uBinary System Review

Ubinary are a relative newcomer to the field (like three-quarters of the binary brokers out there, frankly). They have a proprietary dashboard, which old hands might find a little disconcerting but newbies should like for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Their minimum trade size is about average for binary brokers, at $20. I think this is still too steep for beginners, though – unless those beginners have a nice big wad of cash to play with. Back in the days when I first discovered binary brokers, I quite enjoyed playing about with the different option contract types… and if you’re a fan, you might want to give Ubinary a miss.


* Good range of forex and commodities!

Company background

uBinary is the name that PPT Capital Limited trade under for binary options. The head office of uBinary is on the Isle of Man, a well-known offshore tax haven.



User Reviews

by: N. Clinton

I am setting up an account with this broker but it is asking for some identification documents and information, I doubt about providing all this information. Can someone guide me if I should provide them all these details and why would they need them? Will appreciate if someone could help.

by: Darwin Lobo

When I first learned about uBinary, I feared to put in a huge amount though it was one of the most recommended trading platform over web but I wasn't sure. I started with a balance of 200 USD and now I am overjoyed to have a sum of 2000 USD in my account in just 2 weeks. It was not 100% winning and it could not be. But I made good profit trading stocks with this broker. Satisfied with the decision made.

by: Maria

uBinary is the most reliable, trusted, legit and a transparent binary options trading platform. rnrnI am really pleased with the services offered by their team. The website gives you complete information and is really easy to use for traders. Asks for just 100 bugs to open account and you will make much more as I had made with them.

by: Jessy

Perfect one for beginners, satisfied!

by: Amrit Haur

A fair broker, no complains!

by: Nathan Gaur

They provide support round the clock. Satisfied!

by: Andrew

does this work great i doubt

by: Meredith

loved it, great software

by: Tracy Addy

24/7 customer service with supportive and helpful team. Ready to listen and help accordingly.

by: Andy

round the clock support and easy to use platform will give you the best trading opportunity.

by: Greg

I really have ssome doubts with this one. DO you guys have any idea?

by: Andy

Good support from customer care and amazing payouts. Enjoying trading with this broker.

by: Chester

Opened an account and waiting for the first check to roll in.

by: Chapman

Thanks for sharing these information. I am thinking about going with this trader. Hope it makes me earn some profits :)

by: Justin

One of the best binary options trading platform. Consistent and the returns are high. I always liked it and am enjoying tradiing with it.

by: Adrian

Great broker. I absolutely love this.

by: Cooper

This is a verified and licensed broker, so am really comfortable to trade with them. Moreover, they offer me good returns and I am earning quite handsome bucks every week

by: Peyton

I suppose, am trying this once. I am new to this binary trading, but I am beginning to favor the binaries stuff over futures or Forex because of the security options commonly provided, such as the loss insuring option. I've studied a ton of info about brokers and I think it will earn me consistently.

by: Coleman

best thing about this broker is its easy interface and strong, efficient signals that trade on the best stocks every time you trade.

by: William

Great one :)

by: Ivy

Not only a brilliant platform to trade binary options, but a great broker that actually returns you amazing cuts on your investments.

by: Oliver

The platform is utterly perfect for the starters and the trading signals are amazing procuring the best trades for you daily. Best of all, the minimum trading amount is very less and feasible to most of us.

by: Owen

Too much reliable brokerage platform. :)

by: Danny99

I do not want to sound hype, but this is an amazing one. This brokerage platform is simple to use and even a novice trader can be an expert in binary trading after trying this broker for a couple of months.

by: Jordan

Good broker. I have an account and it is pretty simple to understand.

by: Jeremy

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen. Consistent signals that selects only the best trades and a wide array of stocks and indices helps me always run at profits.

by: SFG200

I earn $2500 per week.

by: Khj3ew

I am ding business with the platform and it's great to receive 30% bonus on the initial deposition. The returns are also worthy of the investments done.

by: fkrgfuiqgrf

This is nothing short of a wonder technology.

by: Graham

I am totally floored by the performance of this platform.

by: Parker

Surprisingly marvellous results. Great returns and amazing accuracy of signals generated here. 

by: Lampard

Tried this out, but was not so much satisfied.

by: Beverly

This platform is trustworthy and inspite of the fact that the minimum deposition is $200, however, it also gives fantastic returns on the incurred investments. Completely awesome and one of the easiest platforms to work with, when it comes to binary trading.

by: Garry

Superb! Wide range of currencies and a minimal amount of $100 to deposit makes it the best pick for starters.

by: Sanjay

I use this trader and it gave me a lot of profits. I am very much interested to invest more. Brilliant trading capacity and advanced binary options trading system.

by: Kirsten

I think this is one of the most superior binary options trading platform. Wide range of assets and the best interface to trade on.


Amazing broker

by: Smith

Profits are rising with every passing day. Currently, my ROI this week is 69% and it's rising higer

by: George3

I was amazed to see the trading signals and the unmatched returns I had. Super cool.

by: Dave

Nice broker. I could enjoy good profits and returns on my investments.

by: Bradtt

If you want to better your lifestyle and are not shy of trying new stuff, then this platform is just for you.

by: Graham888

I am interested in opening an account with this broker. Can anybody let me know more information please?

by: Luis P

Making great profits. Awesome broker. Simply the best of all!

by: Nathan

I am totally flattered with this broker. Going to invest more and see.

by: Rock88

I just opened a strafe 3 weeks before and am already earning good profits. Good to be on board

by: RTome

This is the best brokerage platform I have ever seen.

by: Alex88

This is a fantastic platform for beginners as well as professional traders because of the ease that it provides. Do not forget the accuracy of its signals.

by: Doc888

I am trading with this for the previous four weeks and it's amazing. I have been making consistent profits of more than $1900 every week. It's Great!

by: Norbert

I thought of giving it a shot initially and when I started trading with this, I was stunned to see the amazing working principal of the platform. Great!


Guys, this is really an inevitable one if you want to earn something consistently big. The best brokerage platform to me.

by: Robby34

Amazing trading system with different trade methods. Simple and easy to navigate.

by: Eugene

I am using UBinary for long and one thing I know is this platform is splendid enough to bring you in greater returns on the investments.

by: DanielC

I received my 4th paycheck this week, and made an astonishing $2200. It's amazing to trade with this broker.

by: Ricky

85% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my third paycheck.

by: Christian Lee

Extraordinary product. Brilliantly written algorithms that ensure you don't lose money.

by: Mad hardson

Is this that much superb and does it really bring in such profits. I am bit confused, someone please help me . :(

by: Veronica Macelini

Exceptionally brilliant platform. Great returns and that too completely risk free. What more could I ask for? I would like to recommend it highly to everyone.

by: Madison

simply superb !!!!

by: Tom Hugh

It has been 2 years i am dealing with this broker and so far it has been an amazing experience.

by: Robert8988

Spectacular Binary options Trading platform. Simply the best.

by: Rahul Verma

I am too much interested to open an account from India. CAN I please tell me

by: Binary999

The signals associated with this broker are awesome and every time, they seek out for the best valued assets to procure you mass returns.

by: Tom57

Trading has never been easy until the introduction of Ubinary. It's amazing.

by: Aaron3

One of the most versatile broker platform I have seen. It's so easy and consistent to earn profits and recommended for the starters.

by: Hill99

I started trading with this broker and I found it really helpful in fetching good profits. Highly consistent.

by: Kumar12

I am so much impressed with the brokerage platform and I feel this is the right for the starters.

by: Damien

Works the best, especially for the starters.

by: Denver

I am surprised to look at how this platform tends to be so on the mark always. This is brilliant.

by: Hugh332

Higher returns on the investments and am about to receive my 3rd check. I appreciate this platform.

by: Vincent

One of the most astonishing brokers. The platform is perfect for both professionals and starters and I am earning consistent profits with it.

by: FFGRT36

One of the best brokers. I love this platform and this is the second week, I am rolling in return margins of 65%. Amazing.

by: Sharon33

I didn't like the platform. was confusing to me and i lost a couple hundred bucks trying to make money :( Alas!

by: Jackie

Profits are rising with every passing day. Currently, my ROI this week is 69% and it's rising higher.

by: Robben

I would certainly recommend this online trading platform to my friends who want to enter the realm of trading but have not been able to do so because of fear of losing.

by: Janice

Does this broker offers high returns? I am thrilled to know

by: Candice

You can use this platform even if you are a novice. It does everything by itself automatically. Just sit back and watch the profits coming in.

by: Owais

You just get down to real business here and achieve what this platform has been designed for, which is making money!!

by: Johnson

The user interface that this platform provides is absolutely friendly and you get quickly familiar with it.

by: Bernard

Ubinary is simply one of the most reliable and consistent brokers that can reap you grand profits on your investments.

by: Williams

I am a bit skeptical about this broker. Do you guys have any idea if it really works?

by: Warner

I just opened an account with this broker couple of months back and I must say the platform is easy to use and returns on your investments are consistent.

by: leo85

Absolutely fabulous. I could not have asked for anything more.

by: henry50

Unless, you try it, you are not going to believe this broker works so awesome.

by: warren898

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker. 100% legitimate and you could win as much as you want every week.

by: marlord445

The signals are amazing and helps you trade on the best assets.

by: joseph45

Thanks guys for sharing your opinions and information. It has been very helpful indeed.

by: skulltrader45

By using this I can earn 2000 bucks per week. :)

by: peter1120

Nice platform for amateurs. 100% risk free and safe. :)

by: danyy77

Does this broker really works that good?

by: liam5

works great :

by: eva88

This platform is a sure shot way to make some quick money at your comfort.

by: Jane77

Great broker. Amazing platform that is super-friendly to the traders.

by: Johnymendosa

Miracles do happen, I believe so.

by: fredosatraders

It is truly adventurous to trade here.

by: catherine50

I am a happy and content person today.

by: kiyle53

I can't thank my best friend enough for introducing me to this platform

by: Charlie007

This is one of the most impressive brokers I have seen.Amazing!

by: parker80

Great one to trade binary options. I am just a die-hard fan of it. Go for it guys with no worries.

by: Samuel80

Brilliant brokerage platform !! Simply outstanding.

by: Simmonparker80

I earn $2000 per week.

by: Anndypile1412

Just one word! Simply brilliant

by: Anndypile1412

Just one word! Simply brilliant.

by: hedrick74

One of the most proficient brokers in binary trading platform.

by: luciano55

Great Broker. :)

by: Benn

Nice start to my trading career, hoping to carry on with my profits. :)

by: Perry

I earns on an average of 1500-1800 bucks per week. :)

by: Ivan

Good Platform to earn money from home. :)

by: Manley

Nice start to my trading career, nice customer service. :)

by: Ashley

Maximum returns on minimum investments made. :)

by: Lance

Could not have been better, earning close to 2000 bucks a week. :)

by: Kaprice

Satisfying customer service, nice software support. Good Job by the UBinary Traders. :)

by: Haesel

Since I began trading over here, I have not faced any losses. :)

by: Taylor

Wide range of assets to trade, 100% risk free environment. :)

by: Harvey

I was happy to receive my second paycheck. Awesome Trading. :)

by: Alex

Good Broker. :)

by: Fred

Novices can earn alot from here. :) They gives you good options on where you should invest your money. :)

by: Johny

Last week was my luckiest week as i earned close to 2000 bucks. :)

by: Laurence

At first I was nervous to make my investments, but when I began to earn I did not faced any losses. :)

by: Carlos

They have good market experts who helps the fellow investors to channelize well their investments, that's why it is a totally risk free platform. :)

by: Carlos29

Good brokerage Platform. :)

by: Daniel21

The minimum trade size is about average for binary brokers, at $20. Great platform. :)

by: Harry55

What a start to my trading career. :)

by: Jordan53

I am dealing with this broker for three months, so far no difficulties faced while trading. :)

by: Lewis45

Reaping out profits consistently, nice platform for binary trading. :)

by: Fleming34

Last week I earned decent amount of profits on my investments. :)

by: Bob31

Never realized binary trading was so much easy, earnings are regular. :)

by: Ivan23

Earning profits regularly without a break . :)

by: Joseph27

UBinary is the best trading platform I have ever seen, it can give consistent profits. :)

by: Alwin35

Great Broker !

by: John26

I am continuously earning profits, excellent place for traders. :)

by: Lewis29

I am earning like a professional trader. :)

by: Kedric27

Nice place to invest your money, if you really want great results. :)

by: Haesel16

Trading in wide array of assets, nice platform for new traders. :)

by: Falcon28

I am about to receive my fifth paycheck. :)

by: Nathan23

Possibly the best option available for traders. :)

by: Wade34

Earning money from home without much effort. :)

by: Jeff52

I have recommended this platform to my friends who are eager to invest here. :)

by: BNre

I always liked it and am enjoying trading with it.

by: Rodney85

I started investing on this brokerage platform one week ago and the results were very impressive.

by: shayla48

I am happily amused at how this platform tends to be so on the mark always.

by: sHAUN232

Highly recommended.

by: soren123

Gives great returns to your investment.

by: Daxton8858

I was really surprised to see that the free trading signals and indicators helped me so much that within just a fortnight, I started trading like a professional.

by: melvin259885

This is the most astonishing Brokerage platforms I have seen. :)

by: Garyyui

This is the best choice if you are looking to make some extra income.

by: Adonis9

Great technology.

by: linda774

Great one to trade.

by: Clarissa8920

Wide range of assets available for trading, earning is quite consistent. :)

by: Uliss230

Best binary options broker.

by: ronie56

A close friend of mine recommended this platform to me. When I saw him trade and make decent money from it, I wasted no time and started using it.

by: Kyson7788

They helped me in all aspects and the platform is super easy and consistent in performing the best binary trading.

by: terence10123

Does this broker offers high returns? I am interested to know.

by: Kim25

Excellent brokerage service. :)

by: Taylor22

Amazing software for binary traders. :)

by: Raymond28

100% reliable and safe to do trading at UBinary. :)

by: Bob16

I have recommended this platform to my friends who are eager to trade with binary securities. :)

by: Steven22

Last week I earned 1850 bucks. :)

by: Harry24

I am regularly reaping out huge profits. :)

by: Karl45

Great platform for trading with binary stocks. :)

by: Wade88

Great customer service, they are ready to help out the investors on their problems. :)

by: Garrick16

It has been showering of consistent profits, great platform indeed. :)

by: Frank13

UBinary is the best broker I have ever dealt with. :)

by: Kevin22

Payouts are awesome and very fast. :)

by: Ashley84

Nice built platform especially for the novices. :)

by: Nicol21

The returns on the investments are very consistent and regular. :)

by: Lewis81

The signals provided are quite accurate which helps the investors to make good profits on their investments. :)

by: Jordan26

The profits earned over here are decent and the signals provided are accurate most of the time. :)

by: Kedric29

Good Broker. :)

by: Frank24

Online trading is so convenient and safe. :)

by: Kacia61

I am trading here for four months and I have never faced any losses. :)

by: Daniel26

The platform is brilliant and offers remarkable returns on my investments. :)

by: Barret15

Wide range of assets available for the investors. :)

by: Alex23

Last week I earned 1850 bucks. :)

by: Park26

Excellent platform for traders. :)

by: Leo13

Wide range of assets available for traders. :)

by: Lance24

My earnings on the investments are increasing day by day. :)

by: Parnell46

Excellent forum for new traders. :)

by: Manley41

Well suited for novices as well as for the professionals. :)

by: Wilson36

It's enough to support my lavish lifestyle, nice platform for traders. :)

by: Wade45

What a push to my trading career, earning profits like never before. :)

by: Taylor67

Well built trading platform for the beginners as well for the professionals. :)

by: Aaric32

Great broker. :)

by: Maria85

This platform has opened new vistas of trading. Simply amazing

by: Zack4521

Excitement is amazing here while trading.

by: jace7889

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this platform.

by: Alan456

I have invested my money here, getting returns regularly. :)

by: 558adam

Good support from customer care and amazing payouts.

by: Broody774

I could not have asked for anything more. Brilliant Platform.

by: Lydia588

Simple amazing! Not a single complaint.

by: john

This platform is beyond imagination, brilliant payout and also responsible customer support.

by: max788

With several trades daily, I just rock binary trading platform.

by: Cole789

By using this i can earn 1500 bucks per week. :)

by: Braxtom58

Great and 100 % risk free platform to invest your capital.

by: avivain585

Good brokerage platform.

by: patrick45

I am able to earn something big every month. A big thanks tom this platform.

by: leotrader

Truly an outstanding platform.

by: Gdeorge47

Best binary options broker.

by: Lewis35

Awesome Payout ratios and faster payouts. :)

by: Nathan34

Truly an inspiring platform for binary traders. :)

by: Candy25

Last week I earned 1930 bucks. :)

by: Fleming45

My earnings have increased by 50% in last one month. :)

by: Bob32

Excellent Broker. :)

by: Carlos34

Amazing binary trading platform and best suited for starters. :)

by: Harvey34

It feels so nice when you are earning regular and consistent profits. :)

by: Fred16

This broker is amazingly proficient in fetching me the best returns. :)

by: Dale25

Good Brokerage platform. :)

by: Alwin25

Smart broker. :)

by: Daniel24

Thinking about expanding my investments. :)

by: Vito23

I am relatively new in binary trading but earning handsome profits from UBinary. :)

by: Gary27

The platform is very unique, wide range of trading assets and faster payouts. :)

by: Barret23

Great platform to earn easy income on investments , simply outstanding . :)

by: Phil35

Loving every bit of it, have recommended this platform to my brother. :)

by: Taylor39

100% lucrative and reliable broker. :)

by: Candy34

It's fully risk free trading with descent results. :)

by: Abraham28

Excellent way to earn money. :)

by: Alan25

I can trade in massive range of assets and above all they provide round the clock assistance which makes trading really easy . :)

by: Garret32

Planning to increase my investments, hoping it will be a good decision. :)

by: Barlow45

I have earned 2000 bucks last week. :)

by: Jordan33

Its enough to support my luxurious lifestyle . Great one :)

by: Aaric22

Earned 1500 bucks last week. :)

by: Raul34

Great broker with maximum profits. Great start to my trading career. :)

by: Parnell30

It was very exciting to trade over here, It gives me so much of flexibility :)

by: Frank41

UBinary is pretty good to me and I liked working on the platform. :)

by: Peter13

Really a risk-free and a genuine broker. :)

by: Nathan12

The signals are awesome and helps you trade on the best assets. :)

by: Harry19

It has been three years i am dealing with this broker and so far it has been an brilliant experience. :)

by: Ivan18

This brokerage platform is very helpful to the newbies for trading in the binary trading market. :)

by: Laurence12

I am very happy today after receiving my 2nd paycheck. :)

by: Johny31

I can earn regular and consistent profits. :)

by: Gary43

Brilliant technology that has been channelized well to advantage of its investors. :)

by: Kim15

I am trading here for four months but have not faced any losses till date. :)

by: Lance16

Simply the best platform for the beginners to trade binary options. :)

by: Sandra27

Fantastic returns and easy to use, consistent platform for binary traders. :)

by: Dean55

I am using this broker and it is really a good one,earning decent amount of profits. :)

by: Fred78

Reliable and safe broker and easy to use for starters. :)

by: Candy37

The platform is awesome and is sure to bring you profits consistently. :)

by: Barlow57

You can easily make 75% returns with little work. :)

by: Phil73

The most amazing thing is that I have never faced losses on the investments. :)

by: Laurence43

Wide range of assets to trade on and the signals are amazing. :)

by: Danny34

Last week I earned 1800 bucks. :)

by: Gary50

Great experience working with this broker. :)

by: Davy13

High returns and consistent signals to provide the best experience of trading. :)

by: Sandra34

Earning money was never so easy, earning in lots. :)

by: Alan14

This platform is going to help the starters as it is totally risk free. :)

by: Lewis18

Earning regularly and consistently without much effort. :)

by: Gerika29

Excellent customer service and quick assistance for your problems. :)

by: Fred28

One of the best brokerage binary trading platform. :)

by: Joseph37

Market Expert's knowledge about the stocks and assets is superb, you will never loose your money once you start trading. :)

by: Regina27

Wide range of assets and stocks available for trading. :)

by: Taylor16

I am trading here for three months but I have never faced any losses on my investments. :)

by: Benn18

I have reaped out profits in consistent ratio. :)

by: Nathan48

I have recommended this brokerage platform to everyone I have came across. :)

by: Garret37

UBinary is the best option available to the traders. :)

by: Paul29

100% risk free, reliable, lucrative and safe platform for trading in binary stocks. :)

by: Hartley18

Even if you are a novice, it can bring you huge profits on your investments. :)

by: Kedric14

I have recommended this platform to my sister. :)

by: Lance47

Last week I earned 1900 bucks. :)

by: Nathan03

Profits are rising with every passing day thinking of increasing my investments over here. :)

by: Lance28

The returns on the investments of this broker is decent and regular. :)

by: Laurence18

I am really amazed to see the amount of profits rolling into my bank account. :)

by: Jordan34

Right choice if you want to make regular and decent profits. :)

by: Barret19

I was surprised to see the amount of profits rolling in. :)

by: Danny19

The payouts are regular and fast to outclass other competitors in binary market. :)

by: Candy30

Received my third paycheck and I am pretty much impressed. :)

by: Paul26

Last week I earned 1700 bucks. :)

by: Dean35

Amazing platform to earn some decent & consistent profits. :)

by: Elizabeth35

UBinary is the best broker I have ever dealt with. :)

by: Garrick71

100% reliable and profitable brokerage platform. :)

by: Kim72

I have recommended this platform to couple of my friends who are eager to try out binary trading . :)

by: Elizabeth71

The experts insight about the stocks is an important tool in the hands of the investors. I am earning profits regularly. :)

by: Joseph72

I am trading here for four months and have not faced any losses. :)

by: Elizabeth72

It is totally risk free, amazing platform for traders. :)

by: Wade73

It is a very impressive trading platform of binary stocks. :)

by: Regina79

This platform is safe and reliable, earnings are also regular. :)

by: Ivan11

High returns and consistent signals to provide the best experience of binary trading. :)

by: Laurence79

Last week I earned 1800 bucks. :)

by: Fred19

They are offering good payout ratios. :)

by: Beric71

Wide range of assets available for the traders.

by: Leo74

I am churning out consistent profits on my investments. Best of all, I am learning so many new things with this amazing platform.

by: Watson11

It suits the newbies as well as the professionals, excellent platform. :)

by: Ivan2B

I totally agree with Regina79 on the fact that it is truly a reliable and safe platform for binary traders.

by: Wilson15

It is a very good platform that encourages online trading especially in binary stocks.

by: Lily41

It gives you accurate opinion about your investments.

by: Jack44

Last week luck was on my side as I earned 2060 bucks.

by: Gary79

Made 110 USD in 1 hour only.

by: RaymondR

Easy to deal with and comparatively easier for starters to trade.

by: Frank23

I was extremely delighted when I received my first paycheck.

by: Abraham44

With years of experience in trading, I can say that UBinary has some impressive trade tools to help the investors.

by: Garrick17

Powerful trading system with different trade methods.

by: Steven15

I liked the range of stocks and assets to trade on.

by: Elizabeth21

Highly recommended if you want to dig in some huge profits and that too consistently.

by: Raul42

If you are a starter, then this is the most convenient trading platform you could have.

by: Harvey10

75% returns is awesome and I am so thrilled to receive my third paycheck.

by: Joseph19

Finally I got the most reliable and safe broker for binary options.

by: Raymond14

I am so glad to work with this brokerage platform.

by: Wade37

I absolutely agree that this is one of the most attractive brokerage platforms.

by: Dean47

Is this really so much profitable ?

by: Candy14

Last week I earned 2000 bucks.

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