Zcode System Scam or Real deal ?

Sports betting are one of the most popular forms of betting prevailing in today’s world. Sports betting are done across various countries in varied sports both indoor and outdoor sport events. Although there is a certain age limit and legal rules to this but it is enjoyed and practiced by people of all age groups across different ethnicity and languages.
 There are various sport events on which betting’s are placed.  Some of the popular ones are  Football, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, basketball etc. In this era of technology sport betting has moved online and many people are using various websites and applications to handle the process of betting online.

What is Zode System and what is its significance?

  • Zcode system  is a systematically designed sports investing program that  gives you advice on what sports events to bet on and which ones to avoid This decision is done through analytics. It analyzes its massive data base of 15 years’ worth of sports data and spits out its prediction based on this evidence.

  • Zcode System provides  predictions for all popular  sports in U.S such as  including the NFL(National Football League), MLB, NBA(National Basketball Association), and the NHL(National Hockey League). It also provides predictions for horse racing!

How ZCode System Works :

To begin with, sports betting industry is a multi billion dollar industry and Zcde system realizes this fact more than any other trading system and it exploits this fact to its full advantage thereby providing its customers a high chance of winning big bucks at these popular sport events mentioned above.

Zcode System take into account over 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of match, rivalries, feuds, and so MUCH more, all to calculate a very precise outcome.

 Zcode System is not just focused  on winning or loosing. It is more focused on the “Value” in each game  where a customer can make most money with the smallest risk involved. Therefore the prediction of Zcode system involves bets like “How many goals will fall” or “Who will score most points” etc.

  • The Zcode forum community is very active which helps you interact with lot of users and exchange opinions and share ideas about a particular game. The forum members will also guide you in the right way in case you find yourself a little lost.

  • Zcode gives its users a  large list of information, in addition to that it also  gives  specific picks each day for those  who are too lazy to go through each individual game. My personal favorites are the Alpha and Delta Trends.  I have made money solely by following these trends. The amount of flexibility that Zcode system provides to its customers is simply outstanding and I have never seen this level of flexibility in any other sports betting application.

  • Another advantage of using Zcode System is that it is regularly updated and is a real, live, sports betting systems that work. The customer care support of Zcode System is simply awesome. They provide support 24/7 and the approach is very friendly and always guides in the right direction.

    Considering all these factors plus looking at the features that Zcode System provides to its customers I cant help but recommend this system to all the people who out there looking to make some quick bucks in the filed of sports betting.



  • Zcode System is based on lot of testing. To be specific it is based on 14 months of  public beta testing on Facebook

  • This is the only system in the world that is back tested  back to 1999.

  • This system is proven to be profitable time and again by all its users. It never had a loosing month, not once!

  •  Zcode System has a track record of doubling accounts of its customers every month.

  • It has 2 public verified accounts on a third party monitor called Mike tester and X-Code

Striking features of Zcode System’s prediction model :

  • The parameters involved in its prediction model are really complex. Around 80+ parameters are involved in its calculation

  • The prediction mode is gully automated.

  • The system is very transparent.

  • This system follows back testing approach similar to that followed in forex trading.


User Reviews

by: john revenger

Nice review bob , I look forward to invest and make profits out of it ...

by: michael stanford

Had to wait one month for profits but it was worth it in the end:)

by: steve32

Professor cannot be wrong , take my money :)

by: mark thomson

I have made some good profits out of Zcode in span of 3 months .Highly recommended .

by: Richie Rich

Zcode is my Golden goose , why did you made it public :(

by: Robert

Cannot believe it at first as it takes getting used to making constant profits without much losses (finger crossed )

by: Richard star

Used to make living out sports , doing the same even 20 years of retirement thanks to Zcode .

by: jermey biller

No taxes were deducted when I withdraw and it took 3 days for funds to reach my account.

by: Ash

If you want quick profits with least amount of efforts then Zcode is for you .

by: Tom

George I will be traveling to LA and like to attend your lecture on Binary Options. , Please let me know if passes are still available ??

by: Tyrone

Passes are all over , I am glad he post videos on this site regularly . Waiting for next video .

by: tenn_2007

I thought zcode is SCAM first but i tried last week and so far i am up $714 usd profit on NFL! it works!

by: samsj

Zcode works. I was following their MLB picks and made 3511 usd profit since august. Really profitable system!

by: tommy

Zcode community is really helpful. i am a newbie on sports and the guys like omega, cyril, casey, jake help a lot! i won a lot last week with their help!

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