frankly). They have a proprietary dashboard, which old hands might find a little disconcerting but newbies should like for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Their minimum trade size is about average for binary brokers, at $20. I think this is still too steep for beginners, though – unless those beginners have a nice big wad of cash to play with. Back in the days when I first discovered binary brokers, I quite enjoyed playing about with the different option contract types… and if you’re a fan, you might want to give Ubinary a miss.


* Good range of forex and commodities!

Company background

uBinary is the name that PPT Capital Limited trade under for binary options. The head office of uBinary is on the Isle of Man, a well-known offshore tax haven.



User Reviews

by: N. Clinton

I am setting up an account with this broker but it is asking for some identification documents and information, I doubt about providing all this information. Can someone guide me if I should provide them all these details and why would they need them? Will appreciate if someone could help.

by: Darwin Lobo

When I first learned about uBinary, I feared to put in a huge amount though it was one of the most recommended trading platform over web but I wasn't sure. I started with a balance of 200 USD and now I am overjoyed to have a sum of 2000 USD in my account in just 2 weeks. It was not 100% winning and it could not be. But I made good profit trading stocks with this broker. Satisfied with the decision made.

by: Maria

uBinary is the most reliable, trusted, legit and a transparent binary options trading platform. rnrnI am really pleased with the services offered by their team. The website gives you complete information and is really easy to use for traders. Asks for just 100 bugs to open account and you will make much more as I had made with them.

by: Jessy

Perfect one for beginners, satisfied!

by: Amrit Haur

A fair broker, no complains!

by: Nathan Gaur

They provide support round the clock. Satisfied!

by: Andrew

does this work great i doubt

by: Meredith

loved it, great software

by: Tracy Addy

24/7 customer service with supportive and helpful team. Ready to listen and help accordingly.

by: Andy

round the clock support and easy to use platform will give you the best trading opportunity.

by: Greg

I really have ssome doubts with this one. DO you guys have any idea?

by: Andy

Good support from customer care and amazing payouts. Enjoying trading with this broker.

by: Chester

Opened an account and waiting for the first check to roll in.

by: Chapman

Thanks for sharing these information. I am thinking about going with this trader. Hope it makes me earn some profits :)

by: Justin

One of the best binary options trading platform. Consistent and the returns are high. I always liked it and am enjoying tradiing with it.

by: Adrian

Great broker. I absolutely love this.

by: Cooper

This is a verified and licensed broker, so am really comfortable to trade with them. Moreover, they offer me good returns and I am earning quite handsome bucks every week

by: Peyton

I suppose, am trying this once. I am new to this binary trading, but I am beginning to favor the binaries stuff over futures or Forex because of the security options commonly provided, such as the loss insuring option. I've studied a ton of info about brokers and I think it will earn me consistently.

by: Coleman

best thing about this broker is its easy interface and strong, efficient signals that trade on the best stocks every time you trade.

by: William

Great one :)

by: Ivy

Not only a brilliant platform to trade binary options, but a great broker that actually returns you amazing cuts on your investments.

by: Oliver

The platform is utterly perfect for the starters and the trading signals are amazing procuring the best trades for you daily. Best of all, the minimum trading amount is very less and feasible to most of us.

by: Owen

Too much reliable brokerage platform. :)

by: Danny99

I do not want to sound hype, but this is an amazing one. This brokerage platform is simple to use and even a novice trader can be an expert in binary trading after trying this broker for a couple of months.

by: Jordan

Good broker. I have an account and it is pretty simple to understand.

by: Jeremy

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen. Consistent signals that selects only the best trades and a wide array of stocks and indices helps me always run at profits.

by: SFG200

I earn $2500 per week.

by: Khj3ew

I am ding business with the platform and it's great to receive 30% bonus on the initial deposition. The returns are also worthy of the investments done.

by: fkrgfuiqgrf

This is nothing short of a wonder technology.

by: Graham

I am totally floored by the performance of this platform.

by: Parker

Surprisingly marvellous results. Great returns and amazing accuracy of signals generated here. 

by: Lampard

Tried this out, but was not so much satisfied.

by: Beverly

This platform is trustworthy and inspite of the fact that the minimum deposition is $200, however, it also gives fantastic returns on the incurred investments. Completely awesome and one of the easiest platforms to work with, when it comes to binary trading.

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